Boone Super Nationals
September 8th-Started 2nd, Finished 1st!!!!WHAT A NIGHT! Rain washed out the Friday night show so the crew had to wait until
the make up races were run before the 92B could hit the track for the Sunoco Stock Car Race of Champions. Brian drew a 10 in
the poker game and was to start 5th. They had just prepped the track so it was a little heavy, but Brian was still able to use the
low side to move to the front. With about 3 laps to go in the 10 lap event Brian had worked his way up thru traffic and into the
second spot.  The leader had put a lot of space between himself and hte pack, but Brian slowly started to gain ground. Was
within striking distance when the white flag flew but didn't have enough time to do much more. A good warm up for the main
event. Things got off to a rocky start in the A feature, as the cars seemed to have trouble with the 3 wide start...Brian took
advantage of his middle front row position and pulled the field on both the first and second restarts, only to have the race
yellow flagged before they completed a lap. Finally, the pack held it together and the race was underway. Brian took over the
lead on the first lap and pulled away. With 8 laps in the caution flew again, putting the field on his back bumper. Another great
start and Brian was out in the lead once again...a red was thrown halting the race. Back to racing and Brian still was hanging
on to the lead, but this time there were some seroius challenges from the second and third place cars. Brian hung in there
only to start to experience troubles with some ruts which had developed on the track, slowing him down slightly and giving
the second place car a shot at him. With one to go the second place car pulled up beside the 92B and they roared down the
backstraight side by side...entering turn 3 it looked like the lead would be lost, but Brian hung on and pulled away as he exited
the corner to take the double checkers! WHOOOOOHOOOOO! What a deal! :)

September 4th-Brian's draw for the evening had us starting 4th row inside in the first heat of the night.  The track in
notoriously wet and slippery in the first races but we were hoping for the best. Brian took to the high side but didn't find it to
his liking so he dropped down to the low side and started to make his way to the front. A couple laps in a car running in front
of him got sideways in three and four. Brian slammed on the brakes and missed drilling him in the door, only to have the ohter
car straighten out and broad side our car. Brian was able to keep going while the other car went flying off the track drawing a
red flag. When the race resumed Brian went to the low side right away and continued to move to the front. With 3 laps
remaining he took over the lead and never looked back. In the pits the crew discovered that a motor mount was bent and
ripped from the frame. With qualifying for the "Race of Champions" up next the crew scrambled to get the mount welded and
repaired. We had Brian in the car just in time for him to line up for the Qualifier. He was to start 4th row outside and the top
two would qualify for the race on Saturday night. Using the low side once again, Brian moved to the front taking over the lead
and hanging on til the checkered flag flew. Start position will be determined by a "game" of poker on Saturday night. Next up
would be the night's A feature which would qualify the middle 10 cars for Saturday's main feature. Brian had drawn number 7
after winning his heat so that is where he would be starting tonight. When the green flag dropped cars were running two and
three wide vying for a position on the track. Brian hung in the middle and low grooves where he seemed to be hooked up
best. A few laps into the 20 lap race Brian found himself being sandwiched between two cars, smashing in his nosepiece. The
car's handling was not affected however as Brian squirted out and continued on. Back down to the low side he went until he
found himself in second. Once there he went to the high side to make the pass for the lead! With 9 laps remaining Brian had a
lot of laps to go before he could finally relax and celebrate in victory lane! Briaan ran a great race, but we had some luck on
our side as well as our right flat tire was completely flat as he accepted his trophy- a by product of the incident early on in the
race! As a result of his efforts Brian will be starting front row middle in Saturday night's feature! A great night all around! :)

September 3rd- A poor draw had us starting 4th row inside in our heat. Brian knew he'd have his work cut out for him as they
were only taking the top two for the nights A feature. Didn't have much of a chance to do anything as a car spun in front of us
on the first lap. Brian lifted but was spun from behind. The car died and by the time he got it refiired the rest of the pack was
over 1/2 a lap ahead. The race went from green to checker with no yellows so we had to settle for last. Your heat race finish
determines your start spot in the B feature (which was for points only) so Brian had to start 18th. The fastest way around the
track was on the bottom and when he could get down there Brian started to move to the front. A near miss with a spinning car
put us behind slightly but Brian caught up with the others again and picked up a few more spots by the end of the race
finishing 6th. Give it another shot tomorrow night!

Audubon County Speedway, Audubon, IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

**2001 Track Audubon County Speedway Track Champion***

August 31st- Double Features.First Feature- Started 8th, Finished 5th. Interesting track conditions tonight! Little traction to be
found in the first feature and it didn't help that there wasn't a whole lot of racing room. Brian spent the entire race caught up
in 2 and 3 wide traffic, getting jostled from behind as he lifted for the cars in front of him. It certainly was a wild one! A near
miss as he narrowly escaped hitting a spinning car... A frustrating race as he just couldn't break free. The car suffered some
bumps and the crew had to scramble to change a bent ball joint before the heat race. Second Feature- Started 8th, Finished
2nd. The track was rolled in a little better and the place to be was on the high side. Brian flew to the high side on the start and
had taken over the 2nd place position before they had completed a lap. Spent the rest of the race trying to find something on
the bottom so that he could pass the leader. He could pull up beside him in the corners, but just didn't have enough track to
keep the lead coming off. The two raced side by side bumper to bumper for most of the race making for an exciting show for
the fans. Good enough to take home the Track Championship Title as well!

August 25th- Cancelled due to rain.

August 18th-Rained out after the heat races. Double features next week.

August 10th-Started 7th, Finished 2nd!Wow! What a race! The track was interesting. There was some moisture to be found on
the top but the middle and bottom grooves were dry and breaking up. Brian went backwards early on in the race and he found
that passing was going to be very challenging. The slower bottom side left him short coming out of the turns, but he kept
working it and he did manage to pick up some spots. With about 1/2 of the laps completed a yellow was thrown. Brian was
sitting in 6th on the restart, but in two laps he'd used the high side to pass several cars. Four laps were remaining when he
broke free from the pack and set his sights on the lead car who had put some distance between himself and the others. Brian
caught up to the leader with 2 to go. He took some looks low but couldn't make it stick. As the came around to take the white
flag Brian dove into one and two. The cars hopped rear tires and Brian liftedlosing his only chance to take over the top spot.
Definitely one of the more exciting races of the year at Audubon! Congratulations to Tony Ritterbush on his first feature win at
Audubon! :)

