2004 News:

Boone Supernationals     

9/8- Third and final night of qualifying.  Brian would start outside row in the 11h heat.  Needed to finish 1st or 2nd to move on
to the night's qualifying A.  Off to a rocky start as the car on the inside made it clear he wanted to  be in the outside groove!
Coming around to take the green he rubbed us then with a little more force as they came out of four. Brian yielded and
dropped into line behind him.  He was all over his rear bumper for the first few laps when the bad luck returned in full force.
The car developed a horrible vibration, front wheel hopping making it almost impossible to set the car in the corner.  Brian
survived one lap but on the next circuit he went into three and four and right off the edge of the track ending our night and
any chance of getting into Saturday Night's Feature.  A big congrats to: Dave Baugh, Wyatt Olson, Randy Brands, Chris Ullrich,
Rick Brown, Keith Knop and Dave Smith for getting in. Best of luck!!!
9/7- Second night of qualifying also qualifying heats for the Race of Champions.  Drew the last spot in the ROC heat.  Not a
good thing as we dropped a cylinder on the first lap. Brian got up to and hung onto a distant 4th but needed 2nd so did not get
in.  Went to work trying to determine the problem with the motor and thought we had it figured out, but unfortunately we didn't
as again we were short a cylinder.  Looked like we were going to make it into the nite's A though as the 92B was able to hang
on the high side right behind the 2nd place car. Unfortunately, he had no where to go with the car in front of him got out of
shape in the middle of three and four about looping it...Brian hit him with his front end and flatted our tire ending our run.  
Back to our pit and we changed the motor.  Would be running a B for points only (points are used to line you up in the last
chance heats on Wed).  Got the motor changed in record time and back out on the track in the back of the last B. Car looked
good as Brian moved up through the pack only to have a car spin directly in front of him. Somehow he managed not to make
contact but lost all the positions he had gained.  Spent the rest of the race playing catch up and stuck in traffic. Finished a
disappointing 6th. :( Try again tomorrow.
99/6-First night of qualifying for Saturday's A Main event.  Good draw had the 92B starting inside row 2 in his heat.  First few
laps he was pinned in on the bottom but eventually things cleared out and he snuck to the high side. Catching up to the lead
car and knowing he was in the draw he settled in line and finished out the race. Drew 14th of a possible 16 for the night's
qualifier! Needed to finish 5th or better to get in Saturday's race.  Things were congested early on in the feature event. With 3
or 4 laps Brian was running the outside line coming out of four when a car on the inside of him took a right hand turn popping
him in the driver's side door.  Brian spun and the yellow flew.  To the back he went to restart in 21st place!  He was working the
bottom and making slow progress when another car flew by him on the outside.  Thinking he had little to lose Brian moved up
and the two cars starting picking off cars at a rapid pace.  He had just passed  fifth and was working on the 4th spot when the
red was thrown.  Not sure how many laps were left but they called the race and reverted back a lap putting us in 6th!!!! One
spot out of qualifying! How frustrating! Back to try again tonight.  Qualifying for the Race of Champions as well.   

Blackbird Bend Speedway , Onawa , IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hotlaps 7:15, Racing begins at 8:00 )

