2000 News:
-Audubon County Speedway Track Champion

-Shelby County Speedway Track Champion

-Buena Vista Raceway Track Champion

Audubon County Speedway, Audubon, IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

**2000 Audubon County Speedway Track Champion!!***

9/01/00-Started 1st, Finished 1st!! What a night! It was great starting on the pole. When the green was thrown Brian popped out
in front and held off a couple challenges from the second and third place cars. With a couple laps in the books there was a
caution, but when the race resumed Brian took off and never looked back! A great night! 2000 Audubon Speedway Track
Champion! Whoooweeee!!!

8/25/00-Started 9th, Scored 6th.We developed a miss during the heat and the crew had to scramble to try to fix the problem
prior to the feature. It was tight, but we got the 92B in the line up just in time. The car was really fast in the feature and Brian
was up to 3rd with half the laps in. A few more laps and he was in the second spot. After a couple cautions we were set up for
a 3 lap duel. Brian worked the low side but kept running out of room and just couldn't quite get around the lead car. He did
manage to get beside the other car on the final lap of the race and they raced side by side into turn 4. The car running above
us cut down and Brian was forced into the mud on the inside of the track. The car went out of control and pushed up the track
and Brian and the other car jumped tires. The other car spun, but Brian was able to regain control only to be hit from behind
and spun. Another car then pushed us sideways down the straightaway and across the finish line.We were scored in 4th, but
were docked two positions for rough driving due to the incident. The car suffered some serious damage...tire, rim, broke the
ball joint, broke a shock, bent an aframe, etc.

8/18-Started 10th, Finished 4th.An uneventful evening for the 92B! Navigating through traffic was a little tricky early on, but
Brian ran both the high and the low side to get the job done. With 1/2 the laps in he took over the fourth spot. Spent the rest
of the green to checkers race trying to get around the car in third. There was a distinct advantage to being on the high side
and despite many attempts to take him on the low side Brian just wasn't able to clear the car in front of him. The track was very
interesting with some challenging dry slick spots, making things somewhat interesting! Missed third by about a foot at the
finish line! The team was happy to just have the car come home in one piece after last week's experience!

8/11-Started 9th, Finished 9th. Rolled the car. The track was really tacky and fast and in the feature the cars were really
bunched up. Still Brian managed to work his way up through the pack and was in the fifth spot when the car in front of him
spun out as they were exiting turn four. Brian had no time to react and he caught the front end of the other car sending him
into a very fast spin. Two cars behind him nailed him in the driver's side door which sent the 92B rolling. Almost the entire
field was caught up in the incident as several cars hit Brian and or each other. Things do not look good right now as far as
getting the car back together. Completely flattened the front end and even got into the motor. The car is an absolute mess to
say the least. Fortunately and most importantly, Brian is ok. (Damage assessment: Bent both front horns, took out the radiator,
broke the fuel pump, water pump, and carb. Several motor mounts were sheared off, and all of the bars on the front end were
destroyed. The entire front end suspension was mangled and the sheetmetal is a mess too!)

8/04-Started 8th, Finished 2nd! After a good second place finish in our heat, we were qualifed for the King Of the Hill. Brian had
to run three heats and came out victorious! The feature was up next and traffic slowed us up for most of the race. It was an
evening filled with near misses. At one point early on in the race the car running on the outside of us caught our rear tire
putting a slash in it, but somehow it managed to stay up for the rest of the race. Brian tried to get through traffic as quickly and
safely as he could, managing to pop into the 2nd spot with a little over two to go. Once again we ran out of laps before we
could make a serious challenge for first. Finished up the race about a 1/2 car length behind the leader! A real heart-stopper of
a race!

7/28-No racing tonight due to fair. See Other Tracks.

7/21/-Started 10th, Finished 4th. The track was heavy making passing clean particularly difficult and patience was key. Brian
was stuck in traffic for a large portion of the race when the yellow was thrown. A car running in the front slowed quickly and
Brian couldn't avoid hitting him in the rear bumper. This resulted in some serious front end damage (the front wheels were
toed out as far as they could go). On the restart we were in 7th and Brian somehow managed to continue moving forward.
Having taken over the 4th spot another yellow was thrown bringing the cars back together for a 4 lap shoot out. Brian had
quite a battle on his hands (and not just with his own crippled car!) as the top four cars all vied for the top spot. With the
crowd of cars in front of him Brian had nowhere to go although he tried every line possible, there just never was an opening
he could take advantage of. You could have thrown a blanket over all four cars as they came out of the final corner to take the
checkers, but we had to settle for fourth. A real crowd pleaser of a race!

7/14- Started 10th, Finished 3rd! By the time we got through traffic and into the third spot the one and two cars had a sizeable
lead. A yellow did come out with 3 to go making for an exciting battle to the checkers. On the restart we took over the number
two spot in 1 and 2 and Brian was setting himself up for a pass on the inside of the leader in the middle of 3 and 4 when the
third place car came back into the picture and challenged for the lead on the low side. The other two cars were side by side
for the remaining laps with Brian right on thier bumpers. A very exciting race! Congratulations to Tim Bengard on his first
feature win of the season at Audubon!

