2002 News:

Boone Supernationals

September 7th- Race of Champions.  Brian drew 5th out of a possible 10 spots.  The track was racy but the preferred groove
seemed to be on top.  As the field took the green flag Brian hung low but moved to the top as soon as he could.  Having lost a
few positions he found himself boxed in behind two cars racing side by side.  He'd look low then high but couldn't find an
opening.  He tried the middle but couldn't quite get enough coming off to make a pass stick.  He did finally find some running
room and was able to pass both cars.  Unfortunately the 10 lapper was winding down as he went to work reeling in the front
runners.  As the checkered flag flew he got a great run and overtook the 4th place car.  Wish we would have had more laps as
he was just starting to get warmed up!  September 4-Qualifying Heat, Started 2nd, Finished 1st. Good place to start as we were
in the second heat and the track was still heavy on the bottom.  Brian took over the lead when the green flag flew and never
looked back.  Qualifying Feature- Started 9th, DNF- A true heartbreaker.  Brian's car was handling great for the feature.  He was
able to run the low, middle and high side.  Took his time working his way through traffic and with a handul of laps left he was in
a position to take over the lead spot.  He entered turn  one high, pulling up next to the leader went to lift and the throttle
stuck shooting him off the track and ending all hopes for qualifying.  Later inspection found that there was an rock over an
inch in size that was wedged between the carb  and the carb linkage!  So, so disappointing. :-(
September 3-- They were taking 10 cars for Saturday night's Race of Champions  so we needed to finish 2nd or better in our
heat.  Brian started in the second to last row and managed to finish in second securing a spot in the feature.  They will draw on
Saturday to determine where everyone starts!  Qualifying Heat- Started 1st, Finished 5th.  Last night we had the highest
number, tonight we had the lowest.  Brian drew the number one spot putting him on the pole in the first heat.  Unfortunately
this was not a good spot to be as they had just farmed the track and the bottom was nothing but slimey mud.  Brian found this
out right away as he took the green and the car started to come around.  He held it together but got lucky as they had a
complete restart. Things weren't much better as the high line went speeding by. Brian finally got up in the groove but was
several spots back before he could get in line. The one lane track made for little passing and Brian was only able to advance a
couple spots before the checkers flew.  B Feature- Started 4th, finished 1st.  The track was in much better condition and Brian
was able to take advantage.  Hopefully our solid finishes in the B's will help our points standings which will determine where
we start in Wednesday's last chance B.

September 2- Qualifying Heat- Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  They say Boone is the luck of the draw.  If this is true, tonight Brian
had the worst draw of the entire stock car field!  14 heats and we were in the  14th heat back row.  The track was pretty dry by
this point and the groove had moved to the bottom.  Brian went up high and was able to pass several cars and also avoid
getting caught up in some spin outs.  He caught up  to the cars running in first and second  but just couldn't find a way
around.  The high side was trecherous and he had to be careful not to push it too hard .  He looked low a couple times but the
leaders had that covered .  Finished a close third, but needed second to advance to the night's qualifying feature.  Next up
was a B Feature which would be run solely for points.  Brian started inside row 2.  There were several yellows befor e the race
got underway but once it di d Brian settled into the second spot.  Waiting for an opportunity Brian ran behind the leader for
several laps.   A couple laps in and the leader bobbled coming off four...this was all Brian needed as he went around the high
side and took over the lead.  Held on til the checkers flew.  Tuesday night we will start all over again and also get a shot at the
Race of Champions qualifying.  

Audubon County Speedway, Audubon, IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00

2002 Audubon County Speedway Track Champion

August 30-Started 1st, Finished 4th.An incident early on in the heat race ruined our chances of having a good run in the
night's feature.  A car running in front of Brian broke and slowed suddenly, as Brian was trying to find a way around the other
car made contact with him as did another car behind him.  Brian was able to keep going but knew something was wrong.  Once
he pulled into the pits they discovered the rear end housing was bent...something that could not be fixed at the track.  He
went out in the feature and was able to finish the race and secure the Track Championship title!   
August 23- Races Cancelled. Season Championships Next Week.
August 9th-Started 5th, Finished 2nd. Similar track conditions to last week made it very very difficult to pass.  Brian spent
almost the entire race behind the second place car...diving low going into the corner only to have to lift at the exit or make
certain contact.  This went on for lap after lap until he finally got a good enough run to be able to have the advantage coming
off.  Unfortunately this was on the last lap and he didn't even get a shot at the first place car.  
August 2nd-Started 5th, Finished 2nd.  A little shy on cars Brian started up further than normal.  The track was heavy and
somewhat narrow which proved to be a problem come feature time.  With cars running the middle line it was tough to pass but
Brian managed to slowly move his way forward by sticking the car to the bottom...lap after lap til he was able to gain some and
pull ahead.  With a few laps to go he made the pass for second and set his sights on the lead car who had pulled away from the
rest of the field.  Our car seemed to be hooked up as he gained with each lap until he was within striking distance.  Checkered
flag up next he made a charge on the bottom in turns three and four...looked like he'd have a good chance at the win but it
wasn't to be.   The car running on the outside appeared to get loose then hook up sending him into our car.  The two jumped
tires and when they landed they hit HARD.  Both cars kept going, ours minus the nose piece and fender.  Finished second.  
Bent a spindle, and the frame in the back.  :(
July 25th-Started 8th, DNF.The track was tacky but had two good grooves tonight.  Brian was able to use the low side in his
heat to get to the front.  In the feature he had a bad start when another car pushed him up into the marbles and almost into the
wall going into turn one. Brian hung on but lost a lot of positions.  He didn't waste much time getting back going however and
was working his way through traffic again.  Up to 3rd, going down the back straight when the car behind him drilled him in the
rear bumper turning us around.  The yellow came out and he restarted in the back.  The car was fast and Brian again used both
the high and low side to make his way to the front.  Made it up to 4th when the motor let go ending our night.  :-(
July 20th-Started 5th, Finished 6th.For as smoothly as Wednesday went tonight was just the opposite.  The track was heavy at
feature time and the groove up high.  On the start the outside row took off leaving Brian pinned in down on the low side.  As
things settled down he started looking at making up some ground.  There was a huge disadvantage to the low side but that
was all he had to work with.  He had a good run on the 4th place car coming off turn 4 when the car running in 5th popped us
from behind.  Our car turned abruptly into the 4th place car and towards the front straight wall.  Somehow Brian managed to
hang on and get things straightened out, but not after falling back several spots.  Late in the race he found himself in line
behind two cars battling side by side.  He settled in behind the car running high only to have that car suddenly slow coming off
turn two.  Brian hit him in the rear bumper got loose and fell to the back again.  Didn't have much luck making up any positions
after that .  