*Season Opener April 23rd* www.blackbirdbendspeedway.com

9/17- 7th.  Tough one to even explain! Cut a tire early on in the race, but Brian kept moving forward. He knew the car wasn't
handling quite right but wasn't sure what the problem was.  He managed to move up to 3rd when the yellow flew for another
car.  Rounding the track under yellow he tried to get the attention of the track officials but none signaled that he had a flat tire.
Finally he stopped and got an official to come over and look and YES he did have a flat! He exited the track and the crew (Liz
and some wonderful volunteers!) went to work only to see the race go green as he pulled up.  He went out but was a lap down!
Caught up to the pack, passed all the cars back but the top 3! Pulled in. Lots of debate as to where he finished (lap down or
not). Finally decided he was a lap down, scored us 7th.  One race left next Friday which will decide the points Champion...
tonight hurt us as we only had a 1 point lead going in.
9/3-2nd.  The track had a "Special" tonight making for a draw/redraw format.  Brian drew the front row for his heat and was able
to take advantage of his good fortune and finish in the top spot in his qualifier.  He drew the #7 chip out of the bucket and
would be starting inside row 4 in the night's A Main.  The cars were two wide for the first couple laps with Brian trying to make
some headway on the bottom. First caution was a few laps in and he was lined up in the 5th spot.  To the bottom he went and a
few laps later he was up to the 3rd spot, but 2nd and 1st had checked out by then.  Did manage to pick up one more spot as
the 2nd place car faded about half way through, but the leader was atleast a 1/2 lap ahead by then and untouchable.  Without
any cautions, the field did get strung out and Brian and the other cars did have to deal with some lap traffic and Brian had his
hands full with the 3rd place car who was dogging him, but he was able to hold on to 2nd place.  A nice run. :)
8/27-2nd.  Another solid run posted by the 92B.  Started off the night with a completely new set up. Worked ok in the heat but
just weren't sure if it was the way to go in the feature as there was still a lot of bite out in the track. Last minute decision,
changed everything around.  Seemed to be a good one as the car stuck wherever Brian put it, just didn't have traffic on our
side tonight at all!!! Got hung up in a bunch of 3 cars for the majority of the race. Brian would look high, then low, then high,
then low...finally one of the cars in front of him broke free and Brian was able to move up a spot as well. Open track in front of
him he used the bottom to take another spot then another til he was in second.  4 to go but the leader had checked out in the
caution free race so no chance of catching him.  
8/20-3rd.   Track was very interesting tonight.  Groove was on the top for the heat race and down low for the feature.  Tacky on
one end and slick on the other!  Brian got caught up in traffic early on , hanging out in the middle til an opening appeared on
the bottom. He got in line, making passes only to have them nullified by a couple cautions.  He slowly worked his way up
through traffic, patiently waiting for the car in front of him to leave some light at the bottom.  Up to third with a handful of  laps
left he was able to get the 2nd spot with 3 to go, but was having trouble keeping the car down coming off four.  He and the
other car see sawed back and forth with Brian getting nipped at the line.  A nail biter. :)
8/13-1st!!!   Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky one for the 92B team! Brian went right down the middle after taking the
green flag and was settled in second when they came around the first time.  The groove was most definitely on the bottom and
both he and the lead car were running low. Brian waited a couple laps for an opening and shot through and into the lead. He
had to survive a couple near misses with cars spinning out, a couple yellows and restarts but managed to hang on to the lead
til the end.  A nice solid run! :)
keep 'er on the track and from finishing last!  Brian debated what to do and finally made some adjustments to the car before
heading out for the night's feature. Early on things were pretty hectic as cars were scrambling to find a line and to improve
their positions. The race was progressing one lap at a time due to all the cautions.  This was hurting Brian as he would pass
someone and then have to go back behind them when they were realigned!! Finally, things settled down and they got to 8/7-
1st!!!  Track conditions were much different this week and the car was wayyyy off in the heat race as Brian struggled to racing.
Brian decided the best way around the track was the bottom, but hitting things just right was the trick. He patiently worked his
way up thru traffic and was in 3rd when the caution flew again.  Back to the bottom he went along to wait for an opening which
finally did come as  the cars in front of him would lose their grip and slide up some leaving enough room for the 92B to pop
thru.  From there on forward it was a matter of trying not to lose it on the slick track.  Brian kept his head and held it together
to take home the double checkers! Whatta deal after such a poor start to the night! :)
7/30- 1st!!!  Had to scramble all day to get the car back together after last nights debacle. Still working on the car at the track,
Brian was ready to go by the time his heat rolled out onto the track.  Car seemed to be running well  and after a few minor
adjustments it was time for the real test of the night, the feature event.  At the drop of the green Brian got shuffled back and
was in the process of making up ground when there was a pile up in turn 1 &2.  Slamming on his brakes Brian narrowly missed
what could have been serious damage.  He kept going and was lined up in 5th on the single file restart.  Green light came on
and the 92B went  to the bottom and steadily moved up through the pack.  In second he set his sites on the leader who had
pulled away from the rest of the cars. Still on the bottom Brian reeled them in and made the pass for the lead.  7 long laps to
go and one restart, but he managed to hang on til the double checkers flew! Whooo hoooo! :)
7/23- 2nd.   A night of near misses! Brian got a great start and took advantage of the bottom early on picking up quite a few
spots before the first yellow flew.  Sitting in second on the restart Brian looked high then low taking over the lead.  Lots of
laps left and the field was approaching fast! Running the high side the second and third place cars were not giving up
anything! They were dogging the 92B which was a tad too tight and pushing in the corners. Brian had his hands full, trying not
to go in too hard and off the track!  He held onto the lead for 6 or so laps, but had a tire drop off the back stretch, and the
moments it took to gather the car back up was enough for second place to take over the lead. The 92B hung within 1 or 2 car
lengths but just didn't have enough.  New set up was good, but not good enough. :) Claimed by the KTIV 4 car of Brad Green.
7/16- 1st!!!  After two weeks off due to the weather it seemed like it had been forever since we had raced at BBB!  Brian
seemed to remember how to pilot his car around the track as he picked off a win in his heat. A few minor adjustments and he
was ready for the feature.  Starting in the 3rd row he went right down the middle of the field and managed to take over the
lead with a couple laps in.   With no yellows he encountered some lap traffic about half way through, but safely maneuvered
around. He lost some ground to the second place car but managed to keep a comfortable lead.  One lap to go and he had one
more lap car to deal with. Taking the white flag he went low and cleared them, only to have the car dive under him and pop his
left rear tire!!! Tire immediately went flat but Brian managed to finish the race and keep her out in front to take home the
double checkers.  An interesting way to finish the race!! :)
7/9- Canceled due to rain.
7/2- Canceled due to rain.
6/25- 1st!!   Interesting night.  Track was super wet and heavy, taking over an hour to get it rolled in before the races could
begin.  The conditions hadn't changed much by the time the stock car heats hit the track and Brian found out first had what a
little slime on the top side can do. Couple laps in Brian went high coming out of turn 2 to pass a car when the car on the inside
started drifting up higher and higher. By the time they got to turn 3 Brian knew he was in trouble up there in the slimy stuff,
turned the steering wheel and nothing happened..well something did ..he went flying off the track!  The car wasn't hurt but it
did kill the motor so he went to the back of the pack on the restart. Passing on the bottom he was able to make  up some
ground before the race finished, only to find out he was scored last for causing a yellow! This would put him in the 12th spot
for the night's feature event.  Brian made some adjustments to the car and was ready to go by feature time.  From his last row
start spot he had a great view of what was going on out in front and on the first lap a car pushed up in front of the main field
and Brian went flying through on the bottom.  A yellow came out a lap later and we were up to 3rd with 17 laps left to go.  On
the restart Brian went low to take over the 2nd place spot and then high to take over the lead a few laps later.  From there on
out it was a matter of him keeping the car under him and surving some more yellows before he could take home the double
checkers! Whooo hoooo! Nice to get a win at BBB! :)
6/18- Canceled due to rain.
6/11- 2nd.   No rain this week but the track was back to being heavy and got  a little rough by feature time.  Brian was trying a
new set up and it looked pretty good in the heat as he came from the back for the win.  Unfortunately this didn't work as well
when fearture time rolled around.  Going low right away Brian was able to pick up some spots right away but then got caught
behind another car on the bottom.  A yellow was thrown and when it went green he went to the high side hoping to clear the
traffic. The going was slow for him up top, but finally found an opening down low and dove in.  As he barreled into turn four
the car had a terrible push taking him up the track and into traffic.  Caused some damage to the right rear on our car and
unfortunately he did hit another car who later pulled off the track. :(  Brian fell back several spots and regathered himself.  He
went back down low and was able to  pick up some more spots.  He made his way up to the 3rd positon and he and the 2nd
place car were gaining on the leader.  The lead car saw them coming and altered his line just enough to keep the top spot.  
Brian was able to nip the 2nd place car at t he line.  Back to the drawing board on the setup.  
6/4- 4th.   With a reprieve in the rains, the track was much smoother tonight than it has been.  For the heat the groove went to
the top which was certainly a change from Monday's run.  Brian was trying out a different set up and unfortunately it didn't
work out the best for us.  Early on he was able to pick up some positions on the bottom but that got a little too tight and so he
hopped into the high line.  Not a great idea it turns out as he spent most of the rest of the race riding the rim waiting for an
opening on the bottom!  With a few laps to go he did finally clear the traffic and start to make some movement forward but the
leaders had checked out by then. Finished 4th.
5/30& 31- Memorial Day Specials-   Two complete shows were slated for these dates, however the weather  wreaked havoc
once again as the rain started as the stocks were only minutes away from their feature event on Sunday night.  Brian and the
other drivers would have to run double features on Monday.  Things didn't look good for getting the show in on Monday as
the 92B traveled through some high winds and heavy rains to get to the track.  The evenings events were plagued by high
winds and some brief showers but the weather held long enough for them to get the show in. Brian had drawn the 12th
starting spot in the make up feature.  The wet weather had taken it's toll on the track making it rough and one groove.  Brian
got hung out on the high side for several laps of the feature.  Finally finding and opening he shot to the bottom where he
spent the rest of the race.  A couple cars tried up high and paid for it.  Finished 6th and in one piece.  
Got the car ready for the next race and finished 3rd in the heat drawing a little better, he would start 7th in the feature.  
Thankfully this draw put him on the bottom as that was the preferred  groove for most the night.  In the feature, Brian hung in
line and he and the other cars hopped the holes hugging the tires with few daring to get out of line.  The 92B was in the fourth
place position when a yellow was thrown with 6 to go.  Taking the green Brian finally saw an opening on the bottom entering
turn one only to have the door slam shut as the cars in frront braked, the car immediately in front of Brian got a little sideways,
Brian slammed on the brakes got hit from behind and then again in the door as the cars all came flying into the corner.  The
yellow was thrown and to the back we went.  They called the time limit on the race so went green, white checkered. Not sure
where we were scored..possibly 12th? Car came in with a flat , sheet metal damage and some serious front end damage.  Least
we didn't have to fight the bad weather on the way home. :)