7/07-Started 10th, Finished 5th. An uneventful night at the races! Got hung up in traffic early on and really had to work for
every pass we made. Finished the night with a right front flat but still managed to hang on to the 5th spot. Had to brush the
wall early on just to give the crowd something to cheer about! :)
6/30-Started 10th, Finished 6th. Rolled the car. A horrible night. We were working our way up through the pack and were in
third when a yellow was thrown, so we were put back two spots having just passed two cars. Brian was running the high side
and had pulled up beside another car when their back end kicked out and hit us in the driver's side door and their front end
came around and slammed us in the wall. . Brian drove up the wall and then rolled 3 times, landing on it's wheelsl. By some
miracle Brian was able to get the car running and onto pit road. He was able to re-enter the race after the two right side tires
were changed and the mangled front end and sheetmetal were ripped off (we'd already lost the trunk lid). The radiator needed
some attention to as it was leaning into the fan. Back on the track, Brian was actually able to keep up with the other cars and
even pass a few before the end of the race. (Damage assessment: Broken rear shock mount, bent trailing arm, and a lot of
damage to the front end suspension and sheetmetal)

6/23-Started 6th, Finished 1st! Brian went to the low side right away and was able to race his way to the lead early on in the
race. There were several yellows, but we were able to hang on to take the win! After a couple bad nights we were glad to
finish in one piece, much less take home the trophy!

6/16- Started 5th, Finished 1st!! The battle for the lead was between three and four cars for much of the race. A little over 1/2
way through we were in second place and after several runs on the low side Brian finally took over the lead with 3 to go.
Another exciting race filled with side by side action!

6/09- Started 6th, Finished 2nd! What a wild night! Brian was in the battle for the lead early on when the car he was racing
beside lost it in turns 1 & 2. Looked like we were going to get a big lead, when Brian about looped it on the same lap in 3 and 4
allowing the other car to regain the lead. We were a distant 2nd for most of the race until a yellow was thrown with 3 to go. This
set up a great duel between the leader and Brian. They ran side by side, and when the white flag was thrown Brian was in the
lead by a hair only to lose the advantage again in 1 & 2 and we just didn't have enough to get it back. It was a very exciting

6/02-Started 7th, Finished 2nd! A real nail biter. Brian was in the third spot early on, but we really had to work hard to get
around the car running in second, it didn't help when the pack caught up to us making for some heart stopping 2 and 3 wide
racing! We did finally make the pass, but not before another car had snuck through! Ran out of laps before we could make a
serious challenge for the top spot. We also received the Hard Charger bonus money for the evening which was a real plus!

5/26-Rained out!

5/19-Started 9th, Finsihed 5th. Stuck in traffic sums up this night of racing. The track was much heavier than recent weeks and
with two cars racing side by side in front of us for about 3/4 of the race we just didn't have anywhere to go! A frustrating

5/12- Started 8th, Finished 4th. Another interesting night at the Audubon Speedway! Things looked good early on as Brian had
worked his way up to 5th when a car a couple spots ahead of us was spun and despite jamming on the brakes and trying to get
underneath the other car Brian ended up slamming into the side of him. We were put to the tail, and despite serious damage
to the right front suspension Brian was still able to work his way to the front and take home a solid fourth place finish. (Initial
damage assessment: Bent ball joints, spindle, a-frame, bent passenger side door bar, and severe damage to the passenger
side door, fender, and even the dash crumpled! Not a pretty sight!)

5/05- Started 8th, Finished 1st! A very interesting evening indeed. With about two laps down in the feature the car leading the
race broke coming out of two. The car behind him couldn't get stopped and tagged him, and Brian then hit the back end of the
second place car. We were able to keep going, but they went back a lap so we were lined up in 6th on the restart. Brian quickly
used the low side to his advantage, and with less than 1/2 of the laps in the books we were in the lead which we hung on to
until the end. Our celebrating was brief as the crew spent the rest of the evening pulling our motor as we were claimed by the
78X of Shannon Anderson.

4/28- Started 8th, Finished 1st!! Once again the track was smooth, but this week it was dry making manuevering a little bit
tricky. The 92B looked strong in the heat, starting at the tail but still managing to have the lead on the last lap. In the feature,
luck was once again with us as we were able to hook up on the low side and make our way through the traffic putting us in 2nd
early on. Brian battled for the lead for several laps before breaking free. From that point forward all he had to do was keep the
car out in front to take home another victory! Wow, what a week it has been!

4/21- Started 1st, Finished 1st!! Things didn't look too good when we drew last in our heat, but Brian made up for it when he
drew the pole position for the feature. Brian took advantage of his good starting position and led the race from start to finish.
The car looked strong on the tacky, smooth track! A great way to start the 2000 season!!