July 12-Started 11th, Finished 6th.The racing god's were not smiling on us tonight as our motor let go in the heat.   Brian had a
couple offers from other racers to borrow their cars and he ended up taking the 76 car of Trent Partridge's out for the feature.  
Brian passed a couple cars early on making it up to 6th, but spent the rest of the race behind two cars racing side by side.  Not
being use to the car he had his hands full adjusting and he didn't want to take any unecessary ristks  in making a pass.  A huge
thanks to the Partridge brothers and everyone else who offered to help out.!
July 5-Started 1st, Finished 2nd. MidSeason Championship night so they lined up the cars based on their points.  The track
was drying up by feature time and little rough and unfortunately the groove was on the top.  Brian tried to take over the lead
on the start, but just didn't have enough to get out in front.  He settled in behind the lead car and looked low....he could pull
up beside the leader and sometimes get a nose out in front but the other car had the advantage and hung on to the lead for
the rest of the race.  
June 28th-Started 9th, Finished 1st!  The track was dry tonight and patience was key togetting through traffic.  A little luck
didn't hurt matters either!  Early on in the race another car further up in the pack got out of shape and rolled.  Fortunately
Brian was able to make it through unscathed.   On the restart Brian started to move his way through traffic.  He was able to use
both the high and low side to pick up positions.  He took over second at the half way mark and set his sites on the lead car.  
After several challenges he was finally able to make a move on the low side to take over the lead.   The car wasn't cooperating
100% and we had some tense moments when it would slide up the track, but he was able to hang on til the end.  Our night
wasn't over as we we had our annual  claim by the 78 car of Jeff Anderson.  
June 21st-Started 6th, Finished 1st! The racing was tight early on and Brian had to use both the high and low side to make
some passes.  He was in third somewhat early in the race, but it seemed like forever before he could finally get enough on the
low side to pop into second.  He set his sights on the lead car, but once he reeled him in he realized passing would be
difficult.  Another car broke free from the pack and caught up to them.  The three cars raced side by side for a lap before Brian
had to give up the second place position.  A lap later the two cars in front of him made contact and he was able to squirt
through unscathed and in second once again.  He and the leader had a great battle going, Brian down low taking the
advantage at times.  As they battled another car caught them and joined the fray.  The lead car bowed out with a flat, giving
Brian the lead, but the race wasn't over yet.  The second place car dogged Brian up for quite a few laps, but he finally pulled
away enough to be out of danger and to take home the checkers!
June 14th-Started 7th, Finished 2nd. Brian moved his way to the front early on in the race and went ot work on the lead car.  
The 92B was on the low side, but just couldn't find enough to make the pass.  He worked and worked as the other car slowly
started to lower their line.  Brian was getting ready to back up to try a shot at the high side when another car saw the opening
and zipped past! The car we had been working on moved up then so back to the bottom brian went.  He finally did make the
pass and pulled away but just didn't have enough to catch the lead car.  No dings on the car for once! :)
June 7tth,-Started 4th, Finished 2nd. Nothing too exciting or dramatic about this race.  Took some laps to get around the few
cars in front of us before popping into second place, but just didn't have anything for the leader.   For some reason Brian felt
like his motor was flat....either that or the guy in front of us had way more horsepower!  Brian tried to make up the ground he
was losing on the straightaways in the corners, but despite gaining some he just wasn't able to get close enough to be any
real threat.  
May 29th-Started 8th finished 2nd.The car developed a miss in the heat race and the crew spent the time between races
scrambling to fix the problem.  Got Brian in the car and lined up just before the stocks hit the track.  Noone on the team had a
chance to check out the track conditions before the feature, but we assumed it would be tacky as it had been heavy during
the heat races...we couldn't have been more wrong!  Brian knew right away that the car wasn't set up for the slick conditons
and he had his hands full.  He had to baby the car through the corners as he skated around the track.  He did manage to take
over the lead and hang onto it for several laps, but the second and third place cars were all over his bumper.  He did the best
he could but it was only a matter of time before he was overtaken and we had to settle for second.  A good run all things
considered and the miss didn't come back.  
May 24th-Rained out after hot laps.
May 17th-Started 6th, Finished 3rd.  After putting on an exciting side by side, lap after lap show in the heat race we were ready
for the feature event. The first lap of the feature set the tone for the night...the field of cars took the green but things got a
little bunched up in one and two, Brian lifted to avoid hitting the car in front of him but was drilled from behind.  He was hit so
hard that the car popped out of high gear into low.  By the time he got the car back in gear the field had passed him. He went
to work making up ground using the low side.  Passing was a little tricky but Brian managed to work his way back up to fourth.  
The second and third place cars were battling side by side leaving little opportunity to pass.  To make matters worse they got a
little crossed up knocking the 92B out of shape causing him to fall back sixth.  Took a few laps to make up those postions only
to find himself behind the second and third place cars again.  He'd look high and then low but there was nowhere to go.  With
a handful of laps remainint a caution was thrown.  Brian was able to take advantage and gain a spot once racing resumed but
just couldn' t get around the second place car.   
May 10th- Started 4th, Finished 2nd.  Brian drew the highest number so he had to start in the back of the second heat.  He took
advantage of the 10 laps however passing for the lead with two to go.  For the feature he redrew second row outside.  A tense
moment right before the race started when the car wouldn't fire.  The crew found the problem and by some miracle we were
able to get him in the line up right before the cars pulled out n the track for the feature.  The track was dry but smooth for the
most part.  Brian took over the third spot and fell in behind the first and second place car. When the second place car found
an opening on the bottom Brian was on his bumper, but before he could make the pass the other car dropped down a little
putting us in the dry stuff.  Brian lost his grip on the track and drifted up into the other car.  The contact was minor but it was
just enough to let the lead car pull away.  It took Brian awhile to figure out what exactly was the fastest line, but he did
eventually figure it out.  He pushed the car to it's limit and with three laps to go he was on the rear bumper of the lead car.  
Catching up was one thing, but passing was quite another!  Finished second.  A nice finish after a rough couple nights out.   
May 3rd- Cancelled.  See other tracks...did some traveling.  


Buena Vista County Speedway , Alta, IA
2002 Track Champion
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)
**Season Opener May 1st**
8/28/02-Started 10th, Finished 1st! Four points separated us and the second place car in the overall point standings.  The track
was a little rough, tacky in some spots and dry in others making for an interesting night of racing.  When the green flag
dropped Brian started his march to the front.  He was able to use both the low and high side to advance through the field.  
