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From the family of David Partridge
David & Brian sharing a feature win.
On February 16, 2007 the 92B Team lost a valuable and much loved
member.  David Partridge, brother-in-law to driver Brian Blessington,
was tragically killed when his truck struck a deer.  

From day one, Dave was a loyal race fan of Brian’s. Although he lived
many states away he rarely missed calling on a race night, before to
offer encouragement and to see how late Brian was running and
after for his update.  He wore his 92B hat and T-shirt on race day, no
matter what. Whether he was at home in Georgia or in the wilds of
Canada.  He supported the team as a sponsor as well, coming up
with the fictional company name “DaveCo” which so many have
grown accustom to seeing on the sun visor of the 92B.  

Over the years, when Dave would come home for his week long
spring/summer visit he would go to as many races as possible and it
never failed that Brian would win one of those races.  We could be in
the worst possible losing streak and simply having Dave home could
turn it around.  One year, almost all the races were rained out while
he was back, so he decided he’d stay an extra week. Brian won
every race he ran that week, including his first and only Winner
Series race and went on to his longest winning streak ever of 11
races.  In 2004, Dave was home visiting when Brian won his 100th
feature.  He had so much confidence that Brian would win, he stayed
up the night before and made a banner of 100 small checkered flags.
Dave’s enthusiasm and positive influence were unequaled.  

In October of 2005 David took a sabbatical and came back to Iowa.  
He was able to spend the entire racing season with the 92B Team.  
With hunting and fishing, band gigs, and sports events he didn’t get
to go to all the races, but he did go to as many as possible.
Many a day he spent sweating out in the shop with Brian scrambling to get the car ready.  
He made numerous parts runs.  He kept Brian entertained and his spirits up.  

Dave was disappointed that we didn’t get the Championship this past year. He saw how hard Brian worked and I think he thought
racing should be like fishing or hunting, the harder you work, the more time you put into it, the greater the payback.  However, as a
Mark Martin fan I think he understood how things don’t always go as planned.  

Simply said, racing will not be the same without David.