2003 News:

Boone Supernationals

September 6th-Saturday Night Feature, Started 3rd, DNF.  Our chance at having a good run in the feature event ended as the
green flag unfurled.  Starting three wide with the 92B on the outside row, Brian stayed as high as he could as they came
around to take the green flag, but unfortunately it wasn't high enough.  As the front row turned to exit corner four the car
starting in the middle position jumped out and turned right in front of the 92B, clipping our front end, shooting Brian down into
the path of the oncoming field of cars. When it was all said and done a considerable number of cars had suffered damage,
including the 92B.  Brian came onto pit road with two left side flats, suspension damage and missing his fender and
nosepiece.  About all the crew could do was fix the flat tires..  Rejoining the pack for the restart Brian was actually able to hold
his own and it looked like he might be able to salvage something for the night.  Unfortunately this wasn't to be, as his run
ended a few laps later when the radiator mount, damaged in the earlier incident, let loose.  With the radiator leaning against
the fan and water spraying into the cockpit, Brian pulled the car in for the final time.  Congratulations to Randy Brands on
winning the Super Nationals Title and to Dave Baugh for his strong second place finish.
September 3-Final night of Qualiftying.  Tonight's feature would determine the outside row for Saturday's A Main event.  
Starting positions in the heat were set based on a driver's overall points for the week.  Brian lined up third in the 10th heat of
the night, top two to go to the evenings feature. The track was drier than it had been all week long, but Brian had the 92B
hooked up.  He got a great start and took over the lead almost immediately and never looked back.  He hugged the bottom and
slowly pulled away from the other cars in the field.  After taking the checkers he drew for the night's feature. Finally a good
draw as he came up with the number 2 chip!  The track conditions were completely different for the feature, with a much
tackier racing surface and the fast groove on the high side.  Brian had another great start and pulled into the lead going into
one.  He had the car hooked up as he put some distance between himself and the second place car only to have the yellow
come out with seven down.  Back to green he was out in front again, hanging on thru two more cautions and restarts to take
the double checkers!   Will be starting front row outside in the 30 car field on Saturday night! Whooooo hoooooo! :) A big
thanks to Randy A, JJ, Wayne Larson Racing , and to our crew for all their hard work this week.  Great to see it finally pay off in
the end!  
Septermber 2-The evening started out with qualifying for the Race Of Champions.  Brian drew poorly and started in the last
row of his heat.  Top two would qualify for Saturday's event.  Brian managed to use both the high and the low side to improve
his position but as the laps wound down he found himself sitting in fourth and looking for an opening, an opening that never
materialized.  On to the heat, another bad draw had him starting last row.  He knew he needed 3rd to move on to a qualifying
feature, but fell short finishing 4th.  Ran a last chance B. Started outside front row.  The pole sitter got a great start and Brian
had to fall in line behind him.  Plagued by intermittent problems with his throttle he considered pulling off, but hung in there
finishing 2nd.  Last night to qualify tomorrow night.
September 1 - Should have stayed home!!!! Brian and crew scrambled to get the car reskinned and lettered before loading up
and heading to the Boone.  Got there in time to get teched and make some last minute adjustments.  Brian started 6th in the
4th heat.  To qualify for one of the night's A mains he had to finish 3rd or better.  With some good luck he managed to take
over the 3rd position, but just didn't have enough to pick up any more spots.  He finished in a poof of smoke as our motor let
go!!!  No spare on hand, some crew members raced off to get another motor while the remaining crew pulled the expired one.  
The motor change was made with time to spare and Brian joined the other cars in the first A.  Starting 20th we knew it'd be an
interesting event.  With a handful of laps in Brian had worked his way up a couple spots when a car was spun several spots
ahead of him.  He missed the car but ran over his bumper, bending the rim on his left front.  Brian didn't realize there was a
problem until a few laps later when his car started to handle poorly.   The officials noticed the tire was down and black flagged
Brian ending his night.  

Crawford County Speedway , Denison, IA
(Racing every Friday night at 8:00)
** Season Opener April 18**
August 29th, Season Championships. Started 3rd, Finished 4th. Great dry slick track tonight which gave us a chance to try out
some new set ups, unfortunately we missed the mark in the feature!  Brian lost some ground early on as the cars battled for
positions.  He settled in on the high side, but wasn't gaining on the leaders. He tried the stick it low but just wasn't there
either. Never challenged from behind, but never able to make a serious challenge on the leaders he finished the caution free
race in 4th.  Congratulations to Mike Nichols on winning the Track Championship!!! :)  
August 21st, No racing tonight due to concert.
August 15th-Started 8th  ,DNF. Things were looking pretty good for the 92B as he had found some passing room on the bottom
early on and was able to pick up some positions.  Having made some headway he moved to the top and moved into 4th. He
was working on trying to make up some ground on the leaders when disaster struck.  What he didn't know was that a car
running behind him had blown up leaving oil on he track...saw some risidual smoke but that was his only warning before he hit
the oil going into the turn.  The car didn't turn but instead went straight into the wall hard, bounced once hit it again and came
to a stop. The right wheel wedged up on the hood between the car and the wall.  A real mess.  Needless to say the 92B's night
was over.  :(
August 8th-Started 4th, Finished 3rd.A second place finish in the heat scored us a pretty decent starting spot.  The groove was
definitely up high tonight and Brian settled into third on the first lap and stayed there the whole race as the cars motored
around the track in one long line for the green to checker race.  Our third place finish impressed someone, as we were
claimed by the number 78 of Jeff Anderson for the fourth year in a row. :)
August 1- No races due to County Fair.
July 25th, Started 3rd, Finished 3rd. A good run in the heat race had us sitting in a good start spot, close to the front. The
groove was up high and with a competitve start Brian was able to pass the car in front of him, he stayed low until something
opened up on top. This put him in second, but his stay there was brief when he was pinched off in one and two and forced up
into the wall.  Lifting to avoid further damage, he settled into third.  The two lead cars pulled away, and Brian ran unchallenged
for the most part for the rest of the caution-free race.  
