1999 News:

Audubon County Speedway, Audubon, IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hot laps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

**Season Opener- April 23rd***

Date  Start  Finish  Details  
08/27/99 7th 2nd Off to a bad start, when we were taken out in the heat race. We were running on the outside of the 23HR for
several laps when the car behind of us got into HotRod putting both of us in the wall. The damage was extensive, with 3 bent
rims, a bent spindle, ball joint, a big hole in the door, and the bumper being ripped off. Believe it or not we were able to
actually get the car back together. In the feature we were fast, but unable to safely pass the car in front of us. We finished one
point out in the final standings.  
08/20/99 6th 2nd The track was fast in the feature with cars running 2 deep early on making passing very difficult. The 92B did
manage to finally get through traffic, but with only 3 to go we were going to have to reel in the front runner and more
importantly pass him. Catching up was pretty easy, but we ran out of laps before we could figure out a safe way around. Gave it
a good run on the low side coming out of four to take the checkers, but came up a little short. Next week is the final race of
the season, and we are currently tied for first in the overall l point standings. Should be an exciting one!  
08/13/99 5th 2nd Nice smooth track. Things got a little congested early on allowing the leaders to get out in front quite a ways.
Once we broke free we started reeling them and were about to catch the leaders, when the yellow was thrown for the 2nd
place car who blew his motor. With two laps left, it was a dash to the finish line, but running to inside line we came up a little
short. An exciting run!  
08/06/99   Cancelled due to Rain! :(
07/30/99   Fair Races cancelled.  
07/24/99 7th 4th Pretty wild early on and the 92B went backwards as a result. Once things calmed down we started moving
forward, carefully navigating through traffic. We were working on 4th when the car running on the outside of us got loose and
the two cars tangled cutting our right front tire. The yellow was thrown giving us time to get the car back out on the track.
When the checkers were thrown we were back up in fourth. Unfortunately we were claimed by the 13J, Jack Jensen from
Atlantic IA. Jack had previously run the track in a Pro Am (in the IMCA stock cars) but just this week he purchased Mark Elliotts
old car. The motor was left at the track, as there was a protest filed. Will update you on the outcome. (We "won" the protest
and our motor was returned!)
07/16/99   Rained out again!  
07/09/99 7th 2nd Recent rains made the track heavier than normal and there was only one groove making passing clean very
difficult! Things were hairy early on as the cars were bunched up, but Blessington was able to wait till things calmed down and
then patiently work his way to the front. He made several challenges for the lead in the last couple laps but settled for the
runner up position when the checkers fell.  
07/02/99   Rained out. Blessington is taking this night off to listen to "Bob Wood's Cardboard Box of Blues" while he
reassembles this year's car. If all goes as planned should have her out at Shelby tomorrow night!  
06/25/99 7th 2nd The car was hooked up both high and the low as Brian carefully picked his way to the front. Ran out of laps
before we could reel in the leader.  
06/18/99 7th 1st!!! Hooked up and fast on the low side, the 92B was able to take over the top spot early on in the race. From
there on it was just a matter of keeping everything together as we took home the double checkers!  
06/11/99   Cancelled due to rain and wet conditions. Someone please shut it off!!!
06/04/99   Rain
05/28/99 6th 5th The car developed a very severe "push" in the feature... almost put it in the wall on the first lap. After falling
back, we were able to regain some ground, but it was a struggle due to the ill handling car.  
05/21/99 6th 2nd Another good run on a tricky track. Starting on the high side was a definite disadvantage, but after going
backwards the 92B was able to find an opening on the low side and start moving forward to take home a solid 2nd place
5/14/99 4th 1st!! The car was hooked up and FAST on the low side! After taking the lead the second place car did everything
possible to t ry to regain the lead. But Blessington withstood the onslaught of blows, maintaining control of his car as it was
battered from all sides to take home the win!! (Even on 7 cylinders... a plug wire fell off with two laps to go!)  
5/07/99   Rained out!  
4/30/99 5th
Able to work the bottom side to make our way up to the front. Unfortunately, with no yellows, we weren't able to reel in the lead


Buena Vista County Speedway, Alta, IA
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hot laps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