August 3rd-Started 5th, Finished 1st! Morning rains made for a wet and somewhat slippery track early on, but by feature time it
was rolled in and fast. Brian spent much of the race running behind the first and second place cars who were battling for
position. He took several looks at the low side but just couldn't find enough to pull off the pass. He did manage to finally take
over second and with about 5 laps remaining he went high to take over the lead. Took home some extra cash for the
Hardcharger award and the King Of the Hill! :)

July 26th- Started 1st, Finished 1st! After scrambling all day to try to get our car back in one piece and something under the
hood it was decided at the last minute that we just weren't going to make it to the race with the Larson car. So the crew went
to work getting the back up car ready to go. We'd never had the Terminator to Audubon this year so we didn't know what we
were looking at, but we were optimistic. It was the Audubon County Fair Special so we had to draw for both our heat and
feature. Brian drew 2nd row inside for the heat and finished first. Luck was on our side for once as he drew the pole for the
feature. Brian had a slight lead in one and two after taking the green only to have the car on the outside pole turn down into
his right rear as he was exiting the corner. Somehow he managed to hang onto things and settle back in to the second place
spot. He went to work on the lead car. It was a little dicey as the track had dried up, but Brian kept at it trying to make a pass on
the bottom stick. Finally he decided to try the high side and he sling shot past the leader on the back stretch. There were
about 6 laps left and all we had to do was hang on til the end. WhoooHoooo! : p

July 13th- Started 7th, Finished 1st! After a week of bad luck we were wondering what Friday the 13th might have in store for
us! Brian had luck on his side however, as he was able to move to the high side and take advantage of some openings in the
traffic early on. When a caution was thrown with about 4 laps in, Brian found himself sitting in third. He then went to work on
the low side and in the next couple laps he had taken over the lead. The yellow flag came out a little later in the race bunching
up the cars again, but Brian managed to keep the 92B out in front until the double checkers flew!

July 6th- Started 4th, Finished 1st! The track was kinda tricky tonight making passing harder than normal Brian took over the
second spot early on and went to work on the lead car right away. He kept trying the low line but there just wasn't enough
there to make the pass stick. He would get beside the other car as they entered the corners but he just couldn't pull him
coming off. With about 5 laps to go Brian decided to take to the high side. There wasn't much room but somehow he managed
to get by on the backstretch and make the pass for the lead. Another solid run for the 92B!

June 29th-Started 6th, Finished 1st! The stock car count was down unfortunately but Brian was there to race and race he did!
He had that car hooked up and he used it to his advantage as he worked his way past the cars in front of him. It took a couple
laps working the low side for him to get around the lead car, but once he got out in front he never looked back! Things were a
little tense for the second half of the race as the car started to smoke a little bit, but fortunately everything held together til
the end! P.S. Thanks to the anonymous fan who gave Brian the $50.00 gift certificate. Very much appreciated! :)

June 22nd- Double Features, Double Wins! Luck was definitely on our side tonight as we somehow managed to survive our
second round of double features this week. Brian's start spot improved due to a couple scratches in the first A Main which
had him starting in the third row outside. He went high early on but as the other cars got strung out he had to go to work on
the low side.  Being the second race out on the track the racing surface was a little more greasy than normal for feature time,
but somehow Brian managed to make the car hook up on the bottom. He took over the lead with about 1/2 of the laps
completed and never looked back. The racing surface had dried up considerably for the second feature which was the
MidSeason Championship race. Once again luck was on our side as we moved from our original start spot of 7th to the second
row inside. The bottom was very slick, but Brian found that was the only way to make a pass. Took a couple laps but he
managed to make it around the car in front of him and into the lead.  With several cautions and nervewracking restarts this
was a long race, but Brian maintained his cool to take home another win! A great night of racing for Team 92B! :)

June 19th- See Results under Best of the Midwest.

June 15th-Rained out after the heat races. Double Features next week.

June8th- Started 9th finished 2nd. The track was really heavy for tonight's feature event and traffic was brutal! Brian spent
almost the entire time at the back of the pack trying to figure out a way to manuever around 2 and 3 wide traffic. As things
would get bunched up he would have to get on the binders only to get drilled from behind! This happened 4 times and each
time Brian would lose several positions as he would try to gather up his car. We spent more time going backwards than we did
going forward! We were still stuck in 7th place with 5 laps to go, but Brian finally had a chance to do some passing and pass he
did! With 3 to go we had finally had some open track in front of us. The first and second place car were battling it out about a
straightaway ahead, but by the end of the race Brian had caught up to them. His only chance to pass came in turn 4 as he went
high- the cars finished 3 wide with Brian taking home second by about a bumper! An exciting race for the fans! Need to do
some work to our rear bumper, but glad to bring the car home in one piece after this one! Congratulations to Marshall Allen on
his first Stock Car win! :)

June 1st- Rained out.

May 25th- Rained out.

May 18th- Started 9th, Finished 2nd. It was another night of nailbiting action at the Audubon Speedway. For most of the race it
looked like we weren't going to be able to pass anyone! Cars were racing side by side in front of the Brian and there just
wasn't anywhere for him to go. About half way through a yellow was thrown and we found ourselves sitting in fourth on the
restart. Brian spent several laps passing the cars running in third and second and he finally had some open track in front of
him to work with! Problem was there were only three laps left and the leader was well ahead of him. Brian chose his line and
had the lead car in his sights as the white flag was waving. Coming out of turn four he dropped to the low side and made her
stick. The two cars took the checkers side by side in a photo finish.  There was a minute or so while the officials debated who
actually crossed the line first, but in the end Hot Rod Richards took home the hardware. One exciting finish that's for sure!!
Congratulations to Hot Rod on his first IMCA Stock Car Feature win! :)

May 11th- Started 7th finished 4th. The numbers definitely don't tell the story tonight! The track was really heavy making for
some heart stopping side by side racing. As the cars raced three wide in front of him Brian went backwards on the start. Once
things settled down a bit he went to work and work he did! Each pass took several laps to set up, and it didn't help that the
cars were bunched up for quite some time. With about 5 to go Brian was sitting in fourth trying to figure out a way around the
third place car. They caught up to the first and second place car just as the leaders were approaching a lap car on the low
side. The cars bunched up and they just about wrecked but somehow they all held it together. Once Brian got his car collected
the leader was well out in front. He gave it all he got, but missed third by about an inch! An exciting race! Just happy to bring
her home in one piece! Congratulations to Trent Partridge on his first ever Stock Car Feature Win!! :)

May 4- Rained out.  