5/28- Double Features. Make Up Feature- Finished 9th. Regular Feature finished 3rd.   A late night, compounded by the storms
that were lurking.  First feature the track was super heavy and wet making for some difficult conditions. Brian suffered a left
rear flat with about 4 laps in.  Hung in there until there was finally a yellow with 2 to go.  Good thing cuz he was down to the
rim! Got the tire changed and did manage to pick up a few spots before the race ended.  The track conditions were much,
much drier for the regular feature event.  Brian found himself just hanging out in traffic for the longest time, but finally was
able to start moving forward. There were some ruts to contend with and he was able to take advantage of some others
misfortunes as he moved  to the front.  Got up the 3rd but the new set up he was trying really didn't work well enough for him
to be able make any more forward progress.  Car in on piece for the most part, storms held off til the ride home. So all in a all a
good night. :)

5/21- Stock car feature postponed til next week due to severe weather.
5/14- Canceled due to wet conditions.
5/7- 2nd. Track was smooth, dry and fast tonight!  Early on in the stock car feature things were a little hairy as cars were trying
to find the best way to the front.  After a couple laps of running on the outside Brian dropped down low and he and another
car headed to the front of the pack.   Brian looked great on the bottom but after several laps he realized that the leader was
sticking pretty good so he thought he'd see what the top would do for him.  Was able to hang with the lead car for a couple
laps and it looked like he might be able to give him a serious challenge but the bottom was just too much of an advantage at
that point.  With 2 to go the yellow was thrown setting up a green, white checkered show down.  Brian had to go high again
and on the last lap the two cars came out of turn two side by side barrleing down the back stretch but Brian was to come up
short by a few feet at the finish line. An awesome race! Congrats to Tony Ritterbush on his win. :)
4/30- 3 rd .   Back to being lined up by points so the 92B was to start 9 th in tonight’s feature.   Brian’s crew chief had told him
that the bottom looked good so he hung on down low early on in the race.   As the car on the outside were flying by he
decided maybe it was time to move up a groove or two!   Moving up he started to make some progress to the front.   The
racing was awesome- 2 and 3 wide! Side by side, lap after lap.   Brian was using the bottom, middle and high side to move to
the front. With a few laps remaining he managed to get up to third but the two front runners were too far ahead for him to
catch up to.   A good night of racing. J

4/23 -  2nd  Recent rains made for some interesting track condtions. Basically it was tacky yet the dust was flying!  Brian drew
the middle of the pack for his heat race and was able to fall in line on the bottom. He worked it and wokred it til he was able to
make the pass for second which is where he finished.  On the redraw he pulled out the top spot and would be starting on the
pole.  The track conditions were complicated further by a hole that had developed in turn 4.  Brian debated and made some
changes to the car before hitting the track.  At the tip of the green the outside car had the advantage going into turn one with
the 92 B falling into line.  As Brian was searching for a line around the leader and looking for the best way around the track a
car from the back of the pack took the high side and went by to take over the lead.  Brian was able to pass back into second
but the race went green checkered leaving no opportunity to catch the leader.  Didn't help that with a couple laps to go he
was passing lap traffic and drove right into the monster hole..finished the race with a bent spindle, and some other bent up
suspension parts.


Buena Vista County Speedway , Alta , IA  
*****2004 BVR TRACK CHAMPION!!! ******
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 6:45, Racing begins at 7:30 )

*Season Opener April 28th*   www.buenavistaraceway.com  

Sept 1- DNF.  Night started off good with the 92B looking smooth and fast in the heat race.  Feature time and the field rolled
out onto the track. The preferred line seemed to be the bottom and we would be starting outside row 5.  Drop of the green left
the 92B trying to hang on on the outside groove.  The bottom stayed plugged up and cars were running two wide in front of
Blessington.  Slow and tedious he had improved his postions by 4 by the half way mark in the race, only to have the night turn
sour as the motor let go.  Insult to injury, coasting down the back stretch looking for a way to get off the track when our
disabled car was rear ended hard from behind! Not the way we wanted to end the season but did come into the night with a big
enough points lead to still hang onto the track Championship despite our poor showing tonight!  Whooooooo hooooooo!
Certainly an awesome season overall at BVR this year!
Aug 25th- 1st!   Running on the bottom again this week, but the rest of the track was fast enough to make things very
interesting and kinda scary early on as the cars were vying for position.  Brian hung to the middle and low grooves working
his way slowly up through traffic.  Up to third he was able to take looks but unable to clear the second place car for several
laps.  Finally finding something he made the pass stick zeroing on the leader. The top car was running a great line and not
giving anything up. Brian followed for a few laps before they came up on lap traffic running low in one and two.  The leader
eased up the track to get around and Brian saw his chance squeezing between the lap car and the lead car popping free as
they came down the back stretch! 5 laps remaninig he had her hooked up til the double checkers flew.  Added plus on the
night- Congrats to Cassie Arter on winning the BVR banner contest!! She did an awesome job to say the least!! :)