**Season Opener May 5th**

Date  Start  Finish  Details  
09/01/99 12th 4th With the Track Championship on the line, Brian played it safe for over half of the race. Once things cleared
out and settled down when Brian decided it was time to start moving forward. Had a great three way battle for fourth. Good
enough to take home the Track Championship for our third straight season! Unbelievable!
08/25/99 10th 3rd One bumper, two rims and a couple dents later, we were happy to survive the night and put her on the
trailer. Luck was with us as two cars tangled on the front stretch as the field came around to take the green. The 92B was able
to maneuver past the melee and gain a few spots. From there it was a matter of cautiously moving forward. There was one
scary moment on the last lap when the car we had just passed got into us, but Brian was able to hang on and finish a strong
third! **Big Congrats to Darin Madsen on his win! Looked great!**
08/19/99 10th 1st!! A long race! Things were wild early on, but once the race got underway Brian was able to move to the front,
finding himself in a battle for first with well over half the laps remaining. The track was dry and both cars were running the low
side, but Brian patiently worked on the lead car only to have him keep shutting the door. Taking advantage of the next yellow
and restart Brian took a chance on the high side as he powered the 92B into the front spot. Things were tense for the next
couple laps as the car behind us tried just about everything to reclaim the top spot, but a slow and steady line had Brian
pulling away within a few laps. From there on it was a case of hanging on till the end.  
08/11/99 10th 5th In the words of fellow competitor Darin Madsen, "We should have stayed home tonight!" A first lap incident
had just about every car on the track spinning, crashing or flying off the track. Having suffered front end damage, and not
having stopped we were able to continue on until the next incident which had us narrowly missing a spinning car only to fall
victim to the next melee as two cars tangled and spun in turn 3. But despite all, our wounded car found itself in he battle for
first with 5 laps to go, only to be hit from behind coming off turn 2. This was the final straw as the 92B was  spun out of control
and smacked into a tractor tire in the infield. Somehow managed to salvage a top 5 finish.
08/04/99 5th 1st!! The 92B took advantage of the dry slick conditions as he used the low side to shoot to the front. With only
two laps in Brian was already sitting in second when the yellow came out. On the restart Blessington had the advantage as he
pulled beside the leader and made the pass coming out of 2. From there on it was just a matter of hanging on to it till the
checkers were thrown. Man a race sure seems long when you're out in front! (But were not complaining!)  
07/28/99 9th 4th Pretty hairy race! Spent the majority of the time stuck in traffic, with cars running 3 wide beside us, in front of
us and in back of us! . Things did finally spread out and when it did Blessington used the low side to his advantage. Ran out of
laps before we could make it all the way to the front but happy to take home a safe 4th!  
07/21/99 6th 3rd After avoiding disaster on the first lap when the car directly in front of us broke, things settled down. The
track was very heavy due to recent rains, but Brian worked both the high and low sides to make his way to the front. Just
didn't have enough to reel in the front runners. (Congratulations to Darin Madsen on his win!!!)  
07/14/99   Racing on Thursday due to Simpson Memorial (Napa Race) See results below.  
07/07/99 8th 1st!! With double features in the hobbies and modifieds we knew it would be a late night, however we also knew
the track would polish off by feature time. During the feature the 92B carefully navigated the track, and with 7 to go he pulled
into 2nd. For several laps it looked as if the lead car would be out of reach, but with 3 laps remaining he picked up the pace,
putting him within striking distance. On the last lap he pulled beside the lead car in one and two only to lose the advantage
coming out. One last chance, the 92B cut down low in 3 and 4 and the two cars came out side by side for a photo finish.
Blessington took home the win by inches!  
06/30/99 8th 6th After rushing around all day to get last year's car together we somehow managed to get to the track! The
weather was threatening all night, and it was starting to rain before the features. In an effort to keep things moving the track
changed the order of events and decided to run the stocks first... this was a problem as we were just starting to change our
gears so that the car would hook up better! In the feature the car was fast in the corners but just didn't have enough for them
coming out. We spent the whole night trying to get around one "wide" car, only to go backwards in the final laps when lap
traffic got in the way! A somewhat frustrating evening after a lot of hard work!  
06/23/99 8th 6th On the first lap, coming out of turn two, the 92B was running high when a car underneath us hit our car
slamming us into the concrete wall off the backstretch. Fortunately, after being put to the tail, we were able to continue the
race, making our way back up front. Early damage assessment: Looks like we might have bent the frame and possibly the rear
end. It definitely moved from the impact! (I guess the concrete barrier we knocked over weighed 4000 pounds! Ouch!)  
06/16/99   Races cancelled due to rain and track conditions. The track is undergoing some construction and hopefully will be
back in shape for racing next week.  
06/09/99   Shortly after arriving at the track the races were called due to rain and approaching severe weather.  
06/02/99 10th 3rd The car was fast and hooked up on the low side. Early on in the race, after taking the lead, the 92B was
heading down the straight away when two cars running on the outside tangled, hitting us and sending us off the track
backwards over turn one. Despite front suspension damage and a left rear tire which went flat with two laps to go, the 92B
managed to make it's way back up to third.  
02/26/99 12th 6th After a 2 hour delay due to unsafe track conditions, the 92B blew a motor 2 laps into the heat race!
Fortunately, Big John Pletcher from Britt graciously agreed to let us borrow his car for the feature. After adding some padding
to the seat (including a 6inch mud plug) Brian was ready for the feature. He took it easy which paid off in the final standings.
Thanks again to John...it's racers like him that make us remember why we're doing this!  
05/19/99   Cancelled due to track conditions.  
05/13/99 3rd 1st!! The track was very rough, but the 92B was able to stick to the bottom of to take over the lead with 7 long laps
to go. The second place driver, Randy Brands stuck to our bumper for the remainder of the race, but Brian held on to take the
double checkers! A very exciting race!!  
05/12/99   Postponed until Thurs May 13th.  