With 10 laps in the caution flag flew and Brian was sititng in 3rd place.  He managed to find his way around the second place
car only to have that car try to pass him back on the low side...things got a little tight and Brian just about landed off the track
coming off four.  He slipped back a spot but managed to hang on.  Back to fourth he was able to pass both the thrid and
second place car on the low side...this time gaining enough distance to pull safely away.  Setting his sights on the lead car,
Brian closed the gap and was soon within striking distance.  He looked low a couple times and finally was able to get a good
run off four...the cars headed down the straightaway and into one and two side by side.  The leader ran into some trouble
(later was told he broke a shock?) and spun out handing us the lead.  Five laps to go and we were in the lead, but the race
was far from over.  There were 3 more cautions and restarts to survive, but Brian hung on to take home the checkers and the
Track Championship for the 6th consecutive year!   Whooo hooooo!  (Note: Jeff Anderson claimed/swapped carbs with us)
8/21/02-Started 10th, Finished 5th.The night got off to a great start with a great run in the heat.  Seemed that the car was
working great and hopes were high going into the feature.  Things were congested early on but Brian managed to steer clear
of trouble for  the first few laps, but then our luck ran out.  A car running in front of us got high coming off four, Brian and
another car drove underneath him and they barrelled down the straightaway three wide.  Entering turn one the car on the
outside turned down making contact with the 92B.  Brian held on but a lap later the right rear tire went flat.  We did get a
yellow and had the chance to change the tire and get him back out on the track.  Starting in the back we still thought we had a
chance, but realized soon enough that something else must be wrong with the car. Brian  did the best he could with the ill
handling car and actually managed to pass several cars.  Things got bunched up on the last lap and he was able to take
advantage nipping fourth place at the line.  Post race inspection showed that the right front shock mount had broken off
which would explain the handling problems.  Season Championships Next Week.
8/14/02-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.The track was heavy again but there was some racing room which made for some exciting
side by side racing in the stock car feature.  Brian found himself caught up in some heavy traffic with cars battling in front of
him for most of the race.  First he'd look low then high trying to find an opening.  Patience paid off as he was able to slowly
move forward.  At the half way mark he was in fourth, but rocketed his way to second with a great move on the low side.  The
third place car wasn't going to give up that easily however as he continued to pressure and bump us in practically every turn.  
On a few ocassions Brian had his hands full just keeping the car on the track.  They battled back and forth for the remainder of
the race with Brian finishing about 3 inches ahead of the other car to take home second.  A real nail biter!
8/7/02-Started 10th, Finished 1st! It looked as though the track might be heavy tonight due to recent rains, but it actually dried
up quite a bit before feature time.  For once Brian had a great start as he picked off several cars on the first lap.  When a
caution was thrown on the second lap the 92B was already up to third.  Taking the green on the restart,  Brian went low into
one and two pulling off the pass for second on the back stretch and then passed the leader coming off turn four.  12 laps to go
and we were leading the race! Twelve longgggggg laps!   Brian held a good line, looking great coming off two but a little
wobbly in four at times as he tried to deal with some bumps in the track. Throughout he kept a close but safe distance
between himself and 2nd even surviving a couple yellows and restarts, one of which came as the white flag was about to
come out.  Another good start and two circuits round the track and the victory was sealed up!   Whooo hoooo!   
7/31/02-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.Still fighting some motor woes, we crossed our fingers, loaded the car and headed to Alta.  
The track was heavy again and the challenge of the night proved to be trying to find a way around 2 and 3 wide traffic.  Brian
spent the majority of the feature event hovering around the 10th place position as cars battled for position in front him.  He
would look high in hopes that someone would break free, then low but nothing would open up.  Finally, his patience paid off
and he found some room to pop through first one pack then another. With 5 to go he had open track in front of him and was
reeling in on the second place car.  Brian ate up a lot of distance quickly and made a nice pass to take over second.  
Unfortunately there were only 2 laps left and although he made up a lot of ground he didn't have enough time to make a
serious challenge on the leader.  All in all a great run! :-)
7/23/02-Started 12th, Finished 4th. Frustration in the heat as we weren't able to get very far on the heavy track and finished
pretty much where we started.  The track was rolled in a little better for the feature making for some fast racing.  Brian took
advantage of his outside row starting spot going high early on.  Unfortunately a few laps in he was forced to go a little too high
by another car and landed off the track in the middle of turns 1 and 2.  The yellow was thrown and he went to the back. Starting
18th we knew that he'd have his work cut out for him.  As the race progressed he manged to pass cars using both the low and
high side.  With three to go he was sitting in 7th when the yellow was thrown bringing the field together for the final run.  Brian
was able to go low and take a  was challenging for thrid when the checkers flew.  A pretty good ending to a night that started
off a little shaky. :-)
7/17/02-Started 10th, Finished 1st!!!Just about didn't make it to the race track tonight but sure glad we did!! Getting ready to
load the car and it wouldn't start!  Some scrambling and a quick change of starters and we were on our way...leaving the house
15 minutes after hotlaps were scheduled to start. We made it to the track in time for our heat however.  The track looked like it
was setting up to be tacky and rough in turns, especially if you were running in the middle.  When the green flag dropped on
the feature event Brian actually managed to hold his own for once only dropping back one position!  The fast groove was on
the high side so he had to work the middle and low.  Brian worked his way up to fiourth only to find himself behind two cars
racing side by side.  As he was busy trying to find a way around he was passed by the car behnind him.  A yellow was thrown
with 7 to go and we'd be sitting in 5th on the restart.  Green once again he took the car down low and he was finally able to
make some forward progress again.  He popped into second with 5 laps remaining and set his sights on the lead car.  He made
up the ground rather quickly and again went low pulling up along side then eventually passing the leader.  Some tense
moments but he was finally able to put a little (I stress little) racing room between himself and the second place car.  A very
very exciting race! :-)
7/10/02-Started 10th, Finished 3rd. Recent heavy rains caused some problems for the racing surface which was extremely
rutty.  The drivers had their hands full to say the least.  Brian got off to a bad start in the feature, about getting pushed off the
track on the first lap.  He hung on but lost quite a few spots.  Stuck in traffic with no where to go, things were going to get
worse before they got better.  An impatient car behind him kept ramming into his back bumper and a few laps in the 92B was
spun from behind.  As he was going around another car with no where to go slapped into our front end.  The yellow was
thrown and miraculously Brian was able to continue on without making a pit stop, however he did have to go to the back of the
field and was lined up 16th.  He went to work using the high side to pass cars.  Up to fourth, he found himself behind two cars
who were battling for position.  A late race caution brought the field together again.  The car in front of him finally made a pass
stick and Brian was able to do the same taking over the 3rd place spot.  Unfortunately one of the hood pins had fallen off and
the hood started to lift as he raced around the track.  Brian could see well enough to navigate safely,  but the hood hampered
his ability to pick his line as he had before.  He decided to settle into third which is where would finish the race.  A great finish
considering how the night started out.  The car suffered some sheetmetal damage, mainly to the nose piece and trunk lid, but
other than that seemed to be fine in our post race inspection.  