Buena Vista County Speedway, Alta, IA
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:05)

**2000 Buena Vista County Speedway Champion!!**

08/30-Started 10th, finished 8th.Glad to get that one over with! Brian went into the race leading the track points by nine and his
main goal was to finish without incident, which has been quite a challenge lately! It didn't help that the cars in front of us never
got strung out, but instead Brian had to deal with two wide racing in front of him all night! Right when he'd look like he was
going to gain a position the hole would close up and he'd be on the binders. Managed to ward off the bad luck demons tonight
and take home the 2000 BVR Track Championship Title! Whoooweee!!

08/23-Started 9th, finished 4th. Whew!! A real nerve wracking night on the track! The track was tacky and made for some stand
on the gas fast racing, but Brian unfortunately spent much of it on the brakes stuck in traffice and trying to keep out of
trouble! Managed to avoid several incidents and hang on til the end. Next week: Season Championships!

08/16- Started 10th, finished 2nd!!After some really long nights and days the crew managed to get the car together. Didn't look
real pretty, but handled just like it use to which is what matters most! Brian missed an early mishap and was able to work his
way into the 3rd spot with over 1/2 of the laps left. Had his work cut out for him trying to pass the second place car. Tried the
low side, then went high. Finally, with two to go, Brian went for broke and took the car into two on the high side entering one.
He hooked up and passed the other car on the back straight. In the meantime the leader had pulled away from everyone and
Brian just didn't have enough time to reel him in. A great run considering the car was still in pieces at 5:00 tonight!

08/09-Started 9th, finished 1st!! A night to remember! Things just seemed to go Brian's way the entire night. In the feature
traffic was tight early on, but Brian hung to the low side and rode it out until things calmed down. He then went to work. The
car seemed to hook up no matter where we were on the track and Brian used both the high and low side to weave his way
through traffic. After some manuevering Brian put the 92B in the lead. With 7 laps in the books the race was far from over. As
the laps began to wind down the second place car started to gain on Brian and with a lap car in front of us things got a little
hairy. Brian timed it just right and passed the lap traffic with one to go. Hung on to take the double checkers!!

08/02-Started 10th, finished 8th. One of our worst nights out on the track at Alta. Started off when a car spun out in the heat
race collecting Brian. The front end was pretty mangled but Brian managed to finish the heat. It took some welding to get the
front bars straightened out but the crew had the 92B ready in time for the feature. Early on things were going good as Brian
worked his way forward through traffic only to have a car barrel into him coming out of four, flattening his front tire and
damaging the suspension. The crew changed the tire in record time and had us back out on the track. Brian went to work
again passing cars and was up to the 5th spot working on 4th when a yellow was thrown and they reverted back to the last lap,
which had us in 6th. As they took the green on the restart a car running in front of us looped up and Brian had no where to go.
This really did some damage to the front end which was completely toed out by now. On the next yellow Brian rejoined the
pack but with a mere 2 laps to go he was only able to pick off a couple cars before the checkers flew. Time to regroup and
straighten some sheet metal.

07/26-Started 8th, finished 2nd!An up and down evening on the track! A first lap incident had Brian on the binders and another
car trying to avoid the melee drilled us in the driver's side door. The impact ripped a hole in the door and snapped the rub rail
in two! Brian kept going though and started working his way to the front. We were in fourth when the car in front of us lost it,
collecting us and a couple other cars. Everyone kept going, but we lost about 3 positions. A few laps later a yellow was thrown
pulling the field back together. Brian started working the low side, but then checked things out on the high side where he was
able to pick up several positions. The second place car was running the same groove so Brian headed to the low side again.
After taking the white flag Brian saw an opening on the high side and he flew around the second place car.  The leader was
about 4 or 5 car lengths ahead when Brian powered down the back stretch. He was up to the other car's door when they took
the checkers! One more lap.... An exciting end!

07/19-Started 10th, finished 4th. An ugly race for the 92B! Started off by going to pit road on the parade lap because we
dropped a cylinder. The crew checked what they could but nothing obvious was wrong so Brian rejoined the pack. On the start
a car running in front of us spun in one and two. Brian tried to avoid hitting him but had no where to go. Back to the work area
we went. The front end was out of whack and the car was pretty tore up but there was nothing the crew could do, so they sent
Brian back out on the track. With only 7 cylinders and the front end toed out we had our work cut out for us, but Brian wasn't
the only one having bad luck and we moved up through attrition. We also had a good battle going with the 22 car who had
dropped a cylinder as well! Somehow managed to finish in the top four. I guess it's true what they say, "Slow and steady wins
the race" or atleast it will get you in the claim area sometimes! After the race the crew discovered a broken rocker arm caused
our motor problems. The car won't be a quick fix as we bent the passenger side roll bar and the sheetmetal is pretty mangled.