IMCA Super Nationals, Boone, IA
Date  Start Finish Details
09/06/99 8th
5th & 6th Struggled with a terrible push through both the heat and B feature. Brian tried to adjust and it did look a little better
for the B, but unable to qualify for the A.  
09/07/99 2nd
1st & 9th Despite some changes we're still pushing and loose in the corners. Managed to hang on to qualify for the A through
our heat, only to get beat up and banged on in the feature. Brian gave it a good try, but were about a fender shy of getting 8th
which would have qualified us for Saturday's feature. The cars starting to look a little rough but we'll give her another try
tomorrow night : )
09/08/99 1st 4th Got bit by the Boone "bug". Needed to win our "B" to transfer to Saturday night's feature, but didn't even get
through turns 3 and 4 after taking the green before we were hit by an overly aggressive car flattening our A Frame, ball joint,
etc. Managed to limp around the track and actually gave a few guys a real run, but just wasn't going to be good enough.  


Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hot laps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)

**Season Opener April 17th**

Date  Start  Finish Detail
09/18 &
DNQ  Two day Tiny Lund special. First night needed to qualify 4th in our heat. On the second lap a car running in front of us
spun. Brian was unable to avoid it and both cars ended up spinning off the track. The yellow didn't come out so by the time we
got going again we were a lap down. Second night out needed 4th in our B feature. Car running on the high side turned down
into us causing Brian to get sideways and go into the grass, almost spinning it. To make things worse, our hood came loose so
he spent the rest of the race playing catchup with out being able to see. (Still were fighting a bad push too)The final points
race of the year was cancelled so we did finish second in the overall point standings.  
09/04/99   Rained Out! Website says rescheduled for Sept 25th, but that is the same night as last NAPA race so will have to see!
08/28//99 12th 8th Got spun in our heat when a car came down from the high side and drilled our door (another big dent!). The
feature looked to start of f better as Brian passed several cars early on only to have the yellow come out . And then they put
us to the back for jumping on the start! (The car in front of us didn't get going, so after several other cars passed us we went
around too.) Anyway, just weren't able to get hooked up after that.  
08/21/99 9th 5th A long, oftentimes scary race. The track was one groove with little to no passing all night long. About half way
through, a car running with Brian cut a tire causing his car to push into us and another car. We had a tire going down but were
able to continue on until the yellow was thrown. Back on the track a little behind the field but on the same lap Brian had little
time to reel in the cars in front of him. Two reds later for some scary rollovers and we found ourselves in 6th to finish our
night. (Congratulations to Jason Rold #96 on his first ever Feature win!!)
08/14/99 12th 7th Still seem to be a few bugs to work out after getting torn up on Wednesday. In the heat race the car was
looking good until the last lap when it developed a huge push, just about sending the car over the edge. A post race
inspection showed nothing obvious was wrong with the car. The car looked great in the feature as Brian patiently picked off
one car after another. With one to go he was sitting in second when the yellow was thrown setting up a 2 lap duel. On the
white flag lap , Brian entered turn one as he had many laps prior only to have the car break loose and start to spin...he was
able to hang onto it and fortunately the cars behind him were able to avoid him. A disappointing end to a good run.
08/07/99 7th 1st!! Heavy rains last night made for a tacky and somewhat rough track, but this didn't slow down the 92B! A good
start had us in 4th going into turn one, and from there it was a matter of cautiously picking our way to the front. With over 1/2
of the race remaining Brian took the lead and never looked back! Unbelievable!  
07/31/99 8th 1st!! Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus! A great race, this one had it all.. A narrow miss at the beginning, a patient
run up to third, then second, and with just two laps remaining -- first!! This one brought the crowd to their feet as the 92b
sprinted to victory.. Click here for pictures..
07/24/99 9th 4th After a long night and a rough day in the shop trying to get things back together, we managed to actually pull
off a pretty good race. The 92b was hooked up on the low side in the corners. The finish was especially exciting as they came
across the line three wide. A good run for "cryin" , oops I mean flyin Brian.  
07/17/99 7th 6th After a strong run in our heat, for some reason the car just wouldn't hook up during the feature. We went
backwards on the start and struggled through the rest of the race to regain those positions. A disappointing run, especially