April 27th - Started 2nd, Finished 1st! Dejavu from the season opener last year! Had a terrible draw for the heat race, which put
us to the tail .  Brian went to the low side right away and pulled out a second place finish. On the redraw luck was on our side
as he drew the number 2 chip. At feature time the dry track had one fast groove on the low side. Brian was hung out to dry as
he was in the marbles on the start. When the dust settled he pulled down to the low side and went to work on the lead car. He
was all over the other cars bumper, but just could not find enough room to get around him safely. The two cars had pulled
away from the pack, but Brian just couldn't make a pass stick. With about five laps to go the lead car broke a front hub and had
to retire from the race, handing over the lead to the 92B. From there on out Brian just had to hang on til the end. A great way
to start off the season at Audubon! :)

April 20- Canceled.


Buena Vista County Speedway, Alta, IA
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)

**2001 BVR Track Champion**
08/29/01- Started 10th, Finished 1st!! After last weeks bad luck we were hoping that things would go a little better for tonight.  
With a slim 3 point lead for the track title, Brian knew he had to run a strong race or the title would be lost. The track was tacky
but wide, allowing for some fast side by side racing. Early on in the feature Brian was able to find some openings in the traffic
as he started towards the front. He was making a great move for the lead on the third lap, only to have the caution come out.
Once the green flag flew, Brian dropped to the low side and cleared both the first and second place cars before they
completed a circuit. From that point forward it was a matter of hanging on to the lead until the checkers flew. A great way to
end the season. On a sad note, we'd like to express our sympathies to the family of Thayer Patterson and to also dedicate this
win in his memory. Thayer will be deeply missed.

08/22/01- DNS. The car looked good in the heat as Brian worked the high side to move his way to the front and take the win.
Had the car in the line up chute, but when it came time for the cars to pull out on the track the 92B's engine died.  Brian got it
refired only to have it sputter and die again. . Despite all their efforts the crew couldn't figure out what the problem was and
we didn't make it out on the track. Worked on the car for the rest of the night and for a long time after the feature was over but
still have not determined what the problem is. A big thanks to the 22R crew for their effort. Season Championship next
week..stayed tuned!

08/15/01- Cancelled due to rain.

08/08/01-Started 9th, Finished 3rd. A wild night out on the track. The racing surface was heavy once again and the racing action
was a little rough. Brian found himself stuck in traffic early on. He would look low and then high only to have the door shut on
him. He was finally making some forward progress and had just made the pass for third when a car running behind him drilled
him coming out of four pushing him sideways down the front chute. A car trying to get through hit our front end, straightening
the car out, but it also bent the front frame horns and shoved the steering box over making it very difficult for Brian to steer
the car. He somehow managed to keep going without bringing out the caution, but he'd lost a lot of ground. However, once he
figured out how to work around the steering difficulties he started to pass cars. With 4 to go he was back up to fourth with the
third and second place cars well out ahead of him. He drove the wheels off that car and caught up to them with two to go. On
the white flag lap he gave it all he had and the three cars crossed the line side by side with Brian finishing in 3rd. Going to
have to get the frame straightened and the steering fixed, but were happy to pull off such a great finish considering the

08/01/01- Rained out.

07/25/01-Started 10th, Finished 3rd. An interesting night at the races. The track was tacky and one groove. Early on in the race
another car ran over our left front tire on the back stretch bending the spindle and ripping off our front fender. Brian hung in
there though only to have the same car get sideways in front of him and practically come to a stop before entering turn one.
Brian got on the binders but had nowhere to go and hit the car's bumper which caused our car to spin out. Brian went to the
tail on the restart.  Each car in front of him was challenge to pass as there was no low side. He was up to 6th with a few laps to
go when the 3rd and 4th place cars got together causing one of them to spin out. Both cars got going again so the yellow
didn't come out and Brian came out of the deal in 3rd. Finally having some open track the 92B made up ground quickly and as
the white flag flew he had his sights on the second place car. He tried to make a pass up high in three and four but ran out of
room. A good finish considering the condition of the car. Oh yeah, we were claimed by the number 78 Jeff "Gotcha Again (and
Again and Again)" Anderson.

07/11/01- Started 10th, Finished 15th (DNF) The car looked hooked up as Brian had worked his way up to third with only 3 laps
in the books. Wasn't in the cards tonight though as the motor let go down the front straight sending Brian flying off turn one.
Looked like he might roll, but fortunately the car stayed on it's wheels.

07/04/01-Started 10th, Finished 1st! The track was heavier than it has been and for much of the night the place to be was on
the high side. Fortunately by feature time there was some racing room to be found on the bottom as well which made for some
exciting side by side racing. Brian lost some ground in the first couple laps, and it didn't look good as he was boxed in by cars
in front of him who were running side by side. Didn't take long though for him to start making some forward progress as he
used the high, middle and low groove to pick up positoins. With 9 to go Brian made the pass for the lead coming out of turn 4.
With a couple laps to remaining he did have to deal with some lap traffic, but he made it through safely to take home the
double checkers!

06/26/01- Started 9th, Finished 1st! The low side was where it was at for the 92B tonight! Brian found some openings early on
and with a couple laps in the books he made a great move diving down low in three and four passing several cars which were
running on the high side. The car was really hooked up and in the next couple laps he had manuevered his way into the lead.
From that point on the all he had to do was hang on to take home the win! Claimed by the #10 of Ron Jensen.

06/20/01- First Feature- Started 8th, Finished 2nd. The make-up Stock Car feature was the first event of the evening, and the
track was super tacky as a result. The high side seemed to be the place to be so Brian dropped down and started working on
passing some cars. With about 7 laps left he had taken over second place. The lead car was out in front by about a
straightaway, but back up on the highside Brian was able to make up some ground. Coming around for the checkered flag
Brian dove down low coming out of four...the two cars came across the line side by side. Missed the win by about a foot!
Second Feature- Started 8th, Finished 1st!!! The second feature got off to a bumpy start as the cars remained bottled up for
several laps. Brian tried the high side but couldn't find an opening. He then made an awesome move on the low side in three
and four passing 4 cars at once! This put him in the second spot. A yellow was thrown soon after setting up a dual for the lead.
Brian got the lead on the low side and then moved up high...a little too high as he relinquished the lead. He got it back in one
and two only to lose it again in four! Another caution and we were back to second place. This time Brian decided to try to pass
on the high side in one and two and he pulled off the lead on the back stretch. He hung onto it this time and after surviving
another restart he went on the take home the double checkers! A good night of racing! :)

06/13/01- Unlucky 13th! Rained out after the Hobby Feature. Double features in Stocks and Mods next week.