July 18th, Started 9th, Finished 2nd. Off to a rough start when we were caught up by a spinning car in the heat race.  Pinned
Brian down to the bottom of the track where he and another car made contact.  He was able to pull in and get the left front tire
changed but found out that the tranny wasn't working once he returned to the track.  The crew used all the time between the
heat and feature putting the car back together..repairing the damage to the front end and changing the tranny.  Out on the
track for the main event, Brian was able to use the low and middle to make his way up thru the pack.  It was slow progress and
by the time he popped into second the leader had checked out.  A good solid run, especially after considering how the night
July 11th, Started 9th, Finished 8th. Yep moved up one whole spot in the feature! Brian found out right away the bottom was
not where you wanted to be...unfortunately he had to wait to find a spot on the high side. Get in line and follow the car in front
of you. He tried the low side a few times but there was just nothing there.  
July 4th- Double Features.  First Feature Started 3rd, Finished 1st!A shot of water after hot laps had the track a little greasy for
this first feature. . A yellow and spin out on the first start had Brian sitting on the pole for the restart. The low groove was at a
disadvantage but Brian had a good start and was able to take over the lead by the first turn. He slipped into the high groove
and led the rest of the caution free race.  Second Feature, Started 4th, Finished 1st!!! The groove had moved to the bottom for
this feature and again we were starting in the opposite line, however Brian didn't let this slow him as he found his way to the
bottom in 3rd place, and was able to make the pass for the lead with only  a few laps in.  He put a little distance between
himself and the other cars who were racing for position, only to have the yellow come out.  10 laps to go and they took the
green again. Brian looked smoooth on the bottom but wasn't able to get back the comfortable lead he had once enjoyed.  With
5 left to go he started to feel some pressure from behind.  He stuck to the bottom and was able to hold on despite the
challenge, bringing home the win! Whooo hoooo!  

June 27 ,Storm hit the track as the stocks pulled out for their feature.  Double Features next week.
June 20, Started 4th, Finished 1st!!!!!! Place to be was on the bottom making starting on the outside a bit of a handicap.  Brian
had to hang out on the outside early on waiting for an opening on the bottom.  Finally got one but realized that it was either
follow or try to pass, so he moved up a groove. Worked the middle outside for several laps before he finally found something
to hang onto and was able to pass the cars on the bottom.  He took over the lead with a handful of laps to go and hung on to
take the double checkers. Whoo hooo! :)
June 13, Started 5th, Finished 3rd. Groove was on the top again . Brian hung out low early on trying to get around the first
place car.  He worked and worked waiting for an opportunity only to have another car get to take advantage of it!  The car
running outside bobbled letting the next car in line go by. Brian finally just moved up to the high side and spent the majority of
the race running around behind the leader with third in close pursuit. The three of them had run away from the pack when the
third place car decided he'd try the low side in 3 and 4.  He wasn't able to make it stick coming off and shot up the track and
over our left front fender, cutting our tire.  Brian took the white flag and limped across the finish line managing to hang on to
June 6, Started 7th, Finished 13th (DNF). Rains throughout the day made for some very heavy track conditions.  After working
all night on the car team 92B thought they had found what was causing the smoking problem, however a 1/2 lap into the heat
and we discovered we were mistaken. Brian did manage to take the lead and finish the heat race up front, but once he pulled
into the pits the scramble began.  Time running short and smoking worse with everything we tried (or so it seemed) finally
replaced some gaskets, got her buttoned up and Brian in the car as they were making the last call for Stocks.  He fired it up
and no smoke!  Hit the track with the rest of the field.  The groove was on top and passing was difficult. Brian got in line and
was running in 4th when the car two spots up suddenly stopped.  The 92B got on the brakes hard, was just about to crank her
down to miss the ailing car when we were popped from behind.  Took out the front bars, radiator, and mangled the sheetmetal
pretty badly.  :(
May 27, Started 6th, Finished 7th. They had the schedule of events moved around so that the stocks were to run their feature
before intermission.  Good for getting done early, but didn't give the track much time to get worked in. Definite one groover
on the bottom.  Didn't help we tried something new and the car was loose (yes loose!) and quite a handful.  Brian got freight
trained early on and didn't get to settle into line until he'd fallen back to 10th.  Learned fast...get out of line and you go
backwarks! Basically had to wait for the guy in front of him to slip up and leave an opening on the bottom.  Managed to make it
up to seventh but that was as far as he could get before the race was over.  Car in one piece and home early so we can work
on the new one. :)
May 23, Started 4th, Finished 3rd. Made some more changes to the set up and headed to the track with our fingers crossed.  
The track was hard and dry which would be a great testing ground as far as determining if our handling problems were any
better.  A car scratched in our heat so started on the front row. Brian took advantage and led from start to finich.  He worked
the low side and the car actually seemed to be sticking and turning!  Came in complaining of a slight miss in the motor, so we
focused on that between the heat and feature.  Feature time came around and the groove was still on the bottom, making out
outside row starting spot a little bit of a handicap.  Brian went backwards on the start before he could find an opening and get
in line.  He passed a couple cars and was passed by a couple cars as they went back and forth.  Spent the majority of the race
in fourth waiting patiently for an opportunity to get  around the car in front of him. An opening happened with two to go putting
us in third at the checkers. All in all a pretty good night. :)
May 13- Rained out. They are running a special on Friday so no stocks.