7/03/02 Started 10th, Finished 3rd.The track was heavy and a little rough in the corners making maneuvering tricky.  Brian had
a good start but all was null when there was a yellow and they had to do it all over again.  On the second try the gaps that had
been there earlier were closed and Brian found himself going nowhere.  As things thinned out he was able to start moving
forward but each pass took a couple laps.  With a handful of laps left he took over the third place position and set his sitghts
on the leaders.  He was making some ground up when a late race caution was thrown, setting up a green, white checkers
finish.  Unfortunately for us, the car just didn't want to get around the track as well after the race was resumed.  Brian and the
leaders pulled away from the pack, but  he couldn't hand close enough to make a serious challenge.  Overall a good night of
6/26/02 Started 10th, Finished 4th. After many heat races and last week's feature the track was dry and passing was a little bit
more difficult.  The line had moved to the bottom making it hard to find somewhere to pass.  Brian had no choice but to go up
high and take his chances.  He carefully manuevered his car for several laps to make each pass.  When he finally popped into
fourth the leaders and third place car had put some distance between themselves and the rest of the field.  Brian did make up
some ground but ran out of laps before he could make a seroius challenge.  A good race- put the car on the trailer with no
new dents!  
6/26- Make up Feature "Simpson Memorial" Started 8th, Finished 1st!!! The 25 lapper from last week was slated for tonight.  
Brian started 4th row outside.  The green flag was dropped and the field took off.  Unfortunately the car starting on the pole
suffered some terrible luck as he shattered his transmission as the cars headed down the front straight.  Cars scrambled to
clear the debris and fortunately Brian was able to get through unscathed.  The next start went without mishap.  Brian found
himself caught in traffic on the high side but as things got a little more spread out he went to work.  He found something up
high on the dry track (way high in some cases) and made his way around a couple cars.   With 10 laps in he and the 3rd place
car were battling side by side, with Brian down low.  At this point in the race there wasn't much to be found low, but Brian kept
at it until he finally cleared the car.  He set his sites on the two lead cars and had made up some ground when a much  needed
yellow was thrown.  With eight laps to go we knew it was going to be an exciting finish.  The two lead cars had been using the
high side but when the green was thrown the second place car dove down low in an effort to pass the leader.  Brian looked
high but had nowhere to go.  When the car in second settled back in on the high side Brian dropped down and picked off one
and car and  a lap later he was in the lead.  He stayed down low and hung on til the double checkers flew!  A great race!  Added
bonus, this was a "Champion's Challenge" race, and as one of the qualifiers (a driver had to be in the top 5 in points the
previous year at that track) we received an additional $200 for the win!!!
6/19- Rained out after the heats.  Double Features next week.
6/12-Started 7th, Finished 6th.Another rough night.  The car seemed to be working pretty good after Saturday's night's
adventures, but we really didn't get to take advantage of it in the feature.   Couldn't even get past the second  lap without
getting into trouble!   Brian was coming off of turn two, cars all around, when a car running in front of him spun and Brian
wasn't able to avoid making contact.  The damage wasn't serious but bad enough that he had to pit.  The crew removed a
damaged fender and the nose cone and sent him back out on the track.  He was working his way back up through traffic when
his hood started to come up.  First one corner, then the whole thing ripped loose landing on his windshield.  Believe it or not,
he was still able to see well enough to pass some cars!  Another yellow came out and the crew was able to get the hood off.  
Unfortunately this meant we'd start in the back again!  There were 5 laps left, and he managed to pass 6 cars before the race
was over finishing 6th.  
6/5/02-Started 9th, Finished 5th. Dejavu of last week.  Went completely backwards on the start.  Brian got caught in the middle
lane and watched all the cars zoom by.  He finally quit going backwards a couple laps in when he was in 17th.  With the groove
on the high side, passing was a challenge.  The side by side trafiic didn't help matters much either.  Brian was able to work his
way up to 6th when a yellow came out with 2 to go.  He picked off one more car before the checkers flew.  Hoping for a better
start next week.
5/29/02-Started 9th, Finshed 5th.Things were really bottled up on the start with cars 3 and 4 wide.  Brian got shuffled to the
back and had fallen to 15th before one circuit was complete.  He went to work passing cars and was in 5th with 1/2 the laps in.  
The third and fourth place car were out quite a ways but he reeleed them in.  Once he caught up to them  he tried looking low
and high, but just couldn't find an opening.   Got a good run on the last lap and missed 4th by inches.  
5/22/02-Started 6th, Finished 2nd.The wind was a howling, but the races were on!  Brian had a shaky start to the evening when
there was some contact between him and another car on the first lap in the heat, but Brian gathered things up and had a
strong 2nd place finish.   The track was setting up to be on the dry side.  In the feature it was fortunate that we didn't have to
start too far back in the pack as passing proved to be a challenge.  It took Brian 6 laps to get around the 4th place car, but
once he did he set his sights on the number ond and two car.  A couple laps later and he was right on their bumpers as they
raced side by side.  Brian would look high, then low, but there wasn't an opening.  Finally he found some racing room on top
and shot into second place.  The lead car was running the high side which unfortunately was the place to be, but Brian worked
and worked the low side pulling up beside and inching ahead at times only to be over taken on the straights.  This continued
until the last lap when the first and only yellow of the night came out, setting up a green, white, checkered finale.  
Unfortunately, Brian lost a lot of ground on the start.  He was able to make one more challenge on the last lap and the two cars
were side by side as they went across the finish line, but we were about a 1/2 a car shy of taking home the win.  A great night
of racing and a real thriller for the fans! :-)
5/15/02- Started 4th, Finished 1st!!Our mechanical woes from last week worked in our favor tonight as we had the rare chance
to start up towards the front in the feature.  At the drop the green Brian and two other cars peeled away from the pack, with
the 92B in second.  A couple laps later the lead car hit a rough spot in the track getting a little out of shape.  Brian took
advantage and drove underneath him taking over the lead position with 12 laps to go.  The second place car did close the gap
on a couple occasions but was never within strking distance.  Things did get a little challenging when Brian had to deal with
some lap traffic but he was able to manuever his way through and take home the checkers!  
5/8/02- Started 7th, Finished 14th (DNF).  With the help of a front row starting spot, Brian took the win in his heat.  He redrew
for the feature and was to start 7th.  As they were getting ready to take the green flag the tranny slipped out of gear.  Brian got
her going again, only to have the same thing happen.  He had fallen way back when the green flew but again the transmission
started to work.  He made a couple laps only to have it slip AGAIN! This time he pulled onto pit road where the crew went to
work.  Hoping that it was somthing simple they checked and topped off the tranny fluid.  Fortunately there was a long yellow so
time was on our side.  Brian rejoined the cars only to have the tranny act up again and he called it a night.  Still not sure what
happened, but definitely a disappointment.  Congratulations to Roger "TNT" Tripp on his win!!!! :-)
May 1st - Rained out.  