Aug 18th- 1st!   The place to be was the bottom and we started on the outside row! Brian spent several laps hanging out on the
high side looking for something to take hold of. He was hanging in but not going anywhere fast! An early race caution gave him
a chance to look down low and he got in line, taking over a couple positions and slowly making his way up to the fourth place
position.  The cars in front of him were none too willing to give up the bottom groove nor were they making any mistakes.
Another caution and on the restart Brian decided to take a look up high. Coming off two he found some bite and pulled past
third and second. Entering three he was door to door with the leader. They completed a circuit with Brian finally pulling away
and into the lead.  He hugged the bottom for the final 6 laps til the checkers flew!! A nice run! :)
Aug 11th- 2nd.  An exciting race. Track was tacky and fast tonight with the preferred groove on top for most of the night.  Brian
went backwards early on in the main event, fading as he tried to find an opening.  Cars running side by side in front of him
made it difficult to advance. Patiently he'd wait til there was an opening advancing oh so slowly.  With 6 laps to go the yellow
flew and he was in 5th.  At the tip of the green he dropped down low and finally found some open track, not the fastest lane
but there was some running room. He worked and worked that low groove...coming off two so hard it'd look like he'd take the
top spot from all 4 cars only to lose his advantage again in three and four. With each lap he was able to gain a little bit more,
going in a little bit harder. Up to second with 2 to go then up beside the leader, flying down he back stretch they went into the
corner side by side, Brian giving it all he had but the bottom just wasn't fast enough as he finished second, his nose piece up
to the 1st place driver's door! A real heart stopper!
Aug 4th- 3rd.   What  a night! Brian didn't get off to a good start in the feature and he'd been shuffled back several spots
before the first lap was in.  The cars were racing side by side sometimes three wide and he had to patiently wait for any
openings that might appear. Several scary moments as cars in the pack would get to a wobbling and with em stacked in 2 and
3 wide all one could do was hope that they all made it through!! No serious accidents but the yellow was thrown several times
for some spin outs and finally the traffic up front had thinned. Brian got stuck behind two cars racing side by side for many
many laps before he was finally able to get around.  This put him in 3rd when the last yellow flew.  2 laps to go and what an
exciting two laps they were!! The lead cars took off at the green and with one to go it looked like Brian would finish a
respectable but somewhat distant third. However this changed some as the two lead cars made contact and kept on each
other through the final turn, Brian shot down low and tried to get a good run on them off the bottom.  He made it close but
didn't have enough as the three cars finished side by side. An exciting race for the fans for sure and a good solid run!!
July 29th- DNF.  Wish we could do this one again, cuz it was over pretty much before it started! Conflicting stories as to what
happened but for whatever reason, with one and a half laps in, the cars all stacked up on the back stretch.  Brian got on the
binders but hit the car in front of him hard! He turned it down to try to get out of the fray and hit another car.  He was able to
drive the 92B onto pit road but it was a lost cause as the radiator was in the motor. He did go back out once it turned green
again, hoping that there would be another yellow and chance for the crew to work on the car but no such luck. He pulled in
when he ran out of water.  Hoping we can get things back together for tomorrow night's races.  Stay tuned......
July 22 Simpson Memorial - 1st!!   Track was hard tonight and a little trickier to manuever than previous nights.  Luck was on
Brian's side as he drew the number 2 chip for the night's  25 lap feature.  That's a lot of laps!! At the tip of the green Brian
found himself fighting for the front spot only to start slipping back as the inside row passed him by.  Fortunately a yellow came
out after one lap was in letting him  get in line in second.  Taking the green again, the third place car took advantage of the
high side and passed Brian while another car looked down low. He was boxed in but hung on for the next few laps while he
battled it out with the other cars.  He finally popped back into second and had a clear shot at the leader. They battled side by
side for a few laps before Brian was able to take over the lead.  15 laps to go! He had a pretty good cushion til the yellow came
out again with 12 to go.  This  put some real hard chargers on his back bumper.  Our car was fast but the track was tricky and
Brian had his hands full to say the least .  A little bump a few laps after they took the green again and he knew that he had to
step things up.  He hung on and then was given a little breathing room as the second and third place cars got tangled up. They
kept going but not after losing some serious ground.  Still 7 or so laps to go it was a long long ways to the checkers but Brian
held on to it and took home the win.  A real nail biter to say the least!!!! :)
July 21- 5th.   Stuck in traffic most of the night.  Finally was able to work his way up to fifth with 6 or so laps left in the race. By
then the lead pack had checked out and Brian spent the rest of the race trying to chase them down.  No yellows on the
evening made this an impossible feat and we finished 5th.
July 14th- 1st!!!!  Still finishing up repairs from Sunday's wreck, scrambling and it was ready to go just in time for the heat. Track
was heavy and passing in the heat was difficult at best. Brian worked and worked the low line and finished close second with
third and fourth hot on his tail.   Made a few changes to the car and took to the track for the night's feature event.  Quite a few
new cars showed tonight and 2 made the invert bumping us up a row, putting us in 8th on the starting grid.  At the tip of the
green Brian found the middle groove to be to his liking as he drove through the pack and was up to second with a few laps in.
He looked low to pass for the top spot and was a few car lenghts ahead when the yellow flew.  With 10 long laps left to go,
Brian had to focus on maintaining his line and focus for the reamainder of the caution free race.  An uneventful nite!  A
welcome change after Sunday and a relief to know that the car wasn't permanently damaged. :)
July 7th- 3rd.   Due to the recent rains the track was holding a lot of moisture.  After a good run in his heat Brian ran in the King
of the Hill.  He won his first round and the second making it into the final.  Out on the track he and the other car see sawed
back and forth for the first two laps, last lap, going down the back stretch the other car got the lead, but Brian wasn't ready to
give up. He followed him into the corner and dove down low, the two came off four together, side by side, but Brian just could
find enough on the bottom to pull it off. Lost it by about 2 feet. A good run. :) Things didn't go quite as well in the feature
event.  On the first lap had a car get out of shape and turn into our right front.  Damaged the fender, but more importantly did
some damage to the suspension. The car was a handful to turn for the rest of the event, but Brian did the best he could with
what he had . He worked and worked for each pass, having to use the higher groove for the most part since it was hard to
keep the car on the bottom.  Finished a respectible third.
June 30th- 1st!!!   What a difference a week makes! Believe it or not, this was Mid Season Championships at BVR.  The track
was still smooth and hard, little wetter but definitely racey by feature time.  Brian would start 10th and it took a few laps for him
to settle into a groove on the bottom.  Up to 4th and he had to go high to pick up that position.  Right as he was taking a look
down low for the third spot, a car that was about to go a lap down spun in front of the leaders! The front runner and the lap car
hit hard ending the leader's night.  This set up a restart with Brian in second.   Took a couple laps , first looking low then high
til he finally made the pass stick.  With 7 long laps to go he had to be patient and smooth to hang on to the lead til the double  
checkers flew! Whooo hoooo! :)
June 23rd- DNF.  Learned something new tonight... you can't be in two yellows during the feature event. If you are, whether
the yellows were any fault of your own or not, you are sent to the pits.  The highlight of the night was the track..hard, smooth
and dry.  Traffic was tight early on, but Brian was making some forward progress when he was popped in the left rear  causing
the tire to go down.  The yellow was thrown for him and another car that was stopped on the track. Brian came in for a quick
tire change and rejoined the pack.  Starting 17th he had his work cut out for him.  To the bottom he went and slowly started to
pick up one position after the other.  With  5 or so laps to go he had taken over the 5th spot and was focusing in on 4th only to
