1998 News:

Audubon County Speedway, Audubon, IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hot laps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

Date Start Finish Details
9/03/98 9th 8th Season championship. Went into the race 5 points out of the lead. With only 4 laps to go, while running in 3rd,
our motor let go. Finished a respectable 2nd place in the overall points.
8/28/98 6th 2nd The track had some pretty wild bumps, but the 92B managed to navigate thru them to take home second.  
8/21/98 10th 4th The car was fast, but we're not able get around the 3rd and 2nd place cars who had a real battle going (which
continued in the pits after the checkers flew!).  
8/14/98 9th 4th A good run with some very challenging traffic and track conditions.
8/7/98   Rained out.
7/30/98 9th 3rd Repeat performance from last week!
7/24/98 10th 3rd The track was tacky and rough...despite some tense moments when cars around us would bounce out of
control, we were able to finish a very strong third (missed second by a nosepiece!).
7/17/98 11th 8th Working on third when the motor blew on the last lap.
7/10/98 10th 5th Looked good...went backwards on the start, worked our way up to 5th where we ran into the 3rd and 4th place
cars running side by side. Just couldn't find the room to get through!  
7/03/98 10th 9th The car was fast, but unfortunately we fournd ourselves in the rear after a car we were passing on the low
side hit us forcing the 92B into the muddy infield causing us to spin. Able to run both the high and low side to work our way
back up to 9th before running out of laps.
6/26/98 10th 3rd Another good one! The car was fast, as Brian worked the low side to manuever his way up to the front. With
only a few laps to go he moved to the high side only to be door banged by the third place car. Narrowly missing the wall and
down 2 spots, Brian charged back to the front, taking third at the finish line!
6/19/98 8th 2nd A very exciting race! With only two laps remaining Brian took over second place. Made a great run for first on
the white flag lap, only to miss taking home the trophy by a nosepiece!  
6/12/98 8th 3rd Ran the high side...couldn't quite catch up to 2nd place! Finished in one piece!!!
6/05/98 11th 13th Coming around to take the white flag (working on 5th) when we blew a tire entering turn 3. Took a wild ride
into the wall...bent a spindle, ball joint, tie rod, idler arm and damaged the hub. Bent the frame, again!
5/22/98 10th 6th Due to recent rains the track was very heavy and tacky. Very difficult to pass!
5/22/98   Rained Out.
5/08/98 6th 2nd Running side by side with first place car, when we came into lap traffic which slowed us down. It was close, and
a very exciting race!
5/01/98 5th DNF (10th) In an attempt to avoid an accident directly in front of him, Brian dove into the infield. He avoided the
accident, but unfortunately had a collision with a Tractor Tire! Front end and damage to the gears made it impossible to


Buena Vista County Speedway, Alta, IA
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