Shelby County Speedway , Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)
**Season Opener  April 20th**

September 20-21- Tiny Lund Memorial. Started 10th, Finished 4th. Qualifying for Saturday night's feature began on Friday
night.  As normal, Brian had a poor draw putting him in the back of his heat.  He needed to finish 3rd or better to qualify for the
redraw which was to be held on Saturday.  Taking the green in the heat the pack of cars zipped around the bottom of the track
side by side.  Seeing a lane on the high side, Brian pulled out of line exitiing turn two and passed the entire field! He was in
the lead as the cars entered turn 3!  The track was extremely dry and he had to be very careful to keep from overdriving and
losing his grip, but he hung on to take the win.  This qualified us for the A Main event on Saturday.  September 21-Feature
Event.  The drivers who qualified Friday redrew on Saturday for the 1-12th position.  Brian drew 10th.  By feature time the track
was dry and the groove had moved to the bottom.  Starting on the outside Brian knew he'd have his hands full early on.  
Taking the green he tried to find something up high but slowly started to fade backwards.  He finally found an opening on the
bottom and was able to make some headway.  The laps were winding down so he decided to pull out of line again.  At one
point, two cars running in front of him made contact on the straightaway  and Brian had to slam on the brakes almost coming to
a stop.  Several cars we had passed zoomed by...Brian recovered and went to work again.  It was slow progress, but he was
able to find something to grab ahold of in turns one and two.  He had just passed for 5th when the yellow came out.  When it
went green again he and the fifth place car jockeyed back and forth until Brian finally broke free.  Catching up to the  three
lead cars he looked low then high, then low, then high, but the second and third place cars were looking to take over first and
were running side by side leaving no room for Brian to pass.  They spent the last 4 laps dogging each other but nothing
opened up for the 92B.  A great run!  A few more laps and who knows?!!!!!! :-)
September 14,  Started 7th, Finished 2nd. Season Championships.  Going into the night we were 5 points out of the lead for
the track Championship and although doable we were not holding out hope for the title.  Brian had a great run in his heat and
we felt good about the feature.  Early on things were very, very congested and he spent lap after lap looking high then low
only to have cars racing 2 and sometimes 3 wide in front of him.  A yellow was thrown with 9 to go and we were still sitting in
7th!  Brian took a couple positions on the restart but again found himself in thick traffic.  Finally with 1/2 of the laps in he saw
his chance.  The leader got a little out of shape and the cars in front of him had to check up...Brian went to the low side and
managed to pass all the cars taking over the lead.  He went from 5th to 1st just like that!  In the lead, he ran the low side, but
things didn't look good as another car was quickly closing on the high side of the track.  With two to go we fell to second only
to be saved by a yellow.  Brian knew now that he was going to have a hard time hanging on.  His car just didn't want to ride the
high side.  He had a great restart and pulled away a little only to lose ground on the white flag lap when he got out of his
groove in one and two.  The cars raced down the back stretch side by side and through the corner but the low side just didn't
give brian enough momentum.  Missed first by 1/2 a car.  A super run! Just wish the race would have ended a lap earlier!  
Finished 2nd in the overall points!
Ausust 31, Started 7th, Finished 1st! Another great run! The cars were bunched up early on and running three wide on several
occasions.  Brian went high then low then high again to move his way to the front.  With about 10 to go he found himself in
second with the leader within striking distance.  The front runner was using the high side so Brian looked low.  He had a good
run going entering turn one only to have the leader come down in front of him..they made contact but Brian was able to hang
on .  Having had the door shut on the low side he went high and on the next lap he made a great move taking over the lead
coming off 2.  The race remained close, so close that with 3 to go the second place car let Brian know he was there with a tap
of his bumper.  This was all Brian needed as he stepped it up and pulled away putting a safe distance between himself and the
car.  Three in a row! Whooo hooooo!

August 24th-Started 9th, Finished 1st! After such an up and down season at Harlan it's hard to believe we could have two
uneventful good runs in a row!  Brian charged to the front early and never looked back.  There was a restart to deal with but
he had a great restart and was able to hold off all challenges.  Another great night for the 92B Team!
August 17th-Started 9th, Finished 1st! Finally!  Nothing too exciting to report which is the way we like it!  Brian wove his way
through traffic, using the low side to move up to the front.  An early race caution found us sitting in second place and when
the race went green again Brian took over the lead coming off turn two.   Another caution and we had some heavy competition
on our tail but Brian did a great job of holding his focus and his line on the low side....to take home the double checkers!
Whoooo Hooooo!
August 10th-Started 9th, Finished 4th. Traffic was heavy early on and there were some tense moments as cars raced three and
ever four wide, but luck was finally on our side and we were able to survive until things thinned out a little.  Brian found
himself in the fourth place position about half way through the race, but although he could keep up he just didn't have enough
track or car to make much of a challenge.  In the meantime the two lead cars had a pretty safe distance between themselves
and third and fourth  However, what looked to be a rather predictable finish ended up being anything but!  With a couple laps
to go the leader got a little high and the second place car got around.  This slowed them enough to let Brian and the third
place car catch up to them.  As the car were entering the final turn of the race the car we had been following all night made
some contact with the leader sending him up the track.  Still on the gas Brian saw an opening down low but as he was going
for it one of the other cars dove from the high side to the low shutting the door.  The cars crossed the finish line side by side
bumper to bumper and we were scored 4th.  An exciting ending!
August 3rd-Started 7th, Finished 6th. Got the car back together and were ready to go.  The team was excited to see the track
dry out for the feature, but unfortunately we would never get to see how the car would do as we were crippled in a first lap
incident.  As the field took the green a car in front of us got sideways, Brian lifted narrowly missing him only to have the car
hook up and cut down in front of us running over our front end and flattening the right side a frame.  The same car hit another
car running below us damaging their suspension and as they entered turn one and two they couldn't turn hitting brian in the
left front and sending us into the wall.  Brian pulled in to get a flat changed but there was nothing we could do about the bent
aframes on both sides.  The car was ill handling to say the least.  Brian did finally figure out how to manuever and as the race
progressed he slowly passed  one car after another.  A late race restart bunched the cars up as they prepared for a green,
white checker finish.  In 8th Brian passed a couple more cars as the laps wound down.  There was some excitement on the last
lap as one of the leaders suffered a flat and was wobbling through the two and three wide traffic.  Another car racing in front
of us was sent off the track and the yellow was thrown again... we crossed the finish line in 3rd but they ended the race and
reverted back a lap scoring us in 6th.  A helluva run considering the condition the car was in.  Just wish we could have found
out how it would have fared without the damage...