07/12-Started 10th, finished 3rd! Brian had his work cut out for him, but he was able to patiently work his way to the front. The
car wasn't particularly fast in any one grroove, so he used both the high side and the low side to pass. By the time we popped
into the 3rd spot the first and second place cars had quite a lead on us and we weren't able to reel them in. A good run!

07/05 -Started 10th, finished 3rd! A somewhat uneventful night, which was nice!  Made our way into the top 5 early on after
some shuffling around.  Lost a little ground later in the race when we were running in 4th, but was able to come back to catch
and pass the third place car.  Just didn't have enough to catch the two front runners! A good night out at the track!

06/29- Started 12th, Finished 1st! A pretty wild night out on the track. After a couple incidents in the heat, one of which had us
scraping the back stretch wall, we weren't able to make the invert for the feature. We knew we'd have our work cut out for us,
but got a break early on as we were able to miss an accident that happened in front of us and when the yellow was thrown we
found ourselves in the fourth spot and 8 laps to go. We were up to the 2nd position when the yellow came out again. On the
restart Brian took over the lead coming out of two only to have it taken away when we were forced into the marbles offfour.
We hung in there though and despite getting slammed into the backstretch wall (again!) Brian was able to regain the lead and
take home the win! Definitely had to work for this one!

06/21- Started 10th, Finished 8th. The track was dry and Brian was able to narrowly miss several mishaps early on. We were up
to the fifth spot when the car in front of him started to spin. Brian thought he had him cleared when he was hit from behind
causing us to hit the spinning car and to spin out as well! Suffered a right front flat tire, which the crew was able to change in
time for us to get back out on the track. Didn't do us much good though as we still had a bent rim on our left rear and the car
was so toed out that Brian felt like he was pulling a plow! Did manage to hang in there and take home an 8th place finish.

06/15-Races cancelled due to rain.

06/14- Postponed until Thursday 6/15 due to rain.

06/07-Started 10th, Finished 9th. Off to a bad start when a car running on the high side dove down to the low side in the middle
of the corner plowing into our front end. Brian and another car were spun out, but no yellow was thrown. By the time Brian got
going he was 3/4 of a lap down. Spent the rest of the yellow-free feature trying to catch up the the pack. Did pass two cars who
tangled on the last lap. A real shame since the car looked to be hooked up, even with some serious front end damage.

5/31- Started 10th, Finished 2nd!Another exciting race! Early on things didn't look good as the traffic was thick, but patience
paid off and Brian was able to use the low side to his advantage. Had a challenge passing the third place car but they put on a
good show. With 4 we were in second when a yellow came out. Brian was a bit off on his timing on the restart letting the leader
get a ahead a little too far. Made a couple runs for the lead but just didn't have enough for him. An exciting race!

5/24- Started 8th, Finished 2nd! A good run in our heat race qualified us for the "Kyle Suter Memorial Stock Car Challenge".
Brian started on the outside pole, but was hit by the pole sitter on the start, knocking the car out of shape and putting us well
behind the field. Fortunately a yellow was thrown for another incident and the 92B rejoined the pack. Starting last Brian used
the low side to make his way to the front and take home the trophy. Thanks to the Suter Family for sponsoring this evenings
races including the Challenge. We really apprecaited the North Central Line Service coat and hat as well. After repairing a bent
ball joint and replacing a bent rim we were ready for the second feature of the night. Traffic was very thick early on and
patience was key. After some tense moments Brian was able to take over the second spot but by that time the leader was over
a straightaway ahead. With 4 laps remaining, Brian cut the lead in half, but again we ran out of laps. All in all a good night of

5/24- Make up Feature from last week...Started 9th, Finished 2nd! The track was extremely dry making manuevering particularly
tricky, but Brian slowly picked his was thru traffic. Looked like we were going to have to settle for 3rd when the car running in
second got too high coming out of 4 on the last lap. Brian took advantage and nipped him at the finish line!

5/17- Rained out after Heat races. Double Features next week.

5/10- Started 8th, Finished 5th. Kind of a tough night out. After scrambling to get a motor in the car the 92B team chased a miss
all night long, but first we had to find the cause of an oil leak! The track was smooth but heavier than it had been all season
and our lame motor had a hard time keeping up. The action on the track was wild as well and we spent a lot of time going
backwards before things settled down. Brian did manage to start working his way up through the pack on the low side, and we
were happy to take home a strong 5th place finish! (Congrats to Darin Madsen on his feature win! Remember, "He who stinks
like a rotten egg is one!")

5/3- Started 8th, Finished 1st!! The track was smooth and dry and Brian was able to get the 92B hooked up early on in the
feature, as he found himself sitting in 3rd with only one lap in. In the next few laps he was able to use the low side to carefully
manuever himself into the lead with 11 long laps yet to go, but the race was far from over! There were several yellows and our
lead was challenged on each restart, but Brian managed to keep his head and hang on to take home the win!