May 9, Started 9th, Finished ???? Interesting evening.  Discoverd some damage from Wednesday's race that we weren't aware
of and arrived late to the track.  Spent the whole time trying to figure out how to get the car to turn and unfortunately weren't
all that succesful.  Qualified for the invert and started ninth in the feature.  Things were pretty tight early on but looked like we
were going to make some forward progress but right he and another car were running side by side down the straightaway a
third car tried to sneak in between them making contact with the 92B and forcing him off the racing surface.  He regained
control but not after being passed by quite a few cars.  Unfortunaely between the track conditions (fast on the high side) and
our ill handling car we were pretty much just along for the ride.  Through patience however he was able to finally work his way
past a couple cars and was back up to 7th but it just wasn't our night as he blew out his right rear tire while coming around for
the white flag.  Not sure where he finished but think pretty much everyone passed him.  Looks like the rim must have taken on
some damage in the early race incidence which lead to the tire going down.  Some other sheet metal damage as well.
May 2, 2003-Started 8th, Finished 3rd.   Still using the back up car, we didn't quite know what to expect.  The track was a lot
drier this week than last and of course we arrived with a tacky car set up!  Made some adjustments after the heat and hit the
track for the feature.  Early on the car handled well on the low side and Brian was able to carefully make his way through
traffic.  The momentum of the higher groove does make one work for every pass made on the low side!  A mid race caution
had the cars stacked up again and for some reason after the yellow the car just didn't want to turn.  Brian tried everything to
work around the push but he had his hands full just holding on and not getting passed.  Managed to finish a respectable third.
and in one piece. :)
April 25- Started 5th, finished 3rd.    Denison is a new track for us so there is prety big learning curve.  Started last in our heat
and finished 5th, putting us in the redraw. Brian drew fairly well and would be starting on the inside 3rd row.  The low side
seemed to be the place to be as the pole setter put a sizeable distance between himself and the rest of the field . Brian
popped into third and he and the second place car started to slowly reel in the leader.  About half way through the feature
they caught up to the leader and were looking for an opening for the pass when there was an accident and the red flag was
thrown.  On the restart, Brian fell a couple car lenghts behind and with only 4 laps left in the race he was never quite able to
catch up and make a serious challenge.  Car in one piece and learned a few things about the set up.   All in all not a bad night
out. :)
April 18th-Rained out.


Buena Vista County Speedway , Alta, IA
2003 Track Champion
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 7:30, Racing begins at 8:00)
**Season Opener April 30**
August 27th, Started 9th, Finished 3rd. Season Championship night, but Brian had enough points to take home the title before
he even showed up at the race track.  Who would think that would be possible with no wins on the year at the track?!  Tonight
the track was fast and smooth, little heavier than we like it but a vast improvement from the beginning of the season.  Brian
was actually able to make the bottom work and for once he was able to get through traffic fairly quickly early on.  With 10 to go
the yellow came out and he was sitting in 4th.  Unfortunately it would take him much of the rest of the race to pass the third
place car.  He worked and worked and worked the bottom until he finally got the advantage and made the pass stick.  With only
a few laps remaining he didn't have time to reel in the leaders to make any serious challenge.  A good solid finish to end off
the year!
August 19th, Started 8th, Finished 6th. Trying out a new set up. Seemed to work well in the heat race as Brian cruised to the
win, but didn't work as well in the feature. The track had a lot of bite and the bottom still was the only way around traffic. Brian
and the others made it an exciting race as they ran 2 and sometimes 3 wide around the track. Brian had his hands full as the
car wasn't handling the best, but he kept trying to look low in hopes he could get ahold of something.  With one to go he dove
down to the bottom but had to ease out of it losing a spot a couple spots. Learned something new tonight so not a complete
loss. Congrats to DW on his win!! :)
August 6th, Started 9th,Finished 7th. The track was back to being super heavy, making for some difficult passing and one
groove racing.  Brian had a fairly good start and picked up a couple positions early on, before he got boxed in behind two cars
racing side by side.  Sitting in fifth, he would first look low then high, hoping one of the other cars would be able to get an
advantage.  With 9 laps remaining Brian had to lift for the cars in front of him and was popped from behind, sending him
spinning.  Fortunately no other cars hit him and he was able to return to the race at the tail end of the field. Spent the
remaining laps trying to make up some ground.  Managed to pick up a few spots before the checkers flew.  A frustrating night
but the car didn't take too much of a beating. :)
July 30th, Started 10th, Finished 4th. The track conditions were much better this week with most of the holes having been
taken care of.  Again the high side was the preferred line and passing was a challenge.  Brian patiently waited for some
openings and was able to make some headway, but most of his march forward was due to incidents futher up in the pack.  As
the laps wound down he found himself sitting in fourth.  He'd take shots at the low side and had enough to manage to pull up
to the door of the third place car but just didn't have enough momentum coming off the turn to make a pass stick.  Several
restarts gave him the opportunity to find that bottom groove but he just couldn't get the job done.  
July 23, Started 10th, Finished 3rd.The track was heavy and to make matters worse there was a mammoth size hole in the
middle of 1 and 2, which made for some interesting racing.  Hit that hole wrong and a car would be airborn.  Most decided the
high side was the safest place to be and stuck to it.  Brian found even that treacherous as he hooked a rut and about drove
completely off the track in one and two at one point.  He recoverd but had lost some serious ground.  A late race caution and
Brian found himself in 3rd, but no matter what he tried he couldn't find enough in the middle or low side to pull off a good
pass.  A couple frightening moments in a wild race, happy to bring the car home in one piece!
July 16, Started 14th, Finished 4th. Broke a front hub in the heat race. Fortunately Brian recognized the symptoms and pulled
in before it broke completely off and caused furhter damage. The crew scrambled to make repairs and had the 92B out on the
track for the feature event.  Things were a little hairy early on as cars battled for their position but Brian kept out of trouble
and found some room on the high side once things settled down some.  He started to pick up some positions and was up to
8th with 10 laps in the books.  He was diving down to go low to attempt a pass on the car in front of him not knowing the car
behind him had a similar plan. The two made contact spinning both cars out.  The yellow was thrown and Brian pulled in to get
a new left rear tire.  Back on the track he found the passing to be laborious, having to work and work the bottom to finally get
by. He did make quite a few passes this way and also picked up some spots through attrition.  5 to go and the final yellow of
the night was thrown.  Brian was sitting in fourth and with the green flag he tried again to find some advantage on the bottom
but never quite had enough to pick up any more positions.  A solid finish.