be drilled again in the left rear tire!! This time the hit was hard enough to smash the rim completely. The next turn the tire flew
off spinning the car.  Brian got the car refired but the yellow had been thrown ... and this was when we learned about the two
yellow, whether on your own or not, rule. Brian was directed to the pits and scored 15th.  A disapointing evening.  
June 17th- 1st!!!  Rains had the pits a muddy mess so the cars and haulers were all parked outside.  Surprisingly the track
wasn't too heavy and by feature time it had dried up fairly nicely.  The race was similar to previous weeks with the 92B hanging
out in traffic for a few laps before heading for the bottom.  With 13 to go he was up to 3rd having to work the outside groove til
a yellow came out with 11 t o go .  He was able to get back down low again and took over second, then a few laps later was in
the lead.   8 long laps to go before he could take the  double checkers on his 100th IMCA Career win!!!!   The celebrating was
dampened some when the #3 of Matt Scharn claimed our motor but that is only appropriate for your 100th IMCA win.  ;)   WTG
Brian!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
June 16th postponed until Thurs June 17th.
June 9th-1st!!!   The track was tacky in spots and dry in others and unfortunately rough as well.  Starting 10th Brian hung to the
outside early on in the feature, but with a few laps in he was the victim of a incident in turn 3 and 4.  The car running on the
inside of him was hit and turned directly into our car which took an abrupt right turn stalling on the track.  Car behind started
piling in, but forturnately the car wasn't damaged and he was able to join the rest of the cars in the back of the pack.  The race
went back to green and Brian was just starting to make some forward progress when a car several positions in front of him
rode the outside retaining wall, sliding along the back stretch and then began to roll violently. It was the 27 or Randy Brands.  
Brian locked up the tires and skidded to a stop just in time barely missing the car that had landed on it's side.  Was rearended
but able to steer around.  (Randy was taken to the hospital, but last report was that he was doing ok. Scary situation! ) The race
went back to green and for quite a few laps it just looked like Brian was going to stay where he was at in the line up. Cars were
battling in front of him leaving little room for him to move up through.  Finally some openings and he was able to make up
seom ground.  With 8 to go he got a great run off two and picked up 2 positions, putting him in 2nd.   A couple laps later and he
was on the inside of the leader and they raced side by side for a couple laps before Brian was finally able to break free and go
on to take the double checkers!  A real roller coaster of  night.  
June 2nd- 1st!!   Full Moon is coming and it's effects were showing tonight!  With the 92B hooked up on the bottom, this week's
race was very reminiscent of last week's.  Brian was hanging out in traffic boxed in for the first few laps but soon was able to
take advantage of some openings on the bottom.  He patiently moved his way through traffic and with 7 or so to go took over
the lead. Still sticking to the bottom he went on to take home the double checkers in the caution free race. :)  
May 26th- 1st!!!   Interesting night. The track was heavy from recent rains and still had some big holes (which they are fixing
tomorrow hopefully!).  Starting 11th in the feature. Brian knew he'd have his work cut out for him.  In the first few laps of the
race it didn't look like he was going to get very far at all, but with 3 or 4 in he started making his move on the bottom.  A couple
laps and he was up to 5th, but the 4th place car was running the same line so he moved up a groove.  Patiently gaining a little
each lap he was able to pick off 4th, then third then 2nd and with 8 to go he took over the lead.  The yellow came out with 5
laps remaining.  Not sure if he should go low or stick to his middle groove Brian tried both, settling into the middle and
eventually putting some distance between himself and second.  A great run!  :- )
May 19th- 4th.  Got into the top four the hard way this week!  Track was wet and super tacky making for some more"hold it to
the floor, turn the steering wheel, I ain't gonna get outta control" racing.  Little hard on my heart!  Early on the cars were
literally 3 and 4 wide. Lap after lap Brian was riding in the middle...car high and another car low.  Miraculously they all held it
together and he eventually popped free.  Going to the low side he was able to work his way up to fourth. Passing for third he
got squeezed on the backstretch causing some damage to his left rear wheel.  This affected the handling some but he was still
hanging strong. A yellow came out and on the restart he went high coming off four, the car behind him came barreling in low
catching the care in front of us and spinning him on the straight! Brian swerved but caught the bumper with his left rear
cutting the tire down! His pit crew got the tire changed and he was back out on the track in the back of the pack. With 6 laps go
go he was sitting in 13th.  He'd passed 3 or 4 cars when there was a huge pile up in the middle of the field and another yellow
.  Due to attrition he was up to 7th when the green flew again.  4 laps left he went to work high and low and got up to the 4th
place spot before the race ended. A good run all things considered. Congrats to Roger "TNT" Tripp on his win. Whoooo
Hooooo. Mikey don't you wish you woulda come out to play with us? ;) lol Congrats on your win as well. :)
May 12th-2nd.   Track conditions were similar to last week but without the winds it wasn't as dry.  Brian found a couple ruts in
the heat race but still finished a very close second. This qualified him for the invert, and he would start 7th in the night's main
event and what a main it was!  Green light on and Brian stuck to the bottom making up some positions early on, only to get in
line behind another car running basically the same groove.  Brian went high but nothing doing... as he and two other cars
raced 3 wide thru the corners. One of the cars popped free leaving Brian to battle for second.   Finally getting the advantage,  
Brian had given up a lot of time and track. He went to work on the bottom and cut the distance between himself and the lead
car in half before a late race yellow was thrown setting up a green white checkered finish.  Brian gave it all he had and was
pulling the leader off turn 2 but just didn't have enough to take away the top spot. Another very exciting race! Congrats to
Mike Nichols on his win.  :)
May 5-1st!!!   The track was a little rougher but still very racy this week at Alta.  Brian started in the back row of his heat, but
didn't stay there long as he used the bottom of the track to move to the front.  He and another car put on quite a show for the
fans, nose to nose when the checkered flag flew.  Brian would start 9th in the night's feature event.  The inside was where he
wanted to be as he stuck the 92B to the bottom while the other cars were testing out the top groove.  With a few laps in he
was up to 4th and with 10 to go he had passed for the lead.  He didn't have the chance to get out in front too far before a
couple other fast cars broke free of the pack and started to make a bid for the top spot.  A few laps later Brian was barreling
into turn one only to see a car stopped on the track! He slammed on the brakes and missed the car but the second place car
flew by! Brian hung with him and took the lead back a few laps later when the bottom opened up again.  He had his hands full  
up for the rest of the race but managed to get some breathing room with a few to go hanging on for the win.  Whoo hooo.! :)
April 28th- 4th.  The winds were rocking and the racing was fast on the opening night at BVR.  Some work on the banking
during the off season seemed to pay off as evidenced by the side by side racing. In the heat race Brian and another car put on
quite a show as Brian took the lead early on running the rim only to lose his grip and let the other car fly by.  Brian went to the
bottom and slowly worked his way around the lead car again. The crowd loved the door to door racing! The feature went green
to checkered with no yellows (ok there was that one phantom yellow...).  Brian drew 11th so had some ground to make up .  He
worked the bottom and in a few laps was up in the 6th spot, still on the bottom he picked up a couple more positions finding
himself in fourth. The third place car was running the low side as well so Brian went high giving the cars behind him a chance
to catch up and challenge him. About this time the 2nd place car experienced some problems and dropped out of the top four,
putting Brian in the race for 2nd.  Zipping down the front stretch the yellow light came on, Brian and the car behind him slowed
being passed by a couple drivers.  Getting to back stretch they noticed the green was back on! Brian took off and spent the
rest of the race trying to catch back up! Finished a respectable 4th.  All in a all a good night out. :)    