4/26 - Started 2nd, Finished 1st!! A repeat performance of the last 2 nights out on the track. Started in the back of the heat,
finished 3rd. Redrew and once again started on the front row. Led from start to finish! We realize that from here on out we're
going to be starting in the back, but we've sure enjoyed our rare good fortune, and great starting positions while it's lasted!


IMCA Supernationals, Boone, IA
9/4/00- Started 6th and finished 1st in our heat race! What a bizarre race it was.  There was an incident on the first lap which
basically took out all of the cars except for Brian and one other guy. They gave them a green, white, checker and the race was
over! Used up all our good luck in the heat though, as Brian drew 12th for the A feature (the worst draw for those finishing 1st
in their heat). We needed to finish 8th or better to move on to Saturday's feature, but our chances were squashed early on
when Brian was caught up in an accident. He was able to continue on, but the car was a mess...the hood was sticking up in
such a way that Brian wasn't able to see the cars in front of him or to the outside of him unless they were 4 or 5 car lengths
ahead of him! He basically spent the rest of the race trying not to run into people. Think we finished 15th. Damage assessment:
took out the front bars, radiator support, shroud and got the fan too. Give her another go tomorrow night!

9/05/00- Started 4th and finished second in our heat. The car looked fast! Drew 15th for the feature. Brian went high early on
and missed several minor mishaps, but our luck ran out when two cars running on the low side spun and then shot up the
track in front of the 92B. With nowhere to go Brian got caught up in the mess. Then to make matters worse, he got hung up on
the lip of the track when he was trying to back up! Took a tow truck to get us free. To the back of the pack we went. On the
restart Brian went to the low side only to have the car on the outside of him get out of shape catching our front end. Brian
spun. He got going but was well back from the pack. Another yellow was thrown and we rejoined the field, but just couldn't get
anything going at that point. Finished 20th. Intitial damage assesment is limited, but do know it bent our new bumper and might
have damaged the headers when we were hung up on the track! Last Chance tomorrow night! Win the last chance B or were

9/06/00-Started on the pole in the second Last Chance B. Unfortunately the groove was on the high side and the car on the
outside pole had the advantage. Brian fell in line behind the leader, but the one groove track just didn't allow him to pass the
car in front of him. He stuck to the other car's bumper and was able to pull beside him a couple times, but just couldn't get
enough to make the pass. We needed first and finished a close second. There's always next year!!


Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:35)

**2000 Shelby County Speedway Track Champion!!**
09/17/00- Started 23rd, Finished 9th. An interesting weekend. Qualifying started on Saturday when the stock car drivers drove
in a heat race to determine the first 12 cars in Sunday's field. Brian drew 8th and we needed 4th to get in the feature. The track
was very slick and to make things even more interesting the car dropped a cylinder in the line up chute! Despite this Brian
went to work on the low side. With only a few laps in he was in the fifth spot working on fourth. Going into turn 1 the cars in
front of Brian checked up and despite hitting the brakes hard he hit the car in front of him square on the bumper causing the
92B to go into a spin. Brian kept going but he lost another cylinder and was only able to pass 3 cars before the checkers flew.
The crew made the long trip home and worked into the early morning hours putting in a different motor. After getting up early
Sunday morning we knew we only had one last chance on to get in the feature. Started 8th in the last chance B and we needed
6th to get into the feature. After taking the green a car hit Brian hard in turns one and two. He was able to regain control, but
not until after the field had got by him. However, he went to work and slowly picked off one car after the other. Finished sixth
which had us starting 23rd in the feature. By feature time there was nothing on the high side of the track, and up until that
point very few cars had done much passing. Things didin't look too good from where we were starting but Brian figured he
had nothing to lose so he went to the middle of the track and picked off several cars. He then took to the bottom of the
raceway and was able to patiently work his way forward. When the double checkers flew we were in 9th! A great run!!

09/02/00-Started 9th, Finished 3rd! The track was dry and Brian took off on the low side early on in the race. He manuevered
the 92B into second and reeled in the leader. Unfortuately the lead car was running the same line as Brian and soon the third
place car caught up to the two making for an exciting battle. In an effort to take over the top spot Brian decided to move his
line up the track a little. This allowed the third place car an opportunity to take over the low groove, which unfortunately was
faster. Brian slipped into third and held on til the end. Finished the season on top in the track standings! 2000 Shelby County
Speedway Champion!!! Whooooweee!!

08/26/00- Started 9th, Finished 2nd! An exciting yet uneventful evening for the 92B team. Brian had his usual problems with
getting to the front due to traffic and patience the key. With 3 to go he put the car in the second spot but didn't have enough
laps to reel in the leader.  A nice finish.

08/19/00- Cancelled due to Rain.