July 10, Started 9th, Finished 2nd. The track was heavy and wet from recent rains and again the fast groove was on the top.
Brian started inside row and after spending several laps blocked in and going nowhere he was able to move up high.  
Followed the car in front of him as they tried to play catch up, and a few laps later they were able to catch up to the cars
ahead.  A yellow was thrown shortly thereafter and on the resart Brian was up to 5th.  He tried a couple moves on the inside
but wasn't able to make em stick so back to the top he would go.  With 2 laps to go the red flag was thrown for  an incident
between the first and second car, and on the restart Brian would be lined up 3rd.  He was able to take advantage of the high
side this time as the second place car dove to the inside hoping to make a pass on the leader.  Coming around to take the
white flag we were in second but Brian wasn't able to get enough going on the bottom to make the pass for the lead.  A race of
attrition we were happy to have such a good finish. :)
July 3rd, Stock Car Special. Started 2nd, Finished 1st!! Track conditions were about identical to last night, but this time it
played out in our favor.  Starting on the front row outside was ideal, as Brian was able to take advantage of the fastest lane on
the track and jump out into the lead at the fall of the checkered flag.  Believe it or not, the 20 lap feature went without one
caution all the action was behind the 92B as he was able to cruise unimpeded to the win! Finally a win at BVR for this season!  
Whooo hooooo! :)
July 2, Started 9th, Finished 4th. Heavy, heavy track tonight.  Brian made some progress early on in the feature while all the
other cars were bunched up and jockeying for position.  A yellow was thrown with 11 to go and he was up to fourth (though we
thought he should have been scored 3rd!).  Tried to look low a couple times, but just couldn't get enough to pull off a pass.
The rest of the race was run with the top four cars racing around the track on the high side.  When asked if it was a one
groove track, Blessington replied "No it was a two groove track, one fast groove and one really slow groove!"  Put the car on
the trailer in one piece so all in all not a bad night.
June 26- Started 10th, Finished 2nd. Recent heavy rains had the track heavy and wet.  Things didn't look good as a couple cars
rolled in the early features.  Sent the 92B out hoping it would come back in one piece!  The groove was definitely on the high
side and it took a couple laps of being boxed in on the low side and watching the train of cars go by before Brian could settle
in line. He spent most of the first part of the race looking for some racing room only to have an incident up front cause a stir
back in the pack.  A car running on the inside of us veered sharply to the left hitting the 92B lauching him into another car.  
Fortunately we were able to maintain our spot but had to run the remanining 10 laps with a folded over a frame on the right
front.  The next 8 laps or so saw the 92B hanging out trying the high and low side only to be shut down by the two cars running
side by side in front of him.  With 5 to go a final caution was thrown and we were up to 6th.  The car was a handful due to the
mangled A frame and Brian really didn't think he would have the opportunity to move forward any further.  When the green flag
dropped he tried the high side then the low but still couldn't make a pass stick.  A few laps left and two cars in front of him
tangled and he was able to pick up a position.  He then found something down low and was able to pick off a few more
postions...white flag lap and he was in second on the bumper of the leader.  He stuck the car down low and coming off four
was able to get a good bite...about 3 feet short at the checkers. An exciting fiinish for the fans!
June 18, Started 17th, Finished 3rd. Got our bad luck out of the way tonight in the heat race! Two laps to go looking at the low
side to pass for 2nd when Brian realized something wasn't quite right in the front end.  Having taken the white flag he was
definitely losing ground, but was holding onto third place when the right front wheel suddenly broke off sending the car off
turn three.  Towed in it was discoverd the hub had broken off!  Wiped out the brake caliper, hub, spindle, ball joint, wheel and
tire.  Lots of work to do before feature time!  Fortunately they were running the stocks last and the crew scrambled to replace
all the broken parts getting Brian in the car in plenty of time.  Starting back in the pack Brian knew that patience would be key
in the 20 lap special.  Gained several spots on the numerous restarts for lap 19 (someone said it took 25 minutes to get past
the one lap down mark!).  In any case, the dry track was making for some tricky driving.  When the race finally did go green
Brian was able to find something down low and he picked of f  a few positions before the next caution.  Mid race he tried the
high side but just didn't seem to have what was needed to run up there.  The final caution came out with 7 laps to go and Brian
was in 5th.  He dropped down low and was able to pick off two more spots before the race ended finishing a strong third.  Not
bad considering how the night started!  One of the first nights out on a dry track in the new car and we think we figured out
some things too. :)
June 11, Started 9th, Finished 5th. Interesting night. Finished 4th in the heat.  Were in third but the car behind us wanted that
spot really, really bad. and kept whacking us in the bumper and swiping the left rear fender.  Not worth getting wrecked in the
heat.  Unfortunately those few scrapes and bumps didn't look too bad at  all after the feature.  The cars were bunched up early
on, running three and four wide at times.  Brian found an opening on the high side and he got in line.  With a car underneath
him he was going to have to stay there until things settled down...unforturnately they heated up instead when the car running
on the inside of the 92B drilled him in the rear quarter sending his back end careening off the track coming out of turn four.  
At full throttle when the incident happened the car jumped back onto the track and into traffic.  Took some hits but some how
managed to keep all four tires up. Can't say the same for the cars that were further back in the track.  Several were damaged
some quite heavily.  :(  Brian and the offending car were able to continue when the race went green again.  The groove was on
the high side and passing was a challenge but Brian managed to patiently wait for the opportunity to pass cars.  With 5 to go a
yellow was thrown and we were sittting in fourth.  Brian got a good run and took over third then second ....with 2 to go he had
just gone low to work on passing for the lead when the third place car bonzai'd into turn 1&2 running into the front end of our
car, cutting our left front tire.  Brian was actually able to continue on and finish 5th.  A disappointing night to say the least
although the car was handling well.  