06/06/01-First Feature- Started 9th, Finished 2nd. An interesting race. Brian had some trouble getting through traffic but with
about 1/2 the laps in he took over the second place position. Just one problem though, as he was making the pass the car he
was getting around kicked out a little and cut down our left front tire. It took awhile for Brian to figure out how to drive his
disabled car, all the while concerned that the tire would roll off and put him out of the race. Somehow he managed to actually
pull away from the pack and by the time the race was over he had cut the distance between himself and the leader in half!
Second Feature- Started 8th, Finished 1st!!! Things defintely went better for the 92B in the second A Main event of the night.
Brian used every groove on the track to pick his way through traffic and with 11 laps left to go he took over the lead. From
there on out it was a matter of hanging on til the end of the race. A great way to end a long evening! :)

05/30/01-Rained out after the heat races. Double Features next week.

05/23/01- Rained out.

05/16/01- Started 9th, Finished 2nd. What a night! Brian got off to a great start early in the feature and with about 3 laps in he
was already working on the third spot. Coming out of four he was hit in the left rear quarter panel and just about spun. He got
things gathered up again only to have a car get sideways in front of him in turns one and two! With nowhere to go the 92B
spun into the grass. The yellow was thrown and Brian went back to the tail of the pack. He went back to work using the low
side slowly making his way through traffic. With about half of the laps in he found himself in second with his sights on the lead
car. Brian caught up to him, but unfortunately the leader was running the low side too leaving little room for a pass. Brian sure
tried though! He got so low on one lap that he ran into a tractor tire tearing our nosepiece in two and ripping our fender off! It
was close at the end, but came up a little short. An exciting race! The car sure took a beating though- big ole dent on the left
rear quarter panel from the incident early on. Oh well, guess we couldn't expect the car to stay dent free forever!

05/09/01-Started 6th, Finished 1st! After driving through wind, rain and hail to get to the track, by some miracle Alta was spared
the adverse weather and managed to get a full night of racing in. Brian drew the pole for his heat and maintained the lead
throughout. In the feature Brian went to work early on, running both the high side and the low side to manuever around the
cars in front of him. With 3 laps in he made a diving move in the middle of turns three and four to come out in the lead. From
there on it was just holding on til the end. The new Larson Chassis has never been out on the track at Alta, but it seemed to
handle very well and Brian was able to put quite a distance between himself and the other cars. Things did get tense however
as the motor began to overheat about mid way through the race. By the time the checkers flew the temperature gauge was
buried, but everything held together enabling Brian to take home the feature win! Except for the fact that we may have fried
the motor, it was a great night of racing!

05/02/01- Canceled due to rain.


Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)

**Season Opener April 28th**
September 23rd- Tiny Lund Memorial- Started 4th, Finished 17th. We started 6th in our heat, which was only to be 6 laps long
so Brian knew he had to get going early. He passed a couple cars high before he settled into the low groove where he passed
several more cars. With a couple laps left he was in second with the lead car out in front by quite a ways. Continuing to use
the bottom Brian had closed the gap in half at the white flag and took over the lead coming out of four. The redraw had us
starting in 4th in the night's feature event. Brian had a great start in the A feature and had gained the lead coming out of four,
only to have the yellow thrown. When the green was dropped for the second time Brian watched the two cars on the inside of
him take off as he worked on passing the outside pole sitter. Having secured third Brian caught up to the front runners who
he followed for several laps. With 1/2 a dozen laps Brian took a look inside in three and four, only to have the car running in
second drop down.  Brian had his left tires on the grass but he still wasn't able to avoid getting hit by the other
car...subsequently our right front tire was cut. No yellow was thrown and we went down a couple laps changing the tire. Brian
reentered the race and passed several cars, but with no other cautions we had no chance at regaining any laps. Scored 17th.
A disappointing end to the season at Harlan. A big congratulations to Keith Knop on his feature win! :)

September 1- Started 8th, Finished 3rd. The Full Moon's effects were shining through tonight! Early in the race Brian was
running in the middle of the track coming out of turn four when the car on the high side came down into his line and another
car coming off the corner came in and whacked us in the left rear tire flattening it. Not yet sure of what damage he had, Brian
kept going only to have the same car broadside him in turns one and two and then take us around! The caution came out and
the crew was able to get the tire changed in record time to get Brian back out on the track before the race continued. From
the back of the pack Brian worked his way up through traffic only to have his march forward stalled out when another car spun
in front of him. Brian took the low road, dodging a tractor tire as he cut through the grass and reentered the track. Took a
couple laps but he caught up to the third, fourth and fifth place cars as they were battling for position. Brian and the cars took
turns mixing it up and trading off positions as they raced around the track two and three wide. It was a wild last couple laps
with Brian managing to take over the 3rd place spot as they crossed the finish line. Finished second in the track point
standings. Just glad to have this one over!

August 25th- Started 8th, Finished 10th. The racing surface was heavy once again, and it looked like it would play out to be a
tough night to pass. Brian was slated to start 8th in the feature but several cars were caught off guard by the green to checker
hobby stock feature and were put to the back for being late to the staging area. Brian was moved up two rows as a result. It
took several laps but he did manage to take over the lead position. As the laps wound down the car in second began to eat
away at our lead. As they came around to take the white flag the second place car was about a car length behind. Still
maintaining the lead, Brian entered turn one only to have the other car come in and broadside him causing our car to take a
sharp right hand turn directly into the guard rail. Brian got going again but had lost several positions and a possible win. A
disappointing finish for the evening's efforts.

August 19th- Started 8th, Finished 7th. The track was heavy from last night's rains and the fast groove was on the high side. It
was a little tense in the early going as the cars were running 3 and 4 wide. At one point it looked like Brian was going to be in
the front straight wall when another car squeezed in between him and two other cars, but he managed to hang on as he
brushed the wall.. As things got spread out a little Brian found himself runinng in the third spot. Brian kept trying the low side,
but the second place car had the same idea so spent several laps just waiting for an opening. He did finally find some room on
the low side and in one and two he would pull up beside the two lead cars but he just couldn't get enough off the corner to
clear them. They did this for several laps until Brian finally was able to get around the second place car. He kept working the
low side pulling up on the leader. He'd come out with a slight lead on the back stretch, but couldn't get enough coming out of
four. As they were coming around for the white flag Brian tried to go into 3 and 4 high and then cut down to so as to get a little
more momentum. Only problem is that he ended up clipping the big tractor tire on the inside of the track, almost spinning out!
He kept going but lost several positions and any chance at the win. We did have the opportunity to claim back our motor from
the 78 so the night wasn't a total loss. :)

August 11th- Started 8th, Finished 1st! We knew early on that the track was going to be dry for the feature. The race got off to a
rough start as the field was heading down the backstretch on the first lap. Brian was running on the inside of another car
when a third car came up underneath us and was tapped from behind sending him right over the front end of our car and off
the track. Brian was pushed up and into the car he was running beside which sent that car off the track. Fortunately everyone
was ok and except for some new dents our car wasn't noticeably damaged. The cars lined up side by side for the restart.
Things went a little better the second time around and Brian was able to take advantage of the his start spot on the high side
as he started to make some progress to the front. The fastest groove was at the very top of the track and Brian found some
room up there as he passed one car after the other. With 12 laps left to go he had taken over the lead spot. The second place
car was close enough to take advantage if Brian should bobble, but he ran a smooth line and made few mistakes. Got a little
tense as the yellow came out on the last lap setting up a green, white checker run, but Brian had a good start and held onto
the lead til the end!