Date Start  Finish Details
9/6/98 2nd 1st!! Labor Day special...had a good start position and led the race from beginning to end. A yellow with two laps to
go had us a little nervous but Brian held on to take home the checkers!!
9/02/98 10th 8th Two laps into the feature Brian suffered substantial damage to his car when he was unable to avoid a spinning
car. The race remained under green conditions so the 92B went a lap down while the crew went to work changing a flat tire.
Not exactly the ideal Season Championship race, but believe it or not, it was good enough to keep us in the lead in the overall
points race!
8/26/98 9th 1st!! Super track! The fast groove was on the top, so Brian went to the bottom to work his way thru traffic. Each
pass was an effort, as he would pull them coming out of two only to lose ground in 3 & 4. Some yellows at the wrong time has
us passing the same cars more than once, but perserverance paid off as the 92B was able to take the lead on the white flag
lap! Great side- by-side racing action!  
8/19/98 10th 5th Broke a tie rod end with only one lap in. As the race progressed Brian was able to adjust to his ill handling car
and actually managed to put up a good fight for the 4th place position. (If anyone has any Good Luck to loan out, we're in the
8/12/98 11th 5th Races started about 1 hour late due to a rain delay. The rains made for tacky track conditions, making it
difficult to pass, but stiil were able to work our way up to a strong 5th place finish!
8/5/98 9th 4th A wild one! With 5 laps in the 92B was door banged on the front straight, sending him out of control and off turn
one (deja vu from last week, only fortunately this time no other cars were collected in the incident). Starting in the back, Brian
began working his way back thru the pack, when a miscalculation had him off the track in turn 4! With only 3 laps remaining and
sitting in 9th things didn't look good, but the car was fast and we pulled off another top 4 finish!
7/29/98 12th 11th Scariest night of our career. With only a few laps in, Brian was hit on the rar bumper on the front straight
setting him sideways. Two cars behind him then pushed him down the track and into turn one where we were hit by another
car, catapulting the 92B off the track. The crash collected two other cars who both rolled off the track landing upside down by
Brian. There is still a debate as to whether our car actually rolled, but whatever the case , the damage was quite substantial, as
the impact destroyed two rims, bent the frame, and completely wiped out the front suspension. Thankfully all drivers were ok.
7/22/98 10th 3rd The track was dry and had to be driven with extra care. With only a few laps in a car in front of Brian got out of
shape causing Brian to lift allowing all of the cars behind him to get by. Dead last, the 92B cautiously passed the cars in front
of him to take home another top four finish!  
7/08/98 11th 3rd Another nice run. Nothing too exciting to report, just patiently worked our way up to the front.
7/01/98 7th 3rd After an exciting win in the heat race, the 92B took home a "safe" third in the feature. The track had one
groove, the high side, and those who ventured out of line often found themselves facing the wrong way! A nice finish after a
run of bad luck!
6/24/98   Cancelled due to wet conditions.  
6/17/98 12th 9th Despite a miss that had the engine running between 7 and 8 cylinders, the 92B was using the dry track to it's
advantage, only to suffer a cut tire when an overzealous driver entered turn 3 too hard. Was able to make our way back up to
9th before the checkered flag fell.
6/10/98   Rain out.
6/03/98 10th 8th Midway thru the race a car got sideways in turns 3 & 4, Brian lifted in order to allow the car to get it back
together, when a car running behind Brian ploughed into the back of the 92B ramming us into the other car ...looks like it got
the radiator, front bars, sheetmetal, nosecone and caused frame damage. Despite this, Brian kept the car going and eventually
caught up to the pack and passed several cars to finish 8th.
5/27/98 8th 5th Very difficult to pass due to heavy track conditions.
5/2098 6th 1st! The track was dry, a "driver's track". Brian quickly moved his way up into second, and patiently waited for the
opportune time to make the pass for the lead. He ran a smooth, smart race which enabled him to take home the win!
5/13/98 11th 9th Running the high side when a car below us lost control and turned into us. The two cars were hooked
together as they fishtailed down the straightaway. The 92B suffered 2 flat tires. The crew got us back on the lead lap, a Brian
worked his way through traffic. On the last lap a car spun out directly in from of us causing front-end damage.  


IMCA Supernationals, Boone, IA
Date  Start Finish Details
9/07/98 6th 5th Another wild night at the Supernationals. We got off to a bad start ( slipped a gear) then missed being in the top
four qualifiers by inches.  
9/08/98   Needed second place in our heat to transfer directly to the evening's A...missed it by a fender. Started on the pole in
our B. Unfortunately the fast groove was on top! The 92B worked and worked on the first place car only to come up short
9/09/98 6th 5th Last Chance B Features were run. In order to advance to Saturday's A drivers needed to win. On this night,
where you started was the key and unfortunately the 92B would be starting 6th. With little or no passing on a one groove track
Brian worked the low side but was unable to gain any ground on the cars running the faster groove up high. All week our car
looked good, just needed a little luck! We'll be back next year to give it another try!


Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)

Date Start Finish Details
9/18/98 8th 2nd Stock Car Special. After winning his heat in convincing style (and setting a new track record of 95 MPH for
stock cars), we didn't have the best draw. In the feature Brian cautiously moved his way thru traffic on the dry track, but ran
out of laps before he was able to reel in the leader.  
/05/98 7th  3rd Season Championship night. The race was a carbon copy from last week. Finished a strong second in the
overall points battle.  
8/29/98 10th 3rd Another exciting race! Traffic was thick early on and the 92B would first go forward only to lose positions again
as the cars would get bunched up. After things settled down a little we were able to head to the front and take home third.
8/22/98 10th 4th Got stuck on the low side early on and went backwards rather quickly. As the race progressed the 92B was
able to make the low side work to our advantage as he patiently worked his way back up to the front. A solid run.
8/15/98 9th 5th Traffic was congested early on, but once things settled down the 92B was able to make it's way back up thru the
pack to take home fifth.
8/07/98 8th 14th Working on 4th with three laps to go when we cut a tire. Our crew was able to get us back out on the lead lap,
but we ran out of laps.  
8/01/98 8th 3rd The feature was pretty wild with cars running 4 wide for several circuits early on. The 92B  was squeezed out
many times and by the time the cars began to get strung out we were running at the tail! Managed to navigate the slick track
and slowly work our way back up to the front before the checkered flag flew.  
7/25/98 8th 3rd The track was dry slick. The car started going away from us at about the half way point, but we still managed to
finish a very strong third.
7/18/98 10th 6th Fought a miss the entire race.
7/11/98 13th 1st! What a run! Got spun out in our heat so we didn't qualify for the invert. Looked great in the feature as we were
the only car that seemed to be able to stick to the low side. We were in third when we took the white flag, but in turn one were
able to pass both cars in front of us. Despite taking a hard hit on the straightaway from the second place car right before the
finish line, we held on to win by about an inch! Little time to celebrate afterwards as, much to our surprise, we were claimed by
Jeff Nielsen, 77N from Audubon.  
7/04/98 11th
First Feature: Looked good, despite only running on 7 cylinders for the last part of the race! Fortunately there was a long
intermission, as we discovered a lifter had popped out, broken push rod, rocker arms, etc. requiring removal of the intake
inorder to repair. Had Brian in the car just in time for the night's heat in which he finished 4th. 2nd Feature: The car was a little
off, and we had some difficulty getting thru the corners. Still finished a respectable 6th place and brought the car home in one
6/27/98   Finished first in our heat. The races were called due to rain prior to running the features...double features next week.
6/20/98 9th 14th Absolutely the worst nite of racing in our career. Stuffed in the wall during the heat (bent spindle, ball joint)
and had a push rod go thru a rocker arm. After barely making the call for the feature, we were hit turning the car sideways. In
an attempt to avoid us another driver hit a tire...Brian didn't stop, but was put to the back for being "involved" (the person
who hit us wasn't back there with us?). During the restart the rookie in front of us stopped on the back stretch and Brian and
he became hooked together. They threw the green and by the time Brain got free and crossed the start/finish line the flagman
was giving him the "move over flag". A yellow did come out later and we had another chance to gain back some spots. As we
were working our way back thru the pack, we were spun out again hitting a tractor tire. Kept going, but well behind. Damage
assesment has not been made at this time.
6/13/98   After finishing second in the heat, the races were called due to lightening and rain.
6/06/98   Rained out.
5/30/98 8th 10th Working on 4th when the top three cars got together coming out of turn 2. Brian went for a hole on the inside,
unfortunately when he got there the hole was gone! Suffered severe damage...one tire, two rims, bent spindle, two tie rod
ends, idler arm, steering box, two rear control arms (possibly bent the rear end?) and right side frame damage. Still assessing
damage, but needless to say it isn't pretty!
5/16/98 17th 3rd Mechanical mishap in the heat, missed qualifying so we started in the back of the pack.  A few yellows and a
little luck (passed 2 on the last lap!). 21 cars started.
5/10/98 8th 2nd Took advantage of the bottom groove to patiently work his way up to the front. Ran out of laps while working
on first. A very good run!!
5/2/98   Race was cancelled due to wet conditions