Shelby County Speedway , Harlan , IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30 )

**Season Opener April 24th ** www.shelbycountyspeedway.com

9/4- Stayed home to work on the car for Super Nationals.   This was the final night of the regular points season.  Going in we
would have been a distant second with no hope of improving our position in the points standings.  First sanctioned race we
have missed since Harlan went to IMCA rules many, many years ago! Strange staying home on a Saturday night! ::)
8/28-Finished 8th.  Ick!  HEAVY track, FULL Moon. Formula for disaster.  First incident of the feature, couple laps in, Brian and
two other cars racing side by side down the back straight (the 92B in the middle) when another car joined in the party on the
bottom.  The car on the inside of Brian whapped him as he entered the corner turning the car up the track and into the car on
the outside.  The field hot still bunched up, scrambled to miss the melee.  Lots of bent up nose cones and some flat tires, but
the 92B seemed to be ok. Back to racing and it was still just crazy on the track.  Brian finally found some breathing room and
was marching up to the front, just having passed for 4th when the yellow flew again.  Green again and back to working on
picking up some more spots when a car behind him dove down low and pulled up beside the two heading down the front
straight side by side when the car on the inside swerved up and into the 92B who hit the wall.. Gathering things up the car
wasn't the same after that.  Dropped steadily in the remaining 4 laps.  Car is certainly banged up! Turned out the handling ills at
the end were caused by a hole in the radiator leaking water onto the right front tire.  
8/21-Finished 8th. Frustrating race!!! Stuck behind the same cars all night long, actually one car in particular!! Lap after lap
Brian would try to find an opening, a way around only to have the door slammed shut! To make matters worse, as he would see
an opportunity and go for it, the other car would take eveasive action and let cars BEHIND us  get around!  Lot of work for little
gain tonight!
8/14-Finished 4th. Even a novice race fan could see that the place to be was on the bottom tonight!! Brian unfortunately got
shuffled off the bottom early on and spent most of the race running around the rim, hanging with the lead back but not gaining
any positions. He was keeping his eye on the front runners who were racing hard and thinking that maybe something might
happen out of that and it did.  With 2 to go the lead changed hands and the previous top car spun causing the cars on the
bottom to scramble for safety.  On the outside Brian saw it all and was able to take advantage, picking up several spots, in
second when the yellow was thrown! Good strategy but didn't quite pan out. On the restart he was lined up 4th and spent the
rest of the race running in the train of cars on the bottom.   :)
8/7-Finished ??  A great run was ended unceremoniously when the 92B was hit in the left rear flattening his tire.  There were
only 2 laps to go and he was in a strong second at the time. He stayed out on the track til the checkers flew.  Up until that point
he was having a strong run , moving up through traffic very quickly, able to take advantage of any openings. With 8 to go he
was in second and eyeing the leader. A caution came out putting him on his bumper.  The fastest groove was on the bottom
and the leader had that covered so Brian went to searching for a different line that would get him around.  With the 2 to go the
caution flew again.  The scenario above happened as they took the green and were entering turn one.  A disappointing end to
the evening  and one that really really hurt us in the over all points standings, in which we had taken over the lead again. :(
7/31/04- Finished 2nd. Long night with lots of 'behind the scenes' problems, but with some major scrambling and the help of
some friends (thank you Andy, Phil and crew) we were able to salvage a decent finish.  The bad stuff started as we were
getting ready to line up for the heat and the car wouldn't fire.  After some futile attempts ended up getting some people
together to push the car through the pits which thankfully got it to start.  Went on to win the heat and a little extra bonus from
Interstate Tire. A nice plus for the evening- Thanks Jeff and Lori Christensen for that and the extra $ in the feature! Had to
determine why the car wouldn't start. First changed he cellanoid which did help, but still was cranking over slow. Jacked up
the car to change the starter and noticed some water coming out of the headers! Yikes! Switched focus to this issue knowing
that an engine problems could end our night! More scrambline, car was ready to go at feature time. The stocks only had one
yellow and that was early on. A pile up Brian narrowly missed!  Straight up restart, Brian was pinned in on the bottom for
several laps before he was able to find some openings and start moving ahead.   With 8 or so laps to go he was in second and
closed in on the leader.  He had enough to stay right with him and did take some looks down low.  The two came up on some
lap traffic, Brian went high only to have the car turn up into his path! He hit him square in the bumper, and was able to
continue on, but took him the remaining three laps to catch the leader and he did take some looks down low but nothing
doing.  A nice second place finish.  
Night wasn't over as there was still the Stock car King of the Hill.  Brian would be in the first flight on the outside.  After 3 races
the groove had moved to the bottom and Brian just wasn't able to find enough on the top. They did have a great side by side
battle but the 92B had to retire to his trailer as only the winner moved on.
7/24- Canceled due to wet conditions.
7/17- Finished 2nd.   Track was super fast again and the cars were flying all night long.  Running 2 and 3 wide in the feature
event, Brian was held up in traffic for nearly the entire race.  He would look high and hope the car in front of him would break
free, then go low, same story, back up high.... on and on but nothing seemed to break lose.  With three to go a yellow was
thrown and he had improved from 10th to 6th!! On the restart the two lead cars tangled and had to pull in leaving Brian in third
when the green flew. He went high and the second place car went low...they passed the leader and drove side by side around
the track for the next two laps. Brian got a good bite off four on the white flag lap and had the advantage at the line. Last lap
he had to enter the corner a little higher than the lap before and didn't get as good of a charge off..finished second by about a
foot!! An exciting race!!  
7/10- Finished 1st!!! Wow.  A really nice field of stock cars showed up tonight. The track was super fast from recent rains.  
Starting 10th Brian would have his work cut out for him. Early on he found some openings and was able to pick up quite a few
spots. It was nerve wracking to watch as the cars flew around the track 3 and sometimes 4 wide.  Not everyone was able to