Aug 4th- Started 8th, Finished 2nd! The cars were bunched up for quite a few laps making for some exciting 3 wide racing.
Brian hung in there and eventually found some openings big enough for him to get through. The lead car had put some
distance between himself and the pack, but once he was in second place and had some open track Brian was able to reel him
in. Catching him was one thing, but passing him was a different matter. The groove was on the high side, so Brian started
taking some looks inside.  In the meantime, the third place car had caught up to the pair and was looking for a way around as
well. Brian pulled down inside but had to lift just a little in order to not get into the lead car which was all the third place car
needed. He passed both cars for the lead leaving Brian in third. The three of them ran door to door and bumper to bumper for
quite awhile, but the lead car started to pull away. Brian finally made a pass stick and had to work on catching up to the leader.
He did manage to make up the ground but ran out of laps before he could take a serious look at making a pass. An exciting

July 28th- Started 8th, Finished 1st!! It was wild out on the track early in the race as cars were running 2 and 3 wide. Brian
made some progress toward the front in the first couple laps only to have things get bottled up again. He tried every line on
the track and did pick up a few more spots and was sitting in 4th before the first caution was thrown. When the race resumed
he went to the low side and slowly started to make his way towards the front. With 8 laps to go he took over the lead position.
A few laps later the second place car made his presence known as he dogged Brian through the corners. On the white flag lap
Brian found a little breathing room as he went on to take the double checkers!

July 21st- Started 7th, Finished 2nd. Traffic was thick early on as cars were jockeying for postion. Brian was stuck at the rear of
the pack for a couple laps, but he finally had some openings and started to make his move on the low side. He finally found
some open track when he took over the second place position. As he gained on the leader he knew he'd have to take the high
side to make his pass as the other car was tucked in low. As he pulled outside the leader left an opening on the bottom which
gave the third place car the perfect chance to pass. The three way battle ended with Brian coming out in second as the third
place car took over the lead. The race continued with Brian running the high side and the other car sticking to the low.  The
two cars raced side by side for several laps with Brian having the advantage at the flag stand. As the laps wound down the
other car started to move up the track a little, but Brian still had room up on the high side. At one point he dropped back a few
car lengths, but he was able to regain his momentum and join the battle once again. As they took the white flag Brian knew he
only had one chance. Going into turn 3 and 4 the other car moved up the track even further crowding Brian so that he only
had one option- lift or hit the wall. Missed the win by a car length! An exciting race!

July 14th- Started 7th, Finished 1st! The track was smooth and dry tonight. Looked like the fast groove would be on the high
side and we were a little concerned about our inside row starting spot. Brian was able to make the low side work for him
however as he moved his way up through the pack. A couple times he used the low, low side as he and the others car raced 3
wide down the track! Took over the top spot with 12 to go but we still couldn't breathe easy. The second place car put on quite
a challenge running the high side. They raced side by side for about 3 laps swapping back and forth with the lead, but Brian
finally got things smoothed out and was able to pull away. A caution was thrown with half of the laps in bunching the cars up
again. Brian was able to get a good start and he then moved to the high side. Seemed to be the right decision as he went on
the take home the win!

July 7th- Started 6th, Finished 1st! The racing surface was challenging tonight- tacky for the most part, but dry in some areas.
Brian found traffic heavy early on as he tried to make his way to the front. At one point he and three other cars were side by
side down the back chute.  Brian managed to hang on and come out on top of that battle but he still had the lead car to work
on. It took several laps, but he did finally make a pass on the high side. There were lots of laps left and as the race wound
down he was being careful and making sure he kept the car under him. In the meantime the second place car was steadily
closing in.  We still had about a 3 to 4 car length lead when the white flag was thrown, but before he could get out of turn 2 the
only yellow of the race came out. This would set up a nervewracking restart with the entire field on our bumper. Brian did a
great job on the start and managed to pull away from the other cars. He hung on to the lead for the next couple laps to take
home the victory!

June 30th- Started 8th, Finished 1st!! What an up and down night! Our oil leak resurfaced on the last lap of the heat race and
the team had to scramble to find a way to plug it up before the feature event or risk being black flagged.  They were running a
King of the Hill and unfortunately we were not able to participate because the necessary repairs had not yet been completed.
With fingers crossed we sent the 92B down to the line up shoot hoping that things would hold together for the 15 lap feature.
Brian got stuck on the low side early on but once he had a chance he moved up to the high side.  The cars were racing 2 and 3
wide throughout the field. Brian had just advanced up to the 4th place spot when a caution came out...back we went to 6th.
After taking the green flag he regained a couple positions only to have another yellow thrown! Back to 6th we went again!
Finally the cars were able to get a lap in and Brian used the middle and low lines to pass the cars in front of him. With 9 laps
remaining he popped out into the lead and never looked back! What can we say? The car is just really hooked up and luck
seems to have been on our side lately! WhooooHooo! :)

June 23rd- Started 8th, Finished 1st!!!  Finally able to take home a feature win at Harlan! The track was super dry and the
groove was on the bottom at feature time. Brian looked at the middle and the high side, but he was glued to the low side as he
moved to the front of the field. With a little under 1/2 of the laps complete he took over the top spot. A couple yellows made
things interesting, but he was able to hold on to take home the victory! A great way to end a long week!

June 16th- Started 8th, Finished 4th. Early on in the feature you could throw a blanket over the top 10 cars as they were racing
side by side, sometimes three wide! Brian went high and low trying to find some racing room but none was to be found. Things
did finally get strung out about midway through the race and Brian was able to pick off some cars on the low side.  As the laps
wound down the difference between the fast groove on the high side and the slower low side really began to show, but Brian
had to go low if he was going to pass. He worked and worked but just could not get around the 3rd place car. A somewhat
frustrating night, but happy to have the car in one piece!