since a post race inspection showed nothing was noticeably wrong with the car!
07/10/99 9th 3rd Traffic was thick during the feature event, but Brian was able to carefully navigate the 92B up to the front. Ran
out of laps before we could get a shot at the 2nd and 1st place cars. Pulled into the claim area only to find out that the 2X Car
of Chuck Madden claimed our motor. After he claimed the 19B of Bengard at Audubon last nite we thought maybe he'd
satisfied his motor needs, however he apparently needs more motors than the rest of us. Didn't get a chance to ask him why
he claimed us, but goes to prove you have few friends in racing.  
07/03/99 10th 4th The track was dry and slick, and despite some handling problems the 92B was able to cautiously use the low
side to move to the front. With 1 lap to go we had just made the pass for second when the yellow was thrown, putting us back
once again. After the restart we hooked a rut in turn one letting several cars get by. Managed to hang onto 4th. Looks like
there may be some bugs to work out yet, but all in all things seemed to work fairly well.  
06/26/99 9th 2nd Carbon copy of last week, although with 2 to go it looked like we'd have to settle for third when a late caution
came out. Blessington took advantage of this as he improved his finish by one. Ran out of laps before we could make a
serious challenge for first.  
06/19/99 8th 2nd There was a definite advantage to being on the high side and the cars in front of us knew that! But with some
patience and a little luck Brian was able to use the low side to work his way up to the front to take home a strong 2nd place.  
06/13/99 9th 4th The track was pretty heavy, but the 92B was able to use both the high and low side to slowly make his way to
the front. Ran out of laps as we were working on the 3rd place car. A nice solid top four finish.  
06/05/99 8th  ?? With only a few laps in, the 92B was vying for first, running side by side with the lead car. As they entered turn
one the other car came down on us causing the 92B to spin off the track and into a mud puddle. The yellow did not come out,
despite the fact that we could not get the car going, putting us a lap down. A yellow was thrown as the 92B was trying to back
onto the track and with the restart we made it back up to the top five only to have the yellow come out again putting us in the
rear (up until then Brian didn't realize he was a lap down). This continued for the remainder of the race... we left before we
were told of what position we finished in.  
05/29/99 8th 4th Another exciting race! After 3 restarts things settled down a little and the 92B began working the low side.
Midway thru the race we were in a heated battle for first...the cars seesawed back and forth, side by side. The yellow came out
with one to go, letting the pack catch up to us. On the restart, it was a mad dash to the checkers. Four wide coming out of turn
four, the 92B got tapped and somehow managed to get it back together to take home a top 4 finish.
05/22/99   About 15 minutes after arriving at the track the rain began! Races cancelled!  
05/15/99 4th 5th After winning our heat we knew the car was fast and we were looking at a good starting position. One lap into
the feature another car got ino us coming out of 4, getting the car completely out of shape. Blessington somehow kept it from
spinning and got back on the track many spots down. But Blessington proved the car was fast as he reeled in one car after
another, and with 5 to go we were back in the top five. At the white flag we were in third, only to have the second place car get
out of shape in front of us allowing two cars to pass on the inside. The cars were three wide when they came over the finish
line, with the 92B being scored 5th.  
0424/99 3rd 2nd The Team was a little nervous, wondering how the new car would handle the high banks of Shelby, but after
winning our heat race by inches we started to think this could be alright! In the feature the fast groove was up top, but the 92B
was able to hang on low, until the high side opened up. With two to go, Blessington shot down low again to make a challenge
for the lead, but the high side was just too strong as we missed taking home the win by 1/2 a car length. An exciting run!  
05/01/99 9th 4th Track conditions were a little tricky this week, but we were one of the few cars moving forward on the dry
slick. Early on it seemed as if we were going to be stuck in traffic for the entire race, but the 92B patiently and cautiously
worked the low side to take home a close fourth!  
05/05/99 9th 8th After a convincing win in our heat, the 92B suffered some bad luck right from the start in the feature, as we
narrowly missed hitting the front stretch wall after hooking a rut. (We did get a BIG dent !) The field had passed us by before
Brian was able to get things straightened out. Heavy, rough track conditions left nothing on the low side and made for little to
no passing. We were lucky to get back where we started.  