July 27th-Started 7th, Finished 7th. We had a bad start to our night as we experienced some engine problems as we were just
getting ready to load the car.  With little time we scrambled to get the back up car ready and loaded.  Barely making it to the
track in time for our heat we had a lot to do before we could go out on the race track including changing the gears.
Unfortunatley the gears we needed were in the car at home and this hurt our performance all night long.  Brian managed to
qualify for the invert but we knew we had our work cut out for us in the feature.  The track was heavy and very very rough
from the recent rains and Brian and all the other cars had their hands full as they bounced around in the corners.  Brian spent
the majority of the race pinned in behind a couple cars racing for position.  Managed to finish without any major incidents.  
July 20th-Started 7th, Finished 6th. The groove was on the high side so of course we started on the inside!  Brian lost quite a
few positions before he could find an opening and get in line around the top of the track.  In order to pass he had to look
down low and just couldn't find much there.  He did manage to pick off a few cars early on only to find himself boxed in as he
followed two cars racing side by side.  He continued to look low, then high trying to find an opening.  Late in the race he and
the other car did manage to move up a position but with only a couple laps left there wasn't enough time to make up much
ground on the leaders.  
July 13th-Started 6th, Finished 6th. After scrambling all day to get a motor under the hood and with a "to do" list in hand we
raced to the track.   Once there we finished up what needed to be done in time for the heat race, thanks in part to some timely
cautions in the first heats.  By feature time the track was slick on the bottom a little rough in the middle with some bite on the
high side.  On the start Brian found himself going backwards for the first couple laps.  Once things got spread out he went to
work trying to find something down low.  He passed a few cars making it back up to 6th, only to find himself boxed in by two
cars racing for position.  He looked high then low but couldn't find an opening.  Despite not having improved upon his starting
spot, it was a very good race and even better the car came through without a scratch! :-)
July 6th-Started 9th, Finished 5th. An incident on the second lap of the race bent an A frame on the car so Brian had to
contend with that for the remaining laps.  It took some doing but he was able to pass several cars and take over 5th.  
Unfortunately he didn't have enough to catch the lead pack as they were out in front quite a ways.  A DQ after the race put us
in 4th officially.   
June 29-Started 8th, Finished 4th. The track was interesting tonight.  Started off tacky but dry in spots and a little rougher than
normal.  Didn't help the car didn't seem to want to hook up for some reason.  The schedule included a "King of the Hill" for
stock car class and we were able to use that as a chance to get the car dialed in a little better.  The first round was given to us
when the other car in the heat entered the corner too hard and hit us from behind, spinning Brian out.  We lost the next
round, but did get a chance to check out the track.  Looked like it was going to be a dry one for the feature.  Early on in the A
Main the cars were bunched up tight, running 3 and 4 wide at times.  It was amazing that there were not any serious mishaps.  
Brian had some trouble getting through traffic, as he looked low then high only to have the holes shut down by other cars.  As
things got a little spread out he was able to make some progress forward.  He managed to get up to fourth but just couldn't
find a way around the third place car.  Good news is we got the car home in one piece and hopefully have shaken the "turn 3"
June 22nd-Started 6th, Finished 3rd. The first lap of the feature just about landed the 92B on pit road again!  For the third
week in a row turn 3 was where the problems struck .  Brian was running the low side when some cars running ahead and
above him tangled shooting one of them directly down the track and into our right front fender.  Brian almost spun but hung
onto it driving through the grass to avoid furhter problems.  They had a complete restart and since we hadn't stopped we
were able to get our spot back.  Everyone held it together for the next start but unfotunately Brian lost a couple spots early on
as traffic was pretty tight.  Once they got strung out things became even more tricky on the slick track.  The fast groove was
on the high side and Brian was having some problems getting enough bite on the low side to pass and make it stick.  He see
sawed back and forth for quite some time before passing each car.  With a few to go he did finally pop into the 3rd place
postion and started to reduce the gap between himself and the lead cars.  Ran out of laps before he could get close enough
to make a challenge.  All in all a pretty good night!  
June 15th-Started 7th, Finished 5th. Well what can I say?  We were hoping our luck would turn around but it wasn't to be on
this night.   Brian had a good start, getting to the bottom early on.  Again, it was the second lap when disaster struck.  Brian
was running on the low side when a car that was running the high line dove down in front of him running over the front end of
our car.  Brian spun and was hit by several cars.  He got the car going again but knew right away something was wrong with
the steering.  In addition the radiator had shifted and the fan was stuck on the shroud.  The crew was able to remedy this with
a pair of shears but we had no answer for the steering problem  and had no choice but to send him back out on the track when
it went green.  He spent several laps trying to chase down the pack only to have the yellow come out again.  The 92B returned
to pit road, and a few more attempts were made at trying to fix the steering (it turned but wouldn't back steer) but at that point
we realized the frame was bent and that there was nothing that could be done.    We got him back out before the pack took the
green and he was able to baby his car through traffic to finish a respectable 5th.  Back to the frame shop we go....
June 8th-Started 9th, DNF. The roller coaster ride at Harlan continues!  Didn't have much of a chance to see how things were
going to work in the feature.  With only a few laps in Brian was running low as he and another car raced down the back chute.  
As the neared turn four the car on the outside changed lanes -whether he didn't see us or if someone got into him we don't
know.  In any case, it was not a good thing as both cars spun and Brian went into the infield careening into a terragator tire.  
The tire completed destroyed the front end of our car.  Bent both frame horns, smashed the radiator into the motor, mangled
the bars, etc.  We took the car to the frame shop that night and it looks like the front horns will have to be replaced along with
all the bars and parts in front of the motor.  Might be a week before we can get the car back in shape to race. :-(
June 1st-Started 7th, Finished 1st!! The track was dry by feature time and Brian was ready with the right set up tonight! He had
a great start and found himself moving to the front of the pack.  With half of the laps in the books he popped into 3rd and set
his sites on the lead cars.  A couple laps later and he was side by side with the second place car as they flew around the track,
Brian on the low side and the first and second place cars on the high.  Brian found some great bite coming off turn two and he
could pull up beside them, but he wasn't getting off four as well as they were so he'd lose ground.  However, lap aftter lap of
side by side racing found Brian finally inching into the lead. He took over the top spot with three to go and never looked back.  
A great run!  