June 9th- Started 9th, Finished 6th. A really rough night! On the first lap of the feature a car running in front of Brian got
sideways in turns 3 and 4, as Brian let off the gas car behind him rearended us and we drilled the other car. Brian brought the
car around to pit road with two flats. The right front aframe, ball joint, etc were all crumpled along with the fenders and nose
piece. The crew got him back out on the track where he started dead last. Somehow he managed to steer the crippled car
around the track and was even able to pass several cars on the low side. By the time the checked flag flew Brian had worked
his way up to a respectable 6th place. Lots of work to do to get the car back together and unfortunately the sheetmetal will
never look the same!

June 2nd- Started 8th, Finished 2nd. Traffic was thick early on and Brian had to wait til things settled down a bit before he
could start working his way thru traffic. Of course we went backwards before he could start moving ahead! Brian patiently
picked his way through traffic using the low side to his advantage.  He popped into the second place position with 3 laps to
go, but despite making up some ground he never had a chance to make any type of challenge for the first place car. What can
we say? We're on a real roll here with the second place finishes! :)

May 26th- Started 8th, Finished 2nd. Things didn't look good early on as Brian was stuck on the high side and a train of cars
streamed by down low. We'd lost several positions and were second to last once he had the chance to get down on the race
track. Boxed in for several laps things did finally start to open up a little and Brian started to pass cars. It was slow going and
when a yellow was thrown with 9 to go we found ourselves in 6th. With the cars strung out after the restart Brian was able to
use the low side to move forward and with 7 laps to go we'd taken over the second spot and had set our sights on the lead
car. The yellow was thrown once again and Brian had his best shot yet at taking over the lead. He went high in turns one and
two but the lead car moved up and they jumped tires. The next time around Brian tried the low side and he made it stick and as
the crossed the finish line we were in the lead by a hair. But it wasn't over by a long shot. When the white flag was thrown
Brian had a slight lead at the flag stand, but he knew that the car on the high side would have the momentum coming out of
four on the last lap so he tried to move up a on the track a little in three and four- only problem was there was a big rut which
threw the car sideways and it was all Brian could do to keep from spinning out and to hang onto second.. Definitely one of the
more exciting races of the season!

May 19th- Started 7th, Finished 4th. The night's racing was a repeat of the last few campaigns out on to the race track. Seems
nearly impossible to get through traffic lately! Didn't help that Brian went backwards on the start and once he got back in line
he was second to last. He went to work and made some progress on the low side. Spent most of the race trapped behind two
cars running side by side. Brian would look high then low but there was nowhere to go. Eventually he did catch a break and he
and another car caught up to the leaders.  They finished bumper to bumper and side by side and we came out in fourth. A real
crowd pleaser!

May 12th- Started 9th, Scored 4th. Having received some rain today the racing surface was heavy and rutted up. Brian had
some bad luck while drawing for position, as he found himself towards the back in both the heat and the feature. The A Main
was somewhat frustrating as we spent the majority of the night fighting with the ruts and being boxed in by cars racing side by
side in front of us. Brian was patient however and he did find something on the bottom which allowed him to find some
openings and do some passing, but he really had to work for each position. With two laps remaining he broke free from the
pack and started to make some ground up on the lead cars. Ran out of time and finished fifth. We were given the fourth place
position when the third place car opted not to pull his carb and withdraw from the race.

May 6- Rained out.

April 28th- Rained out.


Midwest Motorsports "Best of the Midwest Series"

08/16/01- Tri-State Speedway, Luxemburg, WI. Rained out postponed til 8/17/01. Well, what a disappointment. We were a few
hours from the track when we found out that the races were rained out and postponed. Since we can't be in two places at
once, had to make a decision as to whether we would give up our points standing at Audubon or give up any chance of
winning the Winner Series. Going into this last race we were one point out of the lead in the series. Decided to turn around
and come home to race in Audubon. What a disappointing way to end the Series after traveling so many nights and having
such a good run going....

08/14/01-Iowa State Speedway, Des Moines, Ia. Started 18th, Finished 5th. One Wild Night! Didn't get off to a good start in our
heat race as Brian found his second row outside starting spot to be a not so good deal! The driver on the outside pole missed
a gear or something and Brian found himself going backwards fast as he was pinned in! Got going again and made up some
ground only to be tapped from behind and knocked out of shape, once again losing several positions. Caught up again only to
be knocked back once more! Finally had a run without any mishaps and managed to get back up to 10th. Unfortuately we
needed fourth to transfer to the A so we were going to have to run the B feature. Brian took advantage of his outside pole
starting spot in the B feature and went on to take the win. Due to rain threatening they were running the program rather
quickly and actually were asking the cars to get lined up before they had posted the line up! After giving the car a quick look
over Brian jumped back in and hurried out to the track almost missing the green flag! Not knowing exactly where he should
line up he settled in at the 18th spot and that was where he was when the race started (later we found we should have started
17th!). The first 17 laps of the feature went green and during that time Brian was patiently using the low side to pass cars.
When the first caution of the night was thrown he was up to 7th. He spent the last 8 laps working the low side and did manage
to pick up a couple more spots. He and the fourth place car had a photo finish at the flag stand, with Brian being scored 5th. A
great run!  Next stop Luxemburg, WI. We will be leaving directly from Alta so will not be doing an update tomorrow night.

08/09/01-Hancock Co Speedway, Britt, Ia. Started 2nd, Finished 2nd! Brian had another night of lucky draws as he drew the
second row inside in his heat. The track at Britt is normally very tacky, but tonight it was already dry in the heats making
manuevering a little tricky at times. This didn't slow Brian down too much as he took the win in his heat. His luck continued
when he drew the outside pole in the evening's feature. With the Series points leader on the pole we knew it'd be a tough
race. Brian settled into second early on, but he never had the chance to make a serious challenge for the top spot as the
leader checked out early. Brian tried several lines in an effort to figure out what would be the best way through the corners.
He never did quite feel comfortable with the car's handling, but despite this he was able to put quite a bit of distance between
himself and the other cars in the 25 lap caution-free event. A good run at a track that has not always been too kind to the 92B

07/19/01-Buena Vista Raceway, Alta, Ia.Started 8th, Finished 3rd! Brian drew the 8th spot in the first stock car heat. The humid
weather had the track very heavy and tacky which made passing difficult. Brian managed to work his way up to third by the end
of the heat, which would allow him to redraw for his position in the feature. Again a not so good draw had him starting in 8th
for the 25 lap main event. The cars were bunched up early on, and Brian found himself stuck in traffic with nowhwere to go.  As
things settled down and the cars got a little strung out he started making some progress toward the front. He finally managed
to pull off the pass for third place, but by then the two lead cars had put a lot of distance on the rest of the field. Brian took to
the high side and was just about caught up to them when the only caution of the night was thrown. After the restart Brian hung
with the leaders for quite awhile, but then the car started to develop a push in the corners. Brian tried to make some
adjustments and by the end of the race he was gaining on the leaders once again, but it just wasn't enough as he came up
about 5 car lengths short at the finish line. A solid top four finish in a race that hasn't always been kind to us!