NAPA "Winners Series"
NAPA online

Click here for point standings

Click Here For NAPA Points Standings

Date  Track  Start Finish Details
09/25/99 Webster City 14th 11th With one lap in the car lost all power when the coil wire fell off ! The yellow did come out and
the crew discoverd and corrected the problem in time to get the car back out on the lead lap, but the leaders were right
behind us! After 12 long laps the yellow came out again and Brian was able to rejoin the field in 21st. Passing was difficult but
in the remaining laps we were able to pick up several positions and salvage a respectable 11th place finish.  
08/26/99 Webster City 9th 16tth The car looked fast in our heat, but one groove conditions in the feature allowed for little to no
passing. Brian was stuck behind a slower "wide" car for several laps, and even more frustrating was the car behind Brian kept
pushing on his rear bumper. About 5 or 6 laps of this and Brian decided to try the low side, only to loop it! The yellow came out,
but just couldn't get the car hooked up enough to make much foward progress . A frustrating race!  
08/17/99 State Fair 25th 13th A bad draw has us starting at the tail of our heat and we just weren't able to make it to the front in
time. Things got a little wild in the B and knowing that we already had a provisional wapped up, Brian just tried to stay out of
trouble. . The Feature was uneventful for us as we moved forward slowy early, but with only one yellow things stretched out
making catching the cars in front of us difficult.  
08/12/99 Britt 4th 5th After surveying the damage from last nite it was decided to take last year's car. Nothing too eventful to
report for once, just a good clean race! We were running in a strong fourth when a late race yellow was thrown bunching
everyone up again. We lost one position as a result, but in comparision to past NAPA races this season, this was a great finish!
Certainly not a candidate for the Hard Luck award tonite! Whooee!  
07/29/99 Oskaloosa 16th 19tj Typical Napa race for the 92B. The car looked good on this track, but early on in the feature race
Brian found himself in traffic with no where to go. Patiently waiting for an opening when the car behind us drilled us in the
backend coming off four, spinning us out. Somehow all of hte cars behind us (we were up to 11th at the time) were able to
avoid hitting our car. Rolled a tire and were able to get the 92B out on the track on the lead lap, but with no other yellows we
spent the rest of the race trying to catch up.
07/22/99 Eldora 11th 9th Another bad draw had the 92B starting further back than we would have liked, but with 25 laps we
knew anything could happen. And in this race, it seemed that just about everything did! On the start coming out of four to take
the green the car in front of us sudddenly checked up causing a domino effect as Brain drilled him and the car behid us
smacked us. We suffered a fairly serious dent on the passenger, which we were able to assess at length since the lights wernt
out causing a delay. Upone restarting the race, Brian was caught on the low side and lost several positoins ,but he was able to
make it back up to where he started when the lights went out again! This time the delay was for over an hour! With 20 laps
remaining Blessington started making his way slowly to the front, only to be caught up in another incident causing us to spin
which put us to the rear. The car suffered a terrible hit causing the drivers side door to be crushed in. Not our best nite out!  
07/15/99 Alta 12th 20th After taking 2nd in our heat, despite tearing off a trailing arm when a car was spun in front of us, it was a
mad scramble to get the car back together. By feature time we were ready for our luck to change, and for awhile it actually
looked like it had. Brian ran the low side slowly picking off one car after another. We were working on fifth when the car we
had just passed turned down into us cutting our right rear tire. With no yellow the 92B went down a couple laps while the crew
changed the tire.  
07/13/99 Stuart Spwy 3rd 21st Stuart has always ben a challenge for the 92B but despite some handling problems things looked
good early on as we won our heat race. A good draw, a few adjustemnts on the car and we felt pretty good starting the feature.
That felling only lasted a few minutes as we were hit and spun entering turn 3 after taking the green! The 92B landed in the
infield on top of a tractor tire, which obviously prevented us from reentering the race. Several laps later a yellow was thrown