May 25th-Started 5th, Finished 3rd. Brian flew to a first place finish in his heat with the help of a great start.  Could have used
the same luck in the feature but instead got caught on the low side as the cars whizzed by on top.  Once things settled down
Brian started to make up some ground.  He was held up for quite a few laps behind two cars that were battling side by side in
front of him.  Finally he found an opening and a groove on the bottom which he used to pass several cars.  With half the laps
in the book he popped into 3rd.  The two lead cars were quite a disatance ahead but he was making up some ground when a
yellow came out.  With 4 laps left we knew it would be an interesting ending.  The front car was on the botton and the second
place car was working both high and low looking for a way around.  Brian found some room and took over second but with the
lead car running the same groove he didn't have anywhere to go.  He gave up the second spot when he was looking for away
around and that was how they finished.  Another exciting race!
May 17th- Started 2nd, Fin ished 1st! Found out the one good thing about not finishing last week and that was that we were
able to start up front tonight!  Brian took advantage of his front row start spot taking over the lead coming out of one and two
on the start.  He eased his way around the dry track putting a comfortable distance between himself and the second place car.  
A caution came out with 10 to go putting the field back on his bumper.  Took him a couple laps to get his groove back but he
managed to stay out in front and take home the double checkers!!! :-) Congratulations to Pat MacAtee on his win as well!!!
April 27th- Rained Out
April 20th-Rainied Out
May 10th-Rained out.  
May 4th- Started 5th, DNF.  After the long off season it was nice to get back to the high banks of Shelby County Speedway.  
Brian looked strong in his heat finishing second.  He drew the 5th place spot for the feature.   Early in the feature we went
backwards, as often seems to be the case!  A car in front of us got out of shape and Brian lifted losing some ground.  He slowly
started to work his way through traffic and with a little over half of the laps in he popped into second.  The leader was out in
front quite a ways, but Brian reeled him in.  We were just within in striking distance when a caution was thrown.  With 5 laps
left we all knew we were in store for an exciting ending!  Brian went high but couldn't quite get around the leader.  A couple
laps later Brian dove in low in turns one and two and he took over the lead on the back stretch.  Unfortunately he hooked a rut
in three and four which threw hin into and over a tractor tire letting the other car catch up.  The two cars  drag raced down the
straightaway, Brian still on the inside.  As they  were entering turn one the other car decided that he wanted the
bottom...problem was we were there.  The contact resulted in terminal damage to the right front suspension. We did get a
yellow, but there was nothing we could do to get the car back on the track.  Broke the ball joint in two, severed the brake line,
bent tie rod, a-frame, etc.  A disappointing way to end the night.  We were scored 17th.  


Other Tracks  

Aug 4th, Stuart
, Started 12th, Finished 6th.Our bad luck continued this week when Brian was caught up in a first lap accident
that landed him on a tractor tire.  The wrecker removed his car and he rejoined the field but it just didn't seem to handle right
after that.  No matter what he did he couldn't gain on the lead pack but instead lost some ground.  A disappointing night.
July 28, Stuart-Started 10th, Finished 10th.The track was heavy and the racing was tight, fast and furious.  Unfortunatley on
around the 4th lap  Brian found himself throwing the car in sideways to avoid a car that was shooting down the track only to
get hit from behind which sent the car up the track then back down.  Cutting through the infield, somehow he hung on and
kept her going.  He caught up to the main pack of cars but just couldn't find a way through the traffic.  A frustrating night to say
the least.
July 21st, Stuart-Started 12th, Finished 4th.
July 7th, Stuart- Started 10th, Finished 3rd.A fairly uneventful night.  Brian used both the high and low side to make his way to
the front.  A late race yellow allowed him to get caught up to the lead pack and he was able to use the low side to pass a
couple more cars before the race ended.  All in all a good night!
June 30th Stuart-Started 12th, Finished 5th. Made some headway early on, but a car up further in the pack got out of shape
stacking things up.  Brian had to slide the car to miss a car that was sideways on the track.  The two made contact but the 92B
kept going, but in the process several cars got by us.  A late race yellow bunched things up again and Brian was able to pick
off a couple cars before the checkers flew.    
June 24th Stuart- Started 1st, Finished 1st. Mid Season Championship The cars were lined up according to where they were in
the points going into the night.  Brian had the pole, but unfortunately the groove was on the high side.  He tried to hang on
but two cars on the outside got out in front.  He got in line and followed them for most of the race.  With a few to go the lead
cars had some lap traffic to contend with.  The two cars in front of Brian came up on them a little fast and Brian was able to
shoot through an opening on the low side to take over the lead.  He had to hang on for a few laps before taking the double
June 16th Suart-Started 10th, Finished 2nd. Can you believe we kept the car in one piece too???  Was luck, pure luck as Brian
had to dodge a few spinning cars before he could finish the race.  He tried the low line early on but wasn't gaining much so
moved up.  The high side worked a little better and he was able to pick off some cars.   With the laps waning he found himself
again narrowly missing a car that was spun out in front of him.  He lost a couple positions but was able to continue.  Coming
around to take the checkers two cars running in front of him made contact and Brian shot to the high side and passed them to
take home second.  All and all a good night!  
June 9th Stuart - Started 11th, Finished 4th. Tonight was survival of the luckiest at Stuart!  For some reason the stock cars had
a heckuva time finishing a lap in the feature event.  Besides looking for some slick spots on the track Brian and the other
drivers had to be on their toes so that they could avoid spinning cars!  Brian managed to come through relatively unscathed
with a fourth place finish.  He tried for sevral laps to over take third but just couldn't find enough to get the job done.  Did rip
up the nose piece again as we were clipped by a car who had spun out in the middle of the track, but other than that things
held together pretty well.   
June 2nd Stuart Speedway,Stuart, IA  Started 9th, Finished 5th. An interesting evening to say the least.  Seemed to have the
car hooked up during the heat but despite our 9th to 3rd place run we sure paid for it!  Unable to avoid  spinning car the nose
piece was ripped off, then a few laps later a car had to check up in front of the 92B and Brian caught their left rear with his
right front.  This tore off the fender and damaged the hood.  Without a welder we were unable to replace the broken fender
support or the hood pin so we had to go out in the feature less the nosepiece, fender and hood!  Not a pretty site!  The track
was dry for feature time and driving was a little tricky.  There were a couple spin outs and Brian got hooked from behind as the
cars stacked up.  His rear bumper was ripped loose and he had to come in to the pits to have it removed.  He was in 17th on
the restart and had his work cut out for him.  The low side seemed to be working well for him as he was able to make some
good passes.  With 2 to go the yellow flew setting up a green white checker finish.  Brian was in 8th when the green was
dropped and he picked up three more positions before the checkers flew.  The car suffered cosmetic damage only from what
we can tell, so hopefully we'll have it back in shape before our next outtting.