keep it all together as there were a few yellows early on.  Brian was able to take advantage of the restarts and get to the high
side to pick up some spots, eventually working his way up to the front.  With 11 or so to go he popped out into the lead.  The
race continued caution-free, but the yellow had to fly one more time with 2 to go. Guess we had to make things interesting!!
Brian managed to hang on for the green, white and finally the checkers! Whoooo hoooo! :)
7/3- Finished 1st!!!!   Finally!! Trying out a new set up, Brian wasn't 100% comfortable with it but the car certainly was good
enough to get the job done tonight!1 Brian found some openings early on and quickly moved up through the pack.  With 11 to
go he was working on the first place car, looking high and then low. He managed to take over the lead and pulled away from
the others only to have a caution come out ! With half the laps still to go he had to focus on being smooth and fast.  He was
able to hang on til the checkered flag flew taking home his first feature win at Harlan this season. Whooo hoooo! :)
6/27-Finished 10th.  The track was surprisingly heavy and fast early on making for some scary accidents in the make up mod
feature and heat races.  Fortunately the stocks held it together in Brian's heat and he was set to start 11th in the A main.  First
few laps Brian was pinned in low and not making much head way.   An early spin out amongst the leaders just about ended the
92B's nite, but somehow by a miracle he squeezed through untouched.  On the restart he went high and was making some
serious headway,  when the leader broke, spinning. Again Brian narrowly missed the fray only to get popped from behind,
flattening our left rear and laying over the left Aframe.  The crew changed the tire, but there was nothing he could do about
the damanged A arm. Joining the field in 17th, Brian had his work cut out for him.  He did manage to figure out how to fight the
car through the corners and picked up several spots before the race was over.  
6/19-Finished 2nd.  A long night as the skies kept dropping just enough rain to wet the track but not enough to call the show.  
Throughout the program the cars were called out onto the track 3 times to repack the track.  Of course this also made for a
heavy, fast racing surface.  Brian had the 92B dialed in by feature time, using patience and the low groove to make his slow
march to the front. In second, there were several cautions and restarts but he just didn't have enough for the leader.  A nice
uneventful race.  Couldn't say the same for the modified race. Thoughts and prayers to Chad Dills and Duane Errett and their
families. We hope they both have a  quick recovery.
6/12- Cancelled due to rain.
6/5- Double Features. Make up 5/29 Feature- 2nd.  6/5 - Finished 4th.  An interesting evening.  Track was heavy but smooth in
the first feature .  Except for a first lap incident the race was uneventful for the 92B.  This happened as the cars were coming
around to take the green flag at the start of the race.  The lead car got out of shape in front to the field causing everyone to
scramble to avoid a serious wreck. Brian averted disaster but did do some serious sheetmetal damage to the right front . Back
to green and Brian managed to use the high side to get up to 2nd place but didn't have enough for the leader.  Back to the
pits and the crew went to work on the front end..had to do some welding to resecure things... had the car ready just in time for
the heat race.  Starting 9th Brian was able to move his way up through the pack and take home the win in that race. Looked
like the adjustements that were made to the car between races were right on target!  Back to his pit stall and the crew realized
that we had an oil leak.  Spent the rest of the night working on repairing a leak in the oil pan. Fortunately had lots of time. :)  
Out on the track for the second A of the night. the 92B was handling great as he weaved his way through traffic and was up to
2nd when the only caution of the night was thrown with 11 laps to go.  On the restart he went to the bottom but so did  the
leader while the  third place car went high.  Brian found himself boxed in and spent all but the last 2 laps in that position!
Unfortunately other cars were able to get by and he found himself in 5th before he could get up off the bottom. He flew around
the 4th place car but the ran out of laps be fore he could even think about working on regaining any positions.  A frustrating
turn of events, however, the crew and driver were excited to have the car hooking up so well.   Congrats to Andy Boeckman
and Mike Nichols on their double feature wins.! :)
5/29- Rained out before Features. Double features next week.
5/22- Cancelled due to wet conditions. Good thing cuz the severe weather hit bout the time we'd be racing. Hope everyone is
safe and dry. :)
5/15- Finshed 4th. Due to the recent rains, the track was super heavy and tacky all night long. Brian's night got off to a horrible
start as he had an altercation with a tractor tire in hot laps.  The damage to the left front was extensive... a frame, spindle,
wheel, etc. The crew had to really scramble to get the car ready for the nights heat races, but they did manage to get the
repairs completed in time. The racing was fast and furious and somewhat frightening early on in the stock car A.  Starting 8th,
Brian went high right away which turned out to be a bad choice as he got hung up behind a slower car and could only watch as
the cars around him just flew by.  Next lap around things were just nuts as the cars were 2 and 3 wide, looking like pin balls
bouncing off each other. Brian survived and fortunately wasn't one of the cars that had to pit under the caution.  Lined up in
10th on the restart he once again had to go high as the low side was taken... he spent the rest of the race slowly moving up
thru the pack . The biggest battle was for fourth as he and the car on the inside groove raced side by side for lap after lap,
with Brian finally getting the advantage.  Just happy to put the car on the trailer in one piece after this one. :)
5/8- Make up feature - Finished 3rd. Track was still pretty heavy when the stocks pulled out for their A feature event.  Brian got
hung up in traffic early on, but did find some openings down low and made his way up to 6th where he ran into a roadblock as
several cars were racing each other side by side but none were able to break free. Survived several yellows and finally was
able to get up on the high side and find an opening. Upt to third took him a few laps to get caught up to the second place car,
but ran out of laps before he could make any serious challenges.  The rains came during the modifieds make up feature so
we'll be running this week's complete program next week. :)
5/2- The heat races were completed but the races were postponed until next week due to problems with the lights on the front
stretch .   Brian will start 11 th in next weeks make up feature.   