June 4th, Started 13th, Finished 7th. Ever have one of those nights? We were kinda hoping for a rain out and in hindsight it
would have been nice!  We scrambled like crazy to get the car and trailer ready for the races.  Got on the road later than
normal, which is really late since we are never on time! Just about there, we could see the track entrance, when our truck ran
out of gas!  Threw a quick splash of gas in the tank as we listened to the first bomber heats racing around the track.  Signed in
we started getting the car ready for the heat in the parking lot.  We made it just in time to get Brian buckled in and out on the
track...only to have him come back in within 2 laps due to engine problems.  Things looked bleak for the feature but the 92B
team went to work doing whatever they could to ensure that the car would be ready for the main event.  Fingers crossed we
sent him out for the feature hoping everything would hold together.  The motor smoked some and was making a terrible
racket, but held up for the entire race. Not a good night to be having motor problems as the track was pretty heavy and early
on it looked like we'd spend the whole night in the back of the pack but a caution with 10 to go gave Brian a chance to
regroup. He was able to go from 12th to 6th, only to lose a spot when the car about shot off the track.  (Determined later the
overflow from the radiator was making for some  slick conditions as it was hitting the right front tire!)  In any case, we salvaged
a fairly good finish and are home to regroup.  Filled both tanks on the way home so atleast we have that covered! :)
May 28, Started 16th, Finished 5th. Well we finally got the new  Larson Chassis to the track!  It was a thrash but the results
were encouraging.  Had some motor problems in the heat race which netted us a last place finish and put us to the tail of the
feature.  Focused on trying to figure out the horsepower issue and something worked because seemed much, much better for
the main event.  Things were pretty tight and clumped up early on and Brian had to wait for the traffic to thin a little before he
started to work his way up through the pack.  However, he was able to put the car where he wanted it and it would stick.  Still
was an advantage to running up high so he had to work for each pass, but did make his way up into the top 5 before the race
ended.  All in all an encouraging debut run for the new 92B.  Did get a couple dings, but nothing too major.  Looking forward to
hitting the track again  soon. :)
May 21, Started 10th, Finished 7th. Track conditions were much improved this week and the stage was set for an exciting A
feature. Patience was key as traffic was thick early on and the cars in the high groove had a great advantage.  It was either
stay in line or go to work on the low side which is what Brian did.  Made for some very tense moments as he and the cars in
front of him ran side by side, bumper to bumper around the track.  Several yellows nullified some passes, but the 92B was able
to slowly move to the front making it up to third position with several laps remaining.  Diving to the low side he could get
beside the second place car but didn't have enough to pull off a pass.  Lap after lap, until the white flag was thrown. Looked
like it was going to be an exciting finish, only to have our right front tire roll off as we were exiting turn 2.  Almost a little bit too
much excitement as he turned sharply up the track heading for the wall and the whopping into the second place car. The car
in front of him recovered and kept going, but Brian had his hands full, limping his car home to finish 7th.  
May 14-Started 10th, Finished 2nd. To say the track was rough is an understatement! All the rain made for a heavy, ROUGH
track.  Brian had some problems in the heat race but managed to finish third qualifying him for the invert.  Starting 5th row
outside he had to be patient as cars were battling it out  two and sometimes three wide in front of him., somehow managing
not to crash as the bounced through the corners.  Finally he found some open track on the bottom and was able to start
moving up through the field.  He was up to fourth when the race was halted due to a horrific rollover of the number 7 car of
Clay Christians.  Fortunately, he seemed ok but can't say the same for the car. As racing resumed Brian picked off one more
spot before the next yellow was thrown....this time for the lead car who broke sending the car off turn 3&4. In second on the
restart and 8 laps to go.  Brian tried a pass down low coming off four only to hit a rut throwing him into the leader.  The 92B just
about spun but hung on and maintained his second place position, but many many car lengths behind the leader.  It looked as
if it would be impossible to catch the leader, but somehow with 2 to go Brian was back on his rear bumper and looking for
away around.  He made an attempt in 1 and 2 but came up short...taking the white flag he tried again in one and two then his
last chance he went down low in 3 and 4. Coming out of the turn  he gave it all he had only to come up inches short at the
finish line.  An exciting ending indeed!
May 7- Started 10th, Finished 3rd .  Not a bad start to the season.  We are still using the back up car but she seemed to handle
a little better tonight.  After winning his heat race, Brian redrew and would be starting fifth row outside.  The track was a little
rough and soft making for some tricky manuevering.  At the drop of the green flag Brian dropped a cylinder but regained some
power with 4 or 5 laps in.  With 13 to go the yellow flew and we were lined up in the 6th spot.  Back to green flag racing and
Brian went to work on the 4th and 5th place cars.  About half way through he had a pretty good battle going with the cars
running in third and fourth.  Brian was working both the high and low side and he did finally get the advantage and was just
starting to work on the 2nd place car when he was walloped coming off turn 4.  Just about lost it completely but he regained
control but not after falling back to 5th.  With only  a few laps left he did catch up to the leaders and finish a respectable third.  
April 30- Rained out.


Shelby County Speedway , Harlan, IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30)
**Season Opener April 26**
September 19th-20th, Tiny Lund Nationals-Started 12th, Finished 7th. Two nights of racing.  First night was qualifying heats
only. Brian needed to finish 2nd to qualify for the redraw.  A not so good draw had him starting second row to the back.  He
moved to the front early on but the leaders got away as Brian and the 3rd place car see sawed back and forth vying for
position.   Brian nipped him at the line to finish thrd but would have to try again Saturday night in the last chance B's.  His third
place finish on Friday had him starting outside pole in his B feature. The track was super dry and the groove was on the
bottom all night.  Brian had to work and work to pass the polesitter as they circled the track side by side. Finally Brian got
enough of an advantage and cleared the other car.  Settling in on the bottom Brian put some distance between himself and
the others taking home the win. This would qualify him for the 12th position in the night's feature.  The preferred line was still
on the bottom for the feature event and Brian went backwards initially til an space opened up.  Filling in the hole, Brian  got in
line and started to slowly work forward.  Each pass took forever as he had to wait for the car in front of him to slip up.  