5/26/02 Stuart Speedway, Stuart, Ia Started 11th Finished 6th. The car seemed to work a little better...made some changes, but
could have been the heavier track conditions.  In any case, Brian was able to make some progress in his heat and qualify for
the invert.  We started 11th in the feature.  For once the breaks actually seemed to be going our way as Brian was able to
make his way thru traffic using both the high and low side.  His progress slowed when he got behind two cars battling for
position.  One car broke free but Brian wasn't able to take advantage as the other car got out of shape, Brian lifted and was hit
by the car behind him but was able to continue on.  He spent the remainder of the race trying to figure out a way around the
car in front of him and also trying to hang on as he was dogged from behind.  On the last lap the car running on the inside
broadsided us and Brian had to give up the 5th place position.  
5/19/02 Stuart Speedway, Stuart, Ia. Started 13th, Finished 7th. Ran into some trouble in the heat race when a car pushed up in
front of us. Brian lifted and got out of shape on the dry surface and the car behind him drilled him in the left rear.  Finihsed the
race but didn't make the invert.  Got a pretty good dent in the rear quarter panel and smashed the rim. Nothing too serious
and we had things back together for the feature.  The track was very, very dry but Brian seemed to be pretty safe on the low
side.  He picked away at the cars and was up to 7th with a few to go, but there were two cars running side by side in front of
him and he just had to follow.  Coming around to take the white flag the leader spun ..they threw the yellow and finished under
yellow checkered.  Scored us 7th for some reason . All in all not a bad night... :-)
5/5/02-Stuart Speeday, Stuart, Ia. Started 13th, Finished 7th. The track was interesting.  Tacky for the most part, but dry in some
critical areas.  Brian spent most of the race trying to find some racing room.  He stayed down low where the car seemed to
hook up best, but the exit was a little dry making it hard to get off the corner.  He could pull beside the car on the outside but
didn't have enough to pull of f a pass.  Later in the race he thought he'd give the high side a shot, but without much success.  
Lost some ground when he about looped it in one and two, so back to the bottom he went!  Finished in one piece! :-)
5/3/02- Hancock Co Speedway, Britt, IA. Started 10th, Finished 1st!!! It has been awhile since we've been to Britt, but with
Audubon cancelled we thought we'd give it a shot.  Started in the back of our heat and managed to qualify for the invert by
finishing 5th. In the feature we started 5th row outside, but Brian went down low as soon as he could.  First few laps didn't
make much progress and had only moved up to 9th when the first yellow was thrown. Single file on the restart, it was a little
easier to find some passing room on the bottom.  Brian worked through the field and was up to 3rd when another caution
came out. When the race went green again, Brian again took advantage of the bottom groove and a few laps later he gained
the lead.  Seemed like forever but the checkers did finally fly as we took home our first ever feature win at the Hancock Co
Speedway!  A great nite of racing! :-)  
4/26/02-State Fair Speedway, Des Moines, IA 5th. A little better than last week!  No incidents in either the heat or the feature
tonight!  The track looked like it was going to dry out for the feature, but there still was some moisture when the stock cars
took to the track.  The groove was on the high side and everyone got in line.  Brian tried to pass on the low side a couple
times, only to go backwards.  He and another car spent the majority of the race swapping positions.  A late race caution
bunched things up and Brian was able to make some progress forward nipping the fifth place car at the line.  All in all, a pretty
good night!
4/19/02-State Fair Speedway, Des Moines, IA 8th. Not the best night out on the track, especially if you are the person
responsible for body work on the car!  Started off on the wrong foot in our heat when a car running the high side got out of
shape in turns one and two...he shot down the track right into the passenger side door.  Fortunately the damage was only to
the bars and sheetmetal  and Brian was able to continue on.  The feature was very interesting.  We lost some spots when
Brian and another car got hooked together (more dents!). Brian hung in there and did make some headway, but it seemed no
matter what he did he couldn't get free of the pack. There were some scary moments...one when he was tagged from behind
coming out of turn two had him fishtailing down the back straight.  He also had some close calls with the front straight wall
when he was trying to pass outside.  A definite learning experience!  Finished 8th, one spot up from where we started.  
4/14/02-  Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA. 1st!!!   Luck was on our side early on as we had a good draw for our heat race setting us
up for taking home first place in the qualifier.  Our second redraw of the night was just as good with Brian drawing the outside
pole position.  The track had set up nicely for the feature event.  Brian took the lead in the first corner and held it til the
double checkers flew!  Things weren't as easy as they sound, as Brian had to deal with a slick track, and at one point he
miscalculated and almost hit the wall.  This allowed the second place car a shot at the lead but Brian held him off.  Later in the
race we had some lap traffic to deal with, but was able to navigate that safely.  A great way to start the season at Stuart!
4/13/02  Boone Speedway, Boone, IA  -4th. An interesting night.  Started fourth in the qualifying heat.  Brian took to the low side
and pulled off the win.  Drew  third row inside for the feature.  On the start as the cars were in the middle of 3 and 4, the car
directly in front of us got out of shape.  Brian stood on the brake trying not to spin him out, but the cars behind him kept
coming!  We were getting pushed so hard that Brian was using both feet to hold down the brake in order to keep from getting
into the car in front of him!  The race continued and unfortunately we had dropped back to 10th before we had even hit turn
one for the first time!  Brian went high (really high some laps!) and made his way slowly through the pack.  On the last lap he
made a pass for fourth which is where we finished.  A lot of work to make up "one" spot!  On a bright note, the miss didn't
make an appearance tonight....
4/12/02 State Fair, Des Moines - 9th  Rain from the past couple days had the track a little heavier than last week, but Brian
looked good in his heat moving from 7th to second.  The miss from our last outting seemed to have been taken care of as
well.  Lined up in the 10th spot,  the 92B took the green flag only to drop a cylinder AGAIN!  Brian did the best he could to hold
his own on the heavy track and minus some much needed horsepower...he would gain on the low side in the corners but just  
didn't have enough to pull them coming off.  He passed a couple cars only to get stuck in traffic and have them pass him back.  
Back in the pits we tried to figure out what the problem was with the motor, but still are mystified.  Back to the drawing board
we go.
4/4/02  State Fair, Des Moines . - 4th   Decided to take to the road and get in some racing.  Easier said than done, but after
some scrambling things were ready to go.  There were 30 stock cars on hand and we had to get fourth or better in our heat to
make the redraw.  Brian held up his end of the deal by finishing fourth..   He drew the fourth place chip placing us in the
second row outside in the nights A main.  As the cars came through turn four to take the green, Brian got into the throttle and
at the same time he realized that we had lost a cylinder.  Spent the rest of the night racing on 7 cylinders.  Fortunately the
track was dry enough that he could keep up, but passing was difficult to say the least.  We finished where we started...in
fourth place.