for another incident, and a wrecker kindly removed us from the tire. Brian joined the race in 27th and passed 10 cars to finish
17th, but officially we were scored in 21st.  
07/05/99 Interstate Jefferson,SD 12th 9th With only a few laps in the yellow was throw for Debris on the track...several cars
slowed a little too quickly and the car directly in front of us spun. Brian had nowhere to go and he clipped their front end
flattening our tire. After a quick tire change Blessington was put to the back. Passing on this little track is a challenge, but with
a lot of patience we were able to work back up into the top ten.  
06/29/99 Arlington, MN   This track proved to be quite a challenge for the 92B, and unfortunately we never really had a good
chance to figure things out. While running in the B feature Blessington miscalculated the "cushion" entering turn 1 causing
his car to shoot off the track. (The turns are set up a lot like Alta with no guard rail and a steep drop off..) Sliding across the
grass the car hit a tractor tire, a culvert (neither of which slowed the car much) and then smacked into the outside retaining
wall causing the car to roll over and land on it's top. Fortunately Brian was ok, but the same cannot be said for the car. Not
what you want to happen 5 hours from home!  
06/22/99 Stuart    Rescheduled for July 13th due to rain. Next NAPA race on our schedule is June 29 at Arlington, MN! Any
Minnesota fans can catch us there!  
06/10/99 Hamilton Co   Cancelled due to rain.  
06/08/99 Audubon 7th 3rd The track was really slick, but smooth on the low side which Blessington used to move up thru the
pack. The competition was hot as the top 5 drivers see- sawed back in forth, some on the high side others on the low. With 5
laps to go, the car in front of us suffered a mechanical failure causing him to spin out, and unfortunately Brian was unable to
avoid hitting him. With the restart, the car was definitely impaired , wiht the front fender and nose piece hanging and front end
suspension damage. Despite this we were able to hold off the compettition and finish a strong third!  
05/31/99 Marshalltown  DNQ Unable to qualify. Started 9th in our heat, needed to finish 4th, got 5th! Needed 3rd in B, got 4th!
Missed a provisional by 1 car! Unfortunately, despite not making the main show, the car took quite a pounding. We've decided
we need lessons on "How to protect your position while being beat on from all sides." Apparently not a strong suit of ours!
(Damage assesment- 3 bent balljoints; 2 A-frames, a spindle and lots of sheetmetal damage.)
05/27/99 Benton Co Spwy, Vinton 13th DNF Finished 4th in our heat qualifying us for the main event (started 9th in heat). Two
laps into the feature, a car running the high side lost it in the middle of one and two and turned down into our right front tire,
we were then hit from behind. Suffered a flat tire, broken shock, bent a-frame, tie rod, and serious sheet metal damage.  
05/18/99 Audubon    Postponed due to wet conditions... rescheduled for 6/8/99. Next race scheduled for May 27th at Vinton, IA  


Other Tracks

Date  Track  Start  Finish  Details  
10/09/99 Webster 11th 5th Had one last opportunity to get into the big show, and Brian took no chances as he went on to win
the Last Chance "B" putting him on the inside of row 6 in the A. The groove was up high in the feature, and patience was the
ticket as most passing was as a result of someone slipping up. Brian was one of the few cars making forward progress as he
spared his tires and avoided trouble for all 30 laps. A nice end to a long week!  
10/08/99 Webster (Jamboree Qualifying) 10th 6th Finished third in our heat which advanced us to the night's A. Drew poorly
(again!). After going backwards when things were congested early on and despite a push, Brian began making some forward
progress on the high side. Made it up to 6th, but was unable to make the pass for 5th (which is what we needed to qualify for
Sat's feature!) Last chance heats and B's will be Saturday night!
10/07/99 Webster
(Jamboree Qualifying)
12th 17th? After winning our heat quite handily, Brian had a poor draw for the nights qualifying A (they were taking the top 5
for Sat's Main). With only one lap in a car in front of Brian spun, and the 92B suffered damage when the two cars connected.
We were able to continue, however the hood was crumpled up in such a way that Brian couldn't see very well! Qualifying
continues on the 8th.