Managed to make it up to 7th before the race was over.  All in all a good run. :)
Septermber 13, Started 9th, Finished 5th. A full field of cars was on hand tonight. The racing surface was tacky and fast. Early
in the feature Brian got boxed in on the low side and he had to patiently wait for any chance to advance his position.  Took
some time, but he eventually was able to break away from the cluster of cars.  With a handful of laps left, the leaders were well
out in front and with another car hot on his bumper Brian stuck  to the low side in hopes he could reel them in.  Two to go and
he thought he'd see if he could gain anymore by moving up to the high side.  The car behind him quickly pulled up beside him
and the two had a heckuva battle for fifth, see- sawing back and forth side by side with Brian taking the slight advantage at the
August 30, Started 9th, Finished 13th (?). Heat went without incident, and things looked good for the 92B car early in the main
event.  He used the low side to work his way up to 4th and was making the pass for 3rd when a car running on the outside
pinched us down into the tires.  Nothing too fatal except we did suffer a right flat tire.  After a great pit stop by the 92B crew
Brian was able to return to the back of the pack.  He was able to manuever his way around several cars and put on a challenge
on the last lap almost taking over some more spots but didn't have enough at the line.  Finished 13th or so (not sure there
were quite a few cars there tonight!) A disappointment we weren't able to finish up front, but all in all a good effort. :)
August 23rd, Started 8th, Finished 3rd. The track was fairly dry for the stock car feature. Brian actually had a fairly good start
for once and cleared some heavy traffic early on in the race.  He was able to stick the car to the low side and pick up some
spots.  Up to third, he worked and worked the low side til he was able to take over the second place spot.  The leader was
running in about the same groove , but a little higher up on the track.  With a few laps left in the race they came up on some
lap traffic, the leader slowed some and Brian had a good run going on the bottom, only to see the third place car take
advantage and power by on the high side!  The cars went into turn 4 three wide but Brian had to lift so as not to cause
problems.  Finished the race in third.  An exciting race! :)
August 16th, Started 9th, Finished 6th.  Showed up at the track with lots of work left to do after last night's adventure into the
wall.  Had the fender and nose piece back on in time for the heat, only to get caught up in an incident involving two cars in
front of us!  Brian finished the heat with the nose piece just about scraping the ground.  Back to work in the pits, made some
repairs to the front end only to figure out right before the feature that we had a bent tie rod! Barely got Brian in the car and up
to the line up chute for the night's A.  The track had two grooves, but it still seemed to place to be was the top.  Brian had to
wait out some serious traffic early on, but once things settled down he went to work on the bottom.  He made up some spots
and went to the high side where he spent the remainder of the race.  He and the car in front of him reeled in the front runners
to some degree but they just didn't have time to make a challenge.  Car handled well but seemed just a little short on hp for
some reason.  
August 2, Started 9th, Finished 2nd. The track was hard and fast making for some great racing all night long.  The stocks were
no exception . Early in the race the cars were running two and three wide vying for position.  With the low side open,Brian
picked up some spots on the low side rather quickly .  His forward progress was slowed as he ran into a couple other cars who
were racing on the low side.  The first one he encountered was sticking pretty good but a few laps and Brian was able to take
advantage of an opening left down low and make the pass.  The next two cars were running a slightly different line and Brian
actually had to use the middle to get around.  Patience paid off when he popped into second, the leader well out in front by
now. Three laps to go and a yellow was thrown.  The leader had been running the same grroove as Brian so on the start he
looked at the high  side going into one and two but there just wasn't enough there. He kept making attempts for the remaining
3 laps but just wasan't able to get a good enough run to take over the lead.   A great race!
July 26th, Started 9th, Finished 7th. The day's humidity kept the track super tacky all night long.  Made for some tight side by
side action, but unfortunately Brian spent most of the night in 10th behind two guys battling it out side by side! He would think
the low car was going to have the advantage so he'd drop down low, follow for a couple laps in hopes he'd break free only to
have the car on the high side start pulling away.  Moved up to the high side, followed for a couple laps, only to see that the car
working the bottom looked like he might make it around! This continued for most of the race until a caution came out with 5 to
go.  Finally some racing room and Brian was able to pick off a couple cars and get into the groove, but just as he was catching
up to the pack of cars the race was over.  Lotta work for so few positions!
July 19th, Started 9th, DNF. Some bad luck on our side tonight as we lost our motor with two laps to go in the feature.  Caught
up in traffic for most of the race it was a frustrating run for Brian anyway.  
July 12th, Started 15th, Finished 2nd. Had some problems in the heat race. One lap in and the car died.  Earlier in the shop
we'd discovered that we had a jug of Alchol instead of Cam II. Didn't think much got in the system but turns out there was more
than we thought and it did in the fuel sysem. Had to drain the fuel cell, replace the fuel pump and make some other changes to
correct the problem, only to find out the ignition box was going as well!  Got him out on the track for the feature and the track
conditions were ideal for some great racing early on. Brian stayed low and was able to get up to 5th with only 3 laps in.  A
yellow was thrown and his progress to the front slowed some as he had to work several laps to pick up the next two postions.  
He set his sites on the leader and was able to reel him in but just didn't have enough  on the bottom by this point to make any
serious challenge for the lead.  A good run! :) Congrats to Mike Nichols on his win and the TNT of Roger Tripp!!