08/12/00-Started 8th, Finished 3rd! After last night's rollover the crew returned home to get to work on putting together
another car. We pulled the car we ran 2 season's ago out of storage and after many hours of work we had it race ready. The
track was heavy during the heat and Brian was still adjusting to the "new" car, however by feature time he was ready to go.
Had a good start, but with about 5 laps in we dropped a cylinder. Brian would lose ground quickly whenever he had to lift, and
he just didn't have enough power to pass the cars racing in front of him. With 2 laps to go Brian got a break and was able to
shoot from 6th into 4th. The lead car blew up on the white flag lap advancing us to 3rd. Would have been nice to see how the
car would have done on all 8, but we were pleased with our top 4 finish considering the circumstances! The main car is at the
frame shop. At this point we are not certain that it can be repaired. Will keep you updated.

08/05/00- Cancelled due to severe weather in the area.

07/29/00-Started 9th, Finished 2nd! Another heart stopper of a race! Brian went backwards early on as the traffic was two and
three wide. The fast groove was on the high side and that's where everyone was running making for difficult passing. When
the first yellow of the evening was thrown we found ourselves in 7th, a mere two cars up from where we started, but once the
green light was turned on Brian finally started to make some headway by taking to the high side. The REALLY high side in
some cases! Must've wanted to see how close he could get to the front stretch wall! We were up to third when the yellow was
thrown again but we were put back to fifth since they reverted back to last completed lap. Back to work Brian went, and with 3
to go he popped into the 3rd place position with the first and second place cars well ahead. With one to go, Brian was on the
second place cars bumper. In turns three and four both he and the 2nd place car dove down under the leader whose motor let
go! Brian and the other frontrunner came out of the corner side by side, but the high side was too much of an advantage as
we finished 1/2 a car length behind. Another exciting night at the races!

07/21/00- Started 7th, Finished 2nd! A stressful race! Cars were running 2 and 3 wide in front of us and around us. In order to
move through the pack Brian had to go to the bottom which unfortunately was not the fastest line. Each pass took forever! By
the time we got her out in second there were less than 2 laps left. Brian made up the distance between him and the leader
quickly and was about a car length behind when the checkers were thrown. One or two more laps and who knows what would
have happened?! A good run!

07/14/00-Started 8th, Finished 1st!! The full Moon was certainly at work tonight in the stock car feature. A first lap incident
involving all of the cars in the outside row had Brian up to the front row on the restart. We took the lead when the green flew
only to have the yellow come out again. A new track rule of starting cars single file after two side by side starts had us in
second. We passed the lead car on the back stretch only to have the yellow come out again! Another restart and we actually
got a lap in, Brian was working the low side when the third place car passed us on the high side, but Brian kept working the
low groove and finally recaptured second. The leader was running in the middle of the track, but with 5 laps to go Brian finally
got hooked up on the low side and made the pass that put us in the lead for good! A really long, back and forth race, but things
came together in the end!

07/08/00-Started 9th, Finished 2nd. Things looked good early on as there were some changes in the line up which had us
moving up a couple rows. Unfortunately Brian wasn't able to take complete advantage of this as we went backwards early on
and it took quite awhile to work our way back up front. Took over the 2nd spot with 3 to go. Made up some ground on the first
place car but just didn't have time to see if we would have anything for him.

0701/00- Started 8th, finished 11th. In the feature we were working on 4th place when we had to check up for another car and
were tapped from behind and spun into the infield. The yellow wasn't thrown and we went a couple laps down before Brian
could safely reenter the track.

6/24/00-Started 8th, finished 7th. The track was really dry and Brian was patiently working his way through traffic when we were
once again involved in an incident which took away our chances of finishing well. We were working on the 3rd spot entering
turn 1 when a car running very high up the track suddenly came down into us we were then hit from behind and spun. On the
restart we were put to the tail, but the car did not handle very well for the rest of the race so we weren't able to make up many
spots before the finish.

6/17/00-Started 14th, Finished 4th. Had a bad start to our evening as we were involved in a horrible wreck on the last lap of our
heat race. The cars racing in front of us tangled, and with little to no time to react Brian t-boned Doug Jensen who had been
spun and was sitting sideways on the back straight. The accident broke off all our front bars, sheared off our bumper, bent the
front frame horns and pushed the radiator into the motor. The sheet metal damage was extensive and our nose cone was in 5
pieces! . The crew went to work with the help of Brian Schmitt and his crew, and after some welding, pop riviting and duct
taping we somehow managed to put the car back together for the feature. In the feature, Brian had his work cut out for him,
but he ran the low side, patiently passing cars. Popped into 4th with about 3 to go, but wasn't able to make up the distance to
catch any other cars. All in all, considering the condition of our car after the heat we were happy to have been out on the track
much less taking home a top four finish. There's still plenty of work to do, but hopefully we'll have the car back in shape for
Wednesday at Alta. Thanks to Brian Schmitt and his crew and to all the other people who stopped by and helped or offered to

6/10/00-Started 8th, Finished 4th. After narrowly missing a major mishap on the front straight early on. Brian and two other cars
were racing for the top spot when the other two cars made contact. One of the cars was knocked out of shape and ran into us
causing our left rear tire to fly off completely! In an attempt to get out of everyone's way Brian went to the high side, only to
get high centered in turn 3! After getting help from a push truck, Brian got to pit road where the pit crew did an excellent job
of getting the tire changed in the one lap before the race went green again. Back on the track, Brian went to work picking off
cars. The second and third place cars were battling back and forth side by side so we just didn't have anywhere to go to get
around them. We're happy to take home a top four finish out of the deal though!