NAPA "Winners Series"

Date Track Start Finish Details
09/25/98 Hamilton Co. 2nd 5th After wining our heat, Brian had a great draw. Early on in the feature the car looked great on the
high side as, unfortunately as the race progressed the high side started to go away and the 92B started to slowly lose
positions. By the end of the race the high groove was coming back and Brian motored his way back to the front as he missed
fourth by about a foot! Finished 4th in the Overall Series Points!
09/20/98 Interstate Jefferson, SD
6th 3rd This was our first experience on this track, which was a little smaller than what we are accustomed to. Brian caught on
fairly fast and survived a few door bangs and bumps to take home a strong 3rd place finish! A fun race!
09/19/98 Shelby Co. 16 DNF The car was handling great as Brian worked his way from 16th to fifth. Unfortunately, with only 5
laps remaining we broke a ball joint which sidelined the 92B.
08/15/98 State Fair 12th 9th After taking home the win in our qualifying heat we had a very disappointing draw for the A Main
event. The track was bone dry and very dusty. Starting on the outside, the 92B was unable to see due to the dust and quicky
dropped back to 18th. (It was so bad that Brian couldn't see the end of his hood!) Once everything settled down were able to
drop to the bottom and start making our way back up to the front. The car was handling great, but passing was a challenge,
however we were happy to take home another top 10 finish in the series.
08/13/98 Britt
4th 5th Looked strong in the qualifying heat as we won it in a very convincing manner. Held onto 4th in the A Main up until the
last few laps. A very good run on a track that has been a challenge for us in the past!
08/06/98 Britt
Postponed due to rain. Rescheduled for 8/13.
0723/98 Eldora 16th 22nd Mishap early on the race put the 92B on pit road with a broken tie rod. Our crew was able to repair
but unfortunately we were 10 laps down when we rejoined the field. It's too bad, because it looked like the 92B was going to
be fast!
7/16/98 Buena Vista 20th 18th After not qualifying thru our heat, things started out poorly in the last chance B when the 92B
became hooked together with another car, landing both off the track. After visiting pit road the 92B was put to the back. In the
remaining laps Brian advanced from 9th to 2nd to qualify for the 20th start spot in the A Feature. Unfortunately, in the A we
slowly starting to loose power (and cylinders!) forcing the 92B to retire early. Blew the motor.
6/25/98 Hamilton Co 23rd 10th Plagued by a miss in the qualifying rounds, Brian took a provisional starting position. In the
feature we suffered engine problems when a pushrod went thru a rocker arm. Despite this we were able to finish a solid 10th.
6/23/98 Stuart 17th 10th Car handled very poorly during heat...our apologies to the 04 who suffered damage when the 92B spun
out. Made some major adjustments to the car and won the B feature. Stuck to the low side in the A, difficult to pass, but were
able to avoid major trouble! Still maintained 3rd overall point standing.
6/11/98 Hamilton Co   Postponed due to rain. Rescheduled til June 25th.
6/02/98 Hancock Co 21st 13th With the luck we've been having lately, we were thrilled to finish in one piece!
5/25/98 Marshalltown 23rd 9th Despite the fact that there was very little passing in the A Main, Brian patiently worked both the
high and low side to improve his 23rd starting spot by 14 positions. This was good enough to earn him the "Speedway Motors
HardCharger Award".  
5/19/98 Audubon 6th 2nd 38 Cars were on hand for the first NAPA race of the season. Brian overcame a poor draw which had
him starting last in his heat to win his heat race. The A main feature was full of accidents and staying out of trouble was not
easy. For much of the race the 92B remained in 6th, however, as the laps were winding down Brian decided to take a chance
on the high side. The car worked great and he rocketed past the leaders to land in second in an exciting race.


Other Tracks

Date Track Start Finish Details
5/17/98 Eldora Speedway 12th 4th It was too nice of a Sunday to stay home.