4/24- Rained out.


Crawford County Speedway , Denison , IA    

( Racing every Sunday night, Hotlaps at 5:30 , Racing at 6:00 )

*Season Opener April 25 th * www.crawfordcountyspeedway.com

8/29-Finished 1st!!!   Finally a win at CCS!!! Had to take advantage of a low car count (10) and being lined up 4th, but we'll take
it!! Actually this one wasn't easy to get by any means.  A few laps in Brian was able to get around the leader on the high side
and he settled into the middle groove. Little did he know that another car was gaing FAST on him on the bottom.  Bout half way
through the race and he was beside Brian then powering off to take the lead! Brian finally dropped down low and was able to
catch up to the lead car .  He was resigned to following him, knowing he'd need some room on the bottom to make a pass stick.
Still he was hanging close hoping, and it paid off as he saw some day light on the bottom and took adavantage pulling him off  
turn 4 and taking back the top spot.  The second place car dogged him for a couple laps but eventually the 92B got a little
breathing room and was able to take home the double checkers!! To top it all off he went on to be the crowned the King of the
Hill as well!! Whoooo hooooo!!Doesn't get much better than that.  Season Championship next week.  :)
8/22- Finished 4th.  One groove on the top again tonight.  The 92B seemed to be hooked up and running good but had a set
back with about 3 laps into the A when he lost his rear bumper trying to get back into line! He was up to third but had to go to
the tail for causing a caution!   Definitely had his work cut out for him as there just wasn't much on the bottom. Basically had to
wait for someone to make a mistake in line in front of him before he could advance. Slowly but surely he made it up to 4th. The
third place car had checked out but Brian managed to reel him in in a few laps.  With 2 to go he didn't have much time to make
a move, tried  a few looks down low but nothing doing as he crossed the line in 4th.  
8/15- Finished 3rd.  Train was on the top tonight and fortunately Brian was starting on the outside.  A mishap on the first lap
helped even further as it pulled him up a row.  Drop of the  green and he just hung to the top following the outside row around
the track. An attempt to go low and make a pass dropped him out of line, but fortunately he was able to get back in the groove
after loosing only one spot!  Ran the rim for most of the rac,e picking up a spot when the car in front of him went too high and
brushed the wall. This put the 92B on the tail of the 2nd place car who was working for the lead.  When they dropped down to
make a pass attempt, Brian filled closed the gap on the outside taking over second.  With one to go he felt he thought he had
something for the leader, pulling up to his door he just didn't have enough to make the pass.  Meanwhile the 3rd place car
filled in on the highside leaving the 92B to run on the inside. He hung on to third just barely! A rather uneventful night, but not
complaining! Congrats to Ricky Christensen, Doug Louie and crew on their win! :)
8/8- Finished 2nd.  The stock cars put on a great show for the fans tonight. The track was slick, with some bite on the bottom in
three and four and on the high side in one and two.  Still there was some great side by side action as the cars battled for
position.  The 92B was a little loose but driver Blessington managed to make the best of it making it up to third. Coming around
for the white flag he found some major bite in three and four rocketing his car down the front straight past 2nd and up to the
rear quarter of the leader! Too bad he didnt find that a little bit earlier!! Still a very nice solid run. :)  
8/1- Cancelled due to rain.
7/25-Finished 2nd.   This 'reporter' didn't make it to the races tonight and sounds like I missed a good one!! Brian made the
bottom work for him and was able to take over the front spot and get a pretty good lead going before another car found an
opening on the high side adn started reeling the 92B in.  The two ran side by side for several laps but the bottom just didn't
have it as Brian was a car length or two behind at the finish line. A good run!  
7/18- Finished 4th. Nothing too exciting (thankfully!) Car was working ok on the  bottom early on, but with about 5 laps to go the
bottom started to go away on him. He had worked his way up to fourth but was over taken by two cars on the outside, slipping
to 6th. Last lap and there was a 'traffic' jam of sorts and the fourth and fifth place cars lost their momentum, Brian took
advantage and was able to cross the line in the 4th spot.  Hanging in there at a track that makes you work and work for each
pass. :)
7/11- DNF. Major wipe out.  Didn't get much time to test out the new set up in the Feature as with about 2 or 3 laps in Brian was
caught up in a chain reaction accident., getting plowed into by one after the other car, the misery only ended when the last car
slid to a stop, after hitting us of course. Brian somehow managed to drive the car into the pits but there was nothing that
could be done. The radiator had a hole in it, 3 smashed rims and looked like all the a frames on both sides were completely
managled. The tires were tipped in so far they were touching the headers.  In the shop now making an assessment. Hopefully
it's just bolt on parts. What an ugly mess!
7/4- Finished 2nd.   The track was pretty racy tonight, with the groove mainly on the bottom. Still sticking with the new set up,
Brian had his hands full literally as he wasn't able to get the car to stick to the bottom as well as he would like. He was able to
get up to the second place spot, but didn't have anything for the leader who had checked out.  A good solid run, but not good
enough for the number 1 spot. :)
6/27- Finished 2nd.    Rains threatened all night and there was a slight delay in during the heats for a rain shower but  by some
miracle the rains held off til the last race was run.  Brian had a good solid run in his A feature. Starting 10th it didn't look like he
was going to be able to do much of anything but finally with about 10 to go he started finding something to grab ahold of in the
middle .  Took several laps but he slowly started making his way to the front. With 5 or 6 to go he popped into the second spot.
The leader was a considerable distance ahead but Brian went to work reeling him in.  He closed the gap and was just about in
striking distance when the checked flag flew.  A good race! :)
6/20- Finished 4th.   Groove on the high side but there was a little something on the bottom. Ok there wasn't, but somehow we
managed to make up some spots moving from 10th to 4th. Alright, part of it was attrition, but early on he was able to pick up
some positions on the bottom, til the other cars gained momentum on the top and he had to get in line.  However, he did have
a really good pass at that end, going low on the final lap to pick up fourth at that finish line!!!  Another night of exciting racing
at CCS. hehe
6/13- Finished 6th.  What can I say? One groove on the top to the track racing all night tonight .  Brian started outside row 5
and cept for the one car that got around him when he decided to make a desperate attempt at the bottom and the one that got
by him when he clipped the wall there wasn't much action.  Though it was a challenge not to run over the  car in front of him
while others were pounding on our rear bumper. :)
6/6-Finished 2nd.  A beautiful day for racing.  The track was heavy making for some more flat to the floor, running around the
rim racing at CCS.  Brian was able to use the bottom some in the heat race but by feature time he found out the hard way that
the bottom was not the place to be!  Spent to first few laps watching traffic go by on the high side as he was pinned in down
low.  When there was finally an opening he was able to move up the track and start making some headway .  Had to work and
work for each pass, but patience paid off as he was able to wend his way into the top four and nipped the second place car
right at the line.  A good run. :)
5/30-Cancelled due to wet conditions. See Blackbird Bend.
5/23-Cancelled due to wet conditions.  
5/16- Finished 2nd.   Another windy night at the races!  Still they managed to keep moisture in the track, making for some nail
biting, gas pedal flat to the floor hope we don't all wreck racing. Brian made some adjustments after the heat and the car
worked well for the feature.  Certainly helped that he had a good start and was able to pick off quite  a few cars before
everyone got up to full speed.  He was in fifth with a couple laps in.  Working the low and middle groove he managed to make
up a couple more spots and was in second when the red came out (Dave Smith number 8 hit the wall hard and was knocked
unconscious,but they said he was ok.) .  Back to racing and Brian gave the low side a look a couple times but once they were
up to full throttle there really wasn't enough there. He dogged the leader hoping he would bobble but he never did.   A good
run. :) Congrats Tony Ritterbush on the win.
5/9-Finished 5th.  Weather finally cooperated enough to let us get the first race of the season completed tonight.  Brian had a
good draw for his heat starting on the outiside pole, but his luck ran out at the drop to the  green flag when his right rear tire
went completly flat.  After pulling into the pits it was discovered that the radiator had a hole in it!  Crew and driver went to
work on the repairs and had the car ready for the a main event.  Starting 12th Brian spent much of the first part of the race
trying to find an advantage and a wqy around the cars in front of him.  Except for the leader the majority of the cars were in a
tight pack see sawing back and forth vying for position.  Brian finally found something on the bottom and started his halting
march forward.  The going was slow but by the end of the race he had worked his way up to fifth .  An excting nail biting race
indeed.  The drivers did a great job of holding it all together !  
5/3- Rained out .  
4/25- Rained out .