6/03/00- Started 9th, Finished 1st! Things didn't look good during our heat as the 92B suffered from some handling problems.
The team made a couple changes before the feature and they sure paid off! The track was really dry and slick and Brian took
advantage of the low side moving his way from 9th to first in 2 laps! A yellow came out right after we took the lead allowing the
pack to catch up, but Brian kept his head and managed to hang on to the lead until the checkered flag flew!

5/27/00- Started 10th, Finished 2nd (But were awarded with first after a disqualification of the winner.)  With double features in
a couple of the other classes, and a wedding ceremony this turned out to be a very late night. The racing surface was heavy
from the recent rains and as a result the track was a little rougher than usual. In the feature the 92B got caught in traffic early
on but as things settled down Brian started making his way to the front. With one lap remaining we were in the third spot when
the second place car's motor started to let go. We caught and passed him coming out of four. After the race the winner was
DQ'd handing us first place.

5/20/00- Started 14th, Finished 1st!! A real roller coaster of a night! Things started off poorly when we were hit by a car early on
in the heat, pushing Brian into the infield. H e gathered himself up and caught the pack only to be spun out on the last lap!
With rain threatening the program was moving along quickly so the 92B crew had to rush to make the necessary repairs to the
front suspension and nose cone. When the green flag fell for the feature Brian immediately went to the low side of the track
and started making his way to the front of the pack. A yellow came out with 13 laps remaining and we were already in the 5th
spot! With the green out once again, Brian stuck to the low side and overtook the top position with 10 long laps remaining! A
yellow came out with 4 putting the competition right on our rear bumper, but Brian managed to hang on to the lead and take
home the double checkers! A great run!

5/13/00- Started 10th, Finished 2nd. Off to a bad start in the feature when we were sandwiched between two cars, we were
second to last before Brian got things straightened around. Brian then took to the low side where he was able to pass several
cars. About mid race we were "stuck in traffic" and we narrowly missed several mishaps, but once things cleared out Brian
started making his way forward again. With only a couple laps left we took over the 2nd place spot, but with the leader running
the same line as us we didn't have much chance of making a pass. After spending an entire day putting the car back together
we were extremely pleased to take home a strong second place, and with very few new scrapes to boot!

5/6/00- Started 9th, Finished 2nd. Another solid run. Traffic was thick early on, but Brian was able to use the low side to his
advantage. With 4 to go we were in second. We were gaining on the lead car but ran out of laps. Claimed by three time
National Champion Jeff Anderson, father of Shannon Anderson who claimed us last night at Audubon.

4/28/00- Started 9th, Finished 4th. A wild night on the race track! We knew we had our work cut out for us early on as Brian was
making a move on the low side when he was crowded into a tractor tire. He recovered without bringing out the yellow, but had
to make up some ground as the entire field of cars flew by. Within a lap we were once again working on regaining positions,
and at the half way point we were in 6th when the two cars in front of us tangled. Brian stood on the brakes, but was unable to
avoid the cars. He kept going but suffered a flat tire. The crew was able to get him back out before the race went green and
despite some extensive front end damage we were able to get up to fourth before the end of the race.

4/22/00 Started 2nd, Finished First!! This was quite a night of racing! Another poor draw in our heat had the 92B starting dead
last, but in a matter of laps Brian was in the lead which he held until the end. This finish qualified us for the outside pole in the
"ProAm/Stock Car Challenge". This race slated the top heat finishers in the Stock Cars against the top finishers in the ProAms.
Blessington took advantage of his front row starting spot and took the early lead. With 3 to go another Stock Car put up a
challenge, but Blessington held him at bay taking home the trophy and a little extra cash. Once again our luck was better when
we drew for the feature as Brian secured the outside pole position. The feature was yellow-free from start to finish and we led
the entire way, taking home the win by a straightaway! This is the first time we could say that we brought home two trophies in
one night! What a way to start the season!