July 4th, Started 10th, Finished 3rd. Limited on details as I wasn't able to attend tonight, but things didn't start off too well for
the 92B. As he was pulling out onto the track the cellanoid in the starter went out, the car died and smoke was rolling from
under the hood.  The track crew was able to push start him, but he went to the rear.  Sounds like an exciting finish to the race
as there was a yellow with a few to go, bunching the cars up.  Brian crossed the finish line with two other cars and was scored
June 28, Started 8th, Finished 4th. Heavy race track tonight and the moisture just kept coming up as the night went on.  Brian
was shuffled back at the start of the feature as cars were vying for position.  He found something down low and was able to
pick up some positions, but the going was slow as cars were battling it out in front of him.  He made the pass for fourth with a
few laps left in the caution free race, but by that time the top three had put quite a distance between themselves and the rest
of the field making it impossible for him to pick up any more positions.  A good run with no damage to report. :)
June 21, Started 8th, Finished 2nd. Track was interesting in the heat race, appeared to have some bite but several stockers
found out it was a little trecherous.  Survived the heat and hit the track for the feature after making some minor adjustments.
to the car. Seemed to be the right thing to do as the car was sticking to the bottom and could run on the high side too.  Early
on Brian found some openings and he raced through the pack, using that low side to his advantage to get through traffic.  
With only  a handful of laps in he was up to second approaching the leader, another car drag racing him down the front
stretch.  The leader saw Brian's nose and lowered his line, slowing our progress enough to let the other car zip by on the high
side.  Brian took over second a lap later and set his sites on the new leader.  A few laps later he had run him down and they
had a duel for the remaining circuits...Brian down low the other car on the high side.  Brian would get a good run off two taking
the lead on the backstretch only to lose the advantage on the front straight.  They did this lap after lap but Brian was never
able to take over the lead completely. They crossed the finish line with Brian up to the driver's side door but it wasn't enough.  
A real thriller for the fans and a great run! :)
June 14, Started 11th, Finished 8th. Full moon was at work for us tonight.  After a disappointing run in the heat race we were
hoping we would have a better showing in the feature, but our hopes were dashed with only 3 laps in.  Racing down the back
stretch and the car running in front of us lost control suddenly turning left and directly into the 92B.  Spinning down the back
stretch we did get lucky as the rest of the field was able to get by.  On pit road the crew changed the mangled right front tire
but wasn't able to do anything about the crushed upper a arm which had the tire leaning in up against the frame.  Out on the
track Brian somehow managed to wrangle the car around the oval, passing several cars before the race ended.  Not a bad
race considering the damage to the front end.
June 7, Canceled due to Rain.
May 31-Started 7th, Finished 1st!!!  Second night out on the Larson Chassis and our first win in the new car! The groove was
definitely on the bottom...get out of line and go backwards.  Fortunately Brian started on the bottom and was able to get his
car to stick.  Took some time to get to the front, as he basically had to wait for each car in front of him to leave a little room on
the inside or get out of line.  Took over the lead with about 6 to go and never looked back!  Celebration was cut short when we
were claimed by Jay Brannan 69J.  Added two trophies to the collection this week, but lost two motors! .
May 24- Started 8th, Finished 5th. Looked like the show might be rained out, but except for a brief shower before hot laps the
rain held off.  The added moisture did make for a tacky racing surface and some nerve wracking side by side racing action in
the stock car feature.  With the drop of the green flag cars were running 3 and 4 wide as they raced around the track.  With a
car under him and two on the outside Brian just held on for the first couple laps, hoping nobody would mess up and that there
would be an opening soon!  Things did settle down eventually and Brian stayed on the low side making some forward
progress.  He made it up to fourth and was working on catching up to the third place car when two cars behind him found
something up high.  They started to make up some considerable ground on the 92b and one was able to pass before Brian
moved up and took advantage of the faster groove.  
May 17-Started 6th, Finished 4th. Tried out another set up in hopes that it would solve our handling problems, but
unfortunately it didn't.  Made some additional changes before the feature and still didn't seem to make any headway.  Still had
on nasty push.  To make matters worse we went backwards immediately when the car in front of us didn't get going on the
start letting several of the cars on the inside get a jump on things.  Managed to work the low side to get back up to fourth, but
had to work for every position.   Really gained on the the lead cars in the last few laps but a little too little too late.  We are
hoping that this is our last race at Harlan in our "back up" car as the new Larson Chassis should be done very soon.  Hopefully
the learning curve isn't too steep and we'll just have to deal with competing with the other cars on  the track not fighting our
own car!

May 10- Rained out.
May 3-Started 2nd, Finished 2nd. Still running the back up car, we knew there was a challenge ahead after running the heat.
Despite several changes, the push that was haunting us last night was still an issue.  The crew scrambled to make some more
changes before the heat race and with fingers crossed sent the 92B out on the track.  They had run the events in reverse
order so there was a lot of rubber down on the bottom of the raceway and that was where the fastest groove was. Brian tried
to beat the pole sitter to the first corner and he did but not by enough to pull down and take over the lead. Didn't help matters
that the nasty push was still very apparent if he got out of the groove.  In any case, he settled into second and stayed right on
the bumper of the car in front of him for the entire caution free race.  He did have a couple chances to try to dive under the
lead car but never enough to make a serious challenge for the lead.  One last attempt coming off four had him up to the
leaders door, which is how they crossed the finish line.  All in all not a bad showing...just wish we could get this car working a
little better. Racing is challenging enough without having to fight the car so dang much!

April 26- Started 10th, DNF.  Still doing some fine tuning on the set up, but the car seemed to handle fairly well in both the heat
and feature. Unfortunately we just were not able to finish the race.  Things were certainly bottled up early on in the feature but
Brian and a few other cars were slowly working to the front. Running the low side, Brian was on the back bumper of the  car in
front of him when two cars running on the outside got together pushing the 92B down onto the grass coming out of turn 4,
keeping him pinned down there for half the straightaway.  Right when it looked like Brian was going to be able to pop out in
front of them  he was clipped on the rear quarter  turned sideways and pushed down the straightaway.  The car was just rolling
to a stop when it was clipped again ripping off the rear bumper... then the final blow as another car came along and
broadsided us ending our night.