07/17/01-Shelby County Speedway, Harlan, IA- Rained out before heat races were run. Rescheduled for 8/7/01.

07/10/01-Arlington Speedway, Arlington, MN- Started 3rd, Finished 12th. Arlington has not been kind to the 92B team in the
past. Looked like our luck might have turned for the better as Brian finished a strong second in his heat and drew a good start
spot. In the feature the inside row had a great start and Brian hung onto his 3rd place position. A couple laps in he started
checking out the low side as he worked on passing the second place car. It took him several laps but he did finally get a good
run and make the pass stick. Had a little bit too much momemtum though as he entered turn 4 and got a little sideways. He
managed to hang on to it but was passed by two cars. It took a few laps but he did finally regain the second spot. The leader
was well out in front and as the laps wound down Brian pulled away from the second place car but he wasn't gaining much on
the leader. The yellow-free race had the cars strung out and Brian and the leader started encountering lap traffic. Brian had
been running in the middle the track but he went high to pass the lap cars, while up there he found that the high side seemed
to be a little faster and he thought moving up the track might help him gain on the leader. Unfortunately, the Arlington curse
reared it's ugly head as Brian got out into the loose stuff on the front stretch losing control of his car and sending him straight
off turn 1! He kept going rentering the track on the back stretch but had dropped to 12th and with only one lap to go he didn't
have a chance to regain any ground. Just about made it without driving off the track!

06/19/01- Audubon Speedway- Started 6th, Finished 1st!!!! What a night of racing! After finishing 2nd in his heat race, Brian
redrew and would start 3rd row outside in the feature event. The cars were bunched up early on but once things settled down
a little he went to work on the low side. It was a long race, but with about 1/2 a dozen laps in Brian was sitting in the second
spot. He worked and worked and worked on the lead car making several attempts to pass him on the low side but he just
couldn't get enough momentum to get out in the front. I n the meantime another car joined the mix and he and Brian were
going back and forth swapping for the second place spot. A yellow was thrown when the other second place contender lost
his motor so we now had the pack on our heels. Things were tense as Brian and another car battled for second and for the
lead- at one point the three lead cars were running three wide through the corners! Brian fell back to third when he and the
lead car were passed. A late race caution set up a 6 lap dash to the finish line. On the restart Brian went high and took over
the second place position coming out of turn 2. He then caught up the lead car the next lap by and passed him on the high
side as well. From that point forward it was just a case of hanging on to the lead! We crossed the finish line about 4 car
lengths ahead of the second place car to take home our first ever "Best of the Midwest" feature win!  WhooooHoooo! :)

06/12/01- Arlington Speedway, Arlington, MN. Rained out after the hobby stock heats! Long drive for nothing! Tentatively
rescheduled for July 10th.

06/05/01- Audubon Speedway- Rained out. Postponed until June 19th.

05/28/01 Boone Speedway, Boone, IA Started 2nd, Finished 2nd! For once Brian was had some great luck drawing for position.
Started on the pole in our heat. Brian ran the high side and managed to pull off the win in his qualifier. This put him second in
line for drawing for position in the feature. The first person to draw took the pole, but we got the next best position when
Brian drew the number 2! At the start of the race Brian hung on on the high side and once things opened up he dropped down
low and into the lead. There was a heckuva hole in turns one and two which had our car bouncing all over the place and made
for some tricky driving. But Brian did a good job and managed to hang onto the lead for several laps when another car got
around him. Fortuately the yellow was thrown and we were put back in the lead. Brian did all he could to hang onto the low
side but about half way through he gave up enough room on the track to allow the second place car enough space to make a
pass stick. The third place car did have a couple opportunities to try to get around us but in each case Brian managed to pull
away. Towards the end of the race the lead cars had some lap traffic to deal with which made things a little tense, but also
allowed us to reel in on the leader ever so slightly. Unfortunately we just didn't have enough to make a serious challenge as
we took home the runner up spot. We were pretty excited to have such a high finish at a track that has not always been too
kind to us! A great way to finish off the holiday weekend!

05/01/01 Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA. Started 6th, Finished 3rd. The skies were threatening the entire evening, but the rain
held off for the second Series race of the Season. Brian had a poor draw in his heat, but managed to move from his back row
starting spot to qualify through a fourth place finish. The track had dried up by feature time and the groove seemed to be on
the high side. Brian made some good moves early on putting him in third place. He went unchallenged for much of the race.
However, things got a little dicey with a few laps to go as the leaders had to contend with a pack of cars who were being put a
lap down. This gave Brian the opportunity to catch up to the leaders, but it also just about finished our night! The second
place car was directly in front of the 92B when they suffered a flat tire. As they were trying to get out of the way Brian was cut
off and clipped from behind. Before Brian could get the car straightened out two cars had passed him. He managed to catch
the third place car and nip him at the finish line. Made for some very exciting racing and except for a new dent on the driver's
side door the car came out ok. (We ran the Havlik car)  

3/29/01 Beatrice Speedway, Beatrice, NE- Started 3rd, Finished 12th. A last minute decision had the 92B crew on the road and
heading to Beatrice, NE early on this Saturday. The car was sporting new sheetmetal and paint, but had not yet made the trip to
get lettered. The day got off to a good start when Brian drew the pole in his heat. Despite the rough track conditions and not
quite being comfortable on the new track, he managed to take home the win in his qualifier. Luck was still on his side when he
drew 3rd for that evenings feature event, however that was where our good luck ended. Two laps into the race the right front
wheel filled up with mud. Between this and the rough track conditions Brian had his hands full. The first yellow found him in
fourth position...when they went back green, he went into turn 1 a little too hard, hit the dreaded ruts and the car veered into
the infield landing up against a cement barrier. Fortunately he got things going again and took his place at the back of the
pack. Several other cars were having problems as well, and we narrowly missed several spinning cars... until the last lap when
the car directly in front of us spun and with nowhere to go Brian hit him at full tilt. The car suffered some serious sheetmetal
damage. We are in the process of making repairs and it should look good as new for the Season openers!