Other Tracks

10/14/00-I-35 Speedway, Mason City, IA
(Special) Our weekend of racing started on Friday the 13th with qualifying. We drew 7th
in our heat and had to finish 5th to transfer into the night's qualifying A. Brian had a bad start and went backwards. He was able
to use the low side early on when the cars were bunched up to pass a couple cars, but spent much of the race in a distant 6th.
On the last lap the lead car spun collecting another car. Brian narrowly missed the accident but was able to keep the car going
and crossed the finish line in 5th. As we were lining up for the A feature the skies opened up and the rain began. By the time
we had the car loaded up crew and driver were soaked to the bone! We started Saturday night with the make-up A feature.
Starting 18th Brian knew he had his work cut out for him. On the start the car behind him hooked his rear bumper and the two
cars were stuck togther. By the time we got going there was a 10 car length gap between us and the other cars, but no yellow
to restart the race! Brian caught up to the pack and started working on making some passes. There was a spinout ahead of us
and with nowhere to go Brian slid into one of the stalled cars. He kept his car going but had to finish the race with the right
front A frame laid over. He hung in there and actually passed a few cars. Some bad luck for a couple others (blown motors and
spins) had us crossing the finish line in 10th qualifying us for the nights A feature. It was a good thing we didn't have to run a
B because we would not have had the repairs done to the car in time! We were ready for the nights main. Started 7th. Brian
had a good start and was running in 5th for most of the race. With about 3 laps to go a car behind Brian tried to pass and he
slid right up in front of us, Brian had to lift so he didn't slam into the other car only to get drilled from behind and spun! His left
rear tire and rim were flattened. The crew got him back out on the track, but had to settle for finishing in the back. Didn't stick
around to see where there scored us! A disappointing end to the evening!

09/24/00- Jefferson, IA (Special) Should have stayed home!  Needed 5th in our heat to transfer to the A. Started 8th and were in
the transfer spot when the car running behind us came down and hit our right rear damaging the bead lock and flattening the
tire. Started on the pole in the last chance B. With 2 laps in a car hit our left front tire causing it to go flat. Brian stayed out on
the track and managed to finish 5th. We needed fourth to transfer to the A and we were moved up to that spot when the fourth
place car was blackflagged. Started 24th in the A. Mainly spent the majority of the race avoiding accidents. Up to 15th with a
handful of laps to go when a car pinched Brian down and into a tractor tire. Did a Duke's of Hazard move off the tire (lucky we
didn't roll the thing!). Could have kept going except that the fan shroud was smashed up into the fan belt which was cut.
Pulled off with a couple laps remaining. Scored us 18th.

8/06/00-Eldora-Started 7th, Finished 5th. A somewhat uneventful evening. After narrowly missing a first lap mishap, Brian got
stuck on the low side on the restart only to have several cars pass him on the high side of the track. When traffic cleared he
went to the high side. After things settled down we spent the rest of the race trying to pass the same car. Brian tried both the
high and low side but just never quite had enough to get around him! Could have probably used a little more horsepower on
this tacky track. Still nice to come home in one piece!

7/30/00-Eldora- Started 6th, Finished 3rd. An interesting race. Traffic was heavy early on and passing was very difficult. On the
first lap a car running underneath us turned up and ran over our front end, folding in the front fender and nose piece.
Fortunately the car seemed to be ok despite the cosmetic damage. Once things got going Brian tried both the low and high
side in an attempt to pass the car in front of him, but was unable to get the job done. Cars were running two and three wide at
this point. A yellow was thrown after Brian got his backend kicked out too far and almost looped it, collecting the car behind
us. (Brian says he was tapped from behind, but from our vantage point we couldn't see the incident) We kept our car going so
maintained our spot and were in the 5th spot on the restart. With 3 to go Brian passed the 3rd and 4th place cars on the
backstretch. He gained on the leaders but didn't get the chance to move up any further.

7/28/00-Britt Started 17th, Finished 7th. Since we had the night off at Audubon we decided to take to the road and head north.
Things didn't look too good in the heat as the 92B found passing to be difficult on the wet track. However, the track dried up
quite a bit for the feature making for some 2 and 3 wide racing. Brian took his time early on evaluating the track conditions and
after running several laps on the low side he went up high. This seemed to work as he was able to pass several cars. With
three to go we were up to the 6th spot and working on 5th when the yellow was thrown. On the restart Brian went to the high
side again but went in a little bit too high and was passed by the car running behind us and we crossed the finish line in 7th. A
good run on an unfamiliar track. It was nice getting to see some of our fans from up North. If things work out maybe we'll visit
again before the season is through!

7/23/00- Eldora Started 2nd, Finished 1st!! Since things went ok last night we decided to head over to Eldora again. Several of
the visitors from last week were not there so based on our 9th place finish of last week we had a "low" points average and
started on the front row! The car seemed ok, during the heat but Brian was a little uncomfortable with the unfamiliar track. For
the feature things had dried out considerably and after a good start Brian was able to take over the lead and with no yellows
we were able to hang on til the end! We were very excited to take home a win on the road!

7/16/00- Greenbelt Speedway, Eldora Iowa Started 21st, Finished 9th. Decided to take to the road today and check out some of
the action in Eldora. Picked a good night as it was Mid SeasonChampionship and all the regulars were to line up according to
their point standings, so basically we were guaranteed a starting spot in the back! The race itself was somewhat uneventful
for us, as Brian used the low side to pass several cars. As the race wound down he really had to work for each pass and he
and the 8th place cars spent several laps side by side, see sawing back and forth. A good race! We felt the car was dialed in
pretty well. Might go back next week if everything holds together!