Damage Assessment: Aframes, tie rods, spindle, frame damage, sheetmetal damage.   She's not pretty!   

Blackbird Bend Speedway , Onawa, IA
2003 Track Champion  
(Racing every Sunday night, hotlaps 5:15, Racing begins at 6:00)

8/3-Started 9th, Finsihed 9th. Tried out a new set up and found out it didn't work all that well!  The track was dry and the groove
was on the bottom.  Brian fought the car the entire race, but was able to get up to second.  Laps winding down he was on the
bottom following the leader. With one to go he looked to the outside in one and two. The leader and him drag raced down the
back stretch and Brian went into four a little higher hoping to find something that would give him the advantage. Didn't find
much at all as the backend of the car came around and he spun out!  This turned out to be the last race of the year, as they
have decided to cancel the remaining shows.  With a sizeable lead going in, the 92B will take home the Track Championship
Title. :)
7/20-Rained out before the races could get started.
7/13- Started 10th, Finished 2nd. Dejavu of last week only he was there at the end.  Last lap he pulled ahead slightly coming
out of turn 2 only to lose the advantage off four.  Second by inches! :)
7/8-Started 10th, DNF. Haven taken the white flag, Brian was in a position to challenge for first when his run was ended quite
unceremoniously. The incident damaged the rim and he lost the tire so wasn't able to finish.  
6/29-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.
6/22- Rained out.    
6/15-Started 10th, Finished 6th.
6/8-Started 9th, Finished 3rd. Despite recent rains the track was dry.  Brian made some adjustments between the heat and
feature which seemed to help him move up through the pack.  And what a pack it was, as the cars spent several laps early on
racing 3 and 4 wide.  Things did finally thin out a little and Brian went to the low side.  He  managed to make his way up to 3rd
before the checkered flag flew.  
6/1-Started 10th, Finished 2nd. An exciting race.  The track proved to have more than one groove providing for some very
close, three and sometimes four wide racing early on.  Brian appeared to be making some headway, but when a caution came
out about 4 laps in, we actually had lost ground! With the drop of the green flag he went to the low side.  Seemed that might
not be the best place to be, but the longer he worked the bottom the faster it seemed to get.  Slowly but surely he made his
way into the top 4 and with 3 to go he popped into second.  Made up some serious ground on the leader but ran out of laps.  
Another good showing.  The trip home wasn't nearly as smooth, as we bent an axel on the trailer.  Did some improvising and
was able to limp home.  Tire blew one mile from home.  :-)
5/26- Started 1st, Finished 1st!!! Finally made it to the Winner's Circle! Led it from green flag to checkered, surviving several
restarts and yellows.  Was down to the wire at the checkered but Brian hung on.  :) Claimed by Tim VanDeHei from Wisconsin.
Another motor going to the cheese state!
5/25- Started 11th, Finished 7th . Interesting track conditions to begin the night. What looked like dust flying up off the track
actually was water that was sitting in the holes created by the sheeps foot! This made for some extremely slippery conditions
for the drivers!  The heat race was dicey but Brian managed to hang on to the fourth place spot qualifying him for the redraw.  
The redraw was a little disappointing as he drew the 11th place chip out of a possible 12!  The last feature of the night the
track finally dried up making for a completely different racing surface.  It took 3 tries before the race was finally underway,
unfortunately for the 92B the dry conditions confirmed our worst fears...the handling problems we had been fighting the past
few weeks were not gone.  The car was pushing as bad if not worst than it had in the past.  Brian dropped to the back of the
field as he struggled to get the car to turn.  He did manage to go to manuever his way around the bottom gaining quite a few
positions only to have to return to the high side as the bottom groove went away. As the laps wound down he again looked
like he was making some headway down low but as they came around for the white flag the outside and middle rows filled in.  
Had no idea where we finished due to the angle of where we were watching from and the mass of cars that crossed the line at
the same time.  Was scored 7th.  Definite disappointment on the handling situation. :(
5/18-Started 13th, Finished 3rd. A rough start to the night. A lap into the heat and a car in front of Brian spun out and Brian ran
right into him.  Took out the radiator, front bars, etc. along with sheetmetal damage.  The crew scrambled and got him back out
on the track for the feature where he was to start last. The track was hard and dry and Brian had to try to stick to the low side,
which he was able to do for the most part.  A few laps in and he was up to third which is where he spent the remainder of the
race. The car is going to need some TLC after this one.
5/11-Rained out.
5/4-Rained out.
4/27-Started 8th, Finished 2nd .  Last nite's accident made for a Sunday thrash as the crew scrambled to get the back up car
ready for today's race.  The team was on the road an hour late and a "to do" list in hand.  Things went well at the track in the
untested car as he won his heat and had a great showing in the feature.  The car still could use some fine tuning but were
very happy with the results.  :)
4/20- Rained Out.
4/13- Season Opener.  Started 8th Finished 3rd.  A beautiful day for the first race of the year! This was our first time at BBB, but
probably not our last.  With the previous week's snow, the track proved to be a bit of a challenge as the moisture had made for
some interesting obstacles.  All of the stock cars seemed to struggle some during the heat races, including Brian.  A few
adjustments before the nite's feature seemed to help, but Brian still felt that his car was not quite dialed in.  He spent most of
the race running in the 5th and 6th positions, only to have a couple cars lose thier grip or suffer mechanical problems putting
us up into the 3rd spot by the end of the race.  Think we learned some things and hope to give it another shot next week. :)
(Congrats to Dave Baugh on his feature win at Stuart !! )