Other Tracks

09/29/01-Jackson Speedway, Jackson, MN
- Started 6th, Finished 4th. Not ready to hang up the helmet yet, Brian decided to go
to Jackson for their Fall Nationals Special. We'd been to Jackson several years ago with not so good results, so Brian thought
he'd go back and see if he could figure the track out. A good draw had the 92B starting 3rd in his heat. Unfortunately due to
the track conditions there was a definite disadvantage to being on the low side. Brian had a good start on the low side, but he
just didn't have enough to take over the lead so when he settled in on the high side he was in second. Brian had the car
hooked up, inches from the leaders bumper for the rest of the race.  He did make a couple attempts to pass on the low side,
pulling up beside the leader in the middle of the corner but there was no way to pull him coming off. The feature was lined up
based on passing points and we would be starting in 6th for the night's A Main. The advantage was still up high. On the first
circuit, after all the cars settled in Brian found himself sitting in fourth which is where he remained for the rest of the night. He
and the top 3 cars pulled away from the pack but their running order never changed. Brian made some serious challenges on
the third place car, going in high and cutting down low, but he just find enough track on the low side to mke a pass stick. The
top four cars finished as they started, bumper to bumper.

08/26/01-Stuart Speedway- Started 4th, Finished 1st! An uneventful night. After finishing 3rd in his heat Brian and crew made
some adjustments to the car hoping that they could get it dialed in a little better. The groove was on the high side and the car
seemed to be working better than it had in the heat. Brian settled into third early when a yellow was thrown. On the restart he
was able to pass the two cars in front of him on the low side as they were battling for position. From there on all he had to do
was hang on to it til the end of the race! A nice run!

8/19/01-Stuart Speedway- Started 3rd, Finished 5th. The crew decided to try out a new set up tonight and unfortunately it
caused the car to be too loose coming off the corners. Early on he went to the low side but wasn't gaining anything so he
moved up to the high side but couldn't find an opening, so he dropped back down to the low side only to go backwards! Back
to the drawing board on the set up! If we keep working at it maybe we'll get this figured out!

08/05/01-Stuart Speedway- Started 4th, DNF. As they dropped the green flag in the feature Brian hit the gas only to drop a
cylinder. He kept going and managed to settle into the third place position. The lead cars had to deal with some lap traffic
which made things interesting, and with his lame motor Brian found that going to the low side was too much of a momentum
killer for him so any serious challenge was out of the question.  With about half of the laps in a yellow was thrown. The motor
started to overheat so Brian decided to do the safe thing and call it a night. Post race inspection showed that we had a broken
rocker arm stud.

06/03/01-Stuart Speedway- Started 8th, DNF. Things were a little rough in the heat race and we had to scramble to get a ball
joint and some rims fixed. Stock cars were running first but we managed to get things back togehter just in time for the
feature. Our time out on the track was short however, as our motor let go less than half way through the race. Hopefully we'll
be able to get something together for next week.

05/27/01- Stuart Speedway- Double Features- First Feature: Started 4th, Finished 2nd. A rather uneventful feature event. Brian
decided to try something a little different so he went to the high side. Had a couple cars to pass early on, but for most of the
race he just had to hang onto second. Had some close calls with the wall and we're still fighthing a push, but not a bad start to
the evening. Second Feature:  Started 1st, Finished 2nd. Amazingly enough there was still plenty of bite left in the track by the
time the second feature was run. Brian had run the high side the entire night so decided that it was time to check out the low.
He was passed early on by the leader, but spent the rest of the race in a comfortable second. Didn't have anything for the
leader but were happy to have the car stick to the bottom. Still have some fine tuning to do though!

05/20/01-Stuart Speedway- Rained out after the heat races, Double features next week.  

04/29/01 Stuart Speedway- Double Features-First Feature: Started 10th, Finished 7th. The stock cars were the first class out on
the track which meant it would be heavier than at normal feature time. Brian was still experimenting with some set up changes
and the car still wanted to push in one and two. He was running the low side and had another car running directly in front of
him leaving him nowhere to go. Finished in one piece which was good since we had another heat and feature to run. Second
Feature: Started 5th, Finished 9th. We had the pole in our heat, and Brian took advantage of it. The car was sticking to the low
side and handling well in turns 3 & 4, but we were still fighting a push in 1 & 2. Held onto the lead until the last lap when a car
on the high side nipped him at the finish line. Lined up fifth in the feature, but the car directly in front of us scratched so we
moved up a spot on the starting grid. Again, the car looked good on the low side, but just couldn't get a handle on turn one
and two. The leader drove away from us but Brian stayed out in front of the rest of the pack for most of the race. With 2 laps to
go another car drilled us in the middle of one and two spinning us into the infield. The yellow was not thrown so Brian didn't
get a chance to reenter the race. Too bad, looked like we were going to take home a solid second place finish.

04/28/01 Boone Speedway, Boone, IA Started 16th, Finished ??? An interesting evening. Brian just couldn't stand to not try to
do something to the old Havlik car to make it faster, so we didn't get on the road as early as we would have liked. We arrived 5
minutes after the cut off for signing in so had to start in the back of our heat again. To make matters worse the car still didn't
handle very well in the heat. We did make some adjustments for the feature and with only a few laps in Brian had worked his
way up to 8th. He then thought he'd check out the high side only to be freight-trained by several cars on the low side. He
finally had the chance to get back in line and started passing cars once again. He had just passed a car when that car went
into turn 3 and 4 a little too hard and ran over our front end, turning our car into the infield where it came to a stop after hitting
a light pole. Brian got going again but not until he was a lap down. The evening was not a total disappointment because we do
feel like we are getting a better handle on the set up.

04/22/01 Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA. Rained out after the heat races- Double Features Next Week. Decided to hit the road with
the Havlik Chassis again. The weather was threatening but held off long enough for the heat races to be completed. After
some recent rains the track was very greasy and difficult to manuever. Brian started at the back of his heat and after a couple
hairy moments (including doing some off-road racing between the tractor tires and a light pole!) he then started to find some
traction at the bottom of the track. Finished third or fourth. Probably go back next week to see how the feature comes out!

04/21/01 Boone Speedway, Boone, IA. Started 16th, Finished 11th. Brian has been itching to go racing so he decided this
morning to drag 1995 Havlik chassis out from the shed and to get it ready to go racing. Took a lot of work, but showed up at
the races 15 minutes before the heat races started. Didn't have time to scale the car or anything, and it showed in the heat
race as the car was really loose. Made some adjustments for the feature which seemed to help. Got caught behind two cars
racing side by side for most of the race...just didn't have a way to get around them. Finally managed to clear them both with 6
laps left. The yellow flag was thrown one lap later bunching the cars up again,. When the green was thrown another two cars
were going at it in front of Brian and no matter where he went there was never an opening big enough for him to get through.
It sure was nice to get out on the the race track again and to bring the car home in one piece!