2005 Racing Season:

Boone Super Nationals

September 5th -10th.  What a roller coaster of week this was!  Scrambling to get to the track on Monday for the first nite of
qualifying, the crew knew not to get their hopes up too high. This was Boone after all, 170+ cars all vying for 30 spots in
Saturday's feature.  Bad luck, bad draws all had been part of our past experiences at the infamous Boone Speedway.  Starting
8th in the 16th heat we didn't have the best draw of the night.  Brian made the best of it, going on to finish a very strong 2nd in
his heat.  He drew the number 12 and would be starting 6th row outside in the night's qualifying A.  Top 5 would move on to the
big dance on Saturday night.  The car was strong and Brian hung to the hide side, opting to hang out in the ruts that riddle that
groove as opposed to risking getting wrecked in the early race accidents.  First caution he found himself lined up in 3rd.  Drop
of the green he found an opening down low and took over second which is where he remained, glued to the front runners
bumper for lap after lap til the checkers flew! Pending post race inspection we were in!!!  The crew was ecstatic!  Later we
were told that the winner of the night's feature was DQ'd so we'd have a chance at the pole for Saturday's nite's feature event!
Brian would draw Tuesday night to see if he would start first row or second.  
Tuesday, September 6th.  Race of Champion Qualifying.  Second heat of the night, the crew scrambled to get the car ready to
go for the ROC qualifying.  Out on the track Brian took advantage of his front row starting spot, taking over the lead at the
drop of the green .  A few laps in he knew something was wrong as the car started to lose power.  Slowing more and more he
hoped he could make it to the end.  The second place car caught him on the last lap passing him turn 3 and 4, the 92B motor
barely running he somehow managed to hang onto second and qualify for the Saturday nite's Race of Champions feature.  A
post race tear down of the motor had the crew hopeful that the motor could be fixed if the right parts could be found.  Spent
the rest of the week running around  getting it together.  Came home with it at 10:00 Friday nite.  
Saturday, September 10th.  Up at  the crack of dawn after only a few hours of sleep,  Brian and the crew scambled to get the
car ready for the night's racing.   First up was drawing for position in the ROC.  Brian drew a 10 and would be starting 2nd row
inside.  A session of hot laps had us all breathing a sigh of relief that the motor was going to be ok.   The Race of Champions
was to be run before the feature.  Brian hung to the bottom and he and two other cars raced 3 wide for several laps before the
top groove showed to be better.  Brian settled into second and finished the 10 lapper in the runner up spot.  A nice warm up
for the main event, which would be up in a few races.  
Ready to go, one small adjustment to the car, Brian headed to the line up chute.  Starting 3 wide the stock cars were quite a
spectacular site as they rounded the track, taking the green the middle car got a jump and beat Brian to the first corner.  He
settled in on the low side with Brian hot on his bumper.  Going even lower,  the leader shut the door on Brian, so he moved up
to check out the high side. Entering turn 3 he peeled off the leaders bumper and turned up high, only to hit a chuck hole right
in the middle of the track, rolling the right front tire.  Unable to steer, Brian realized there was a car stopped in the exit of four.
Jacking on the brakes he barely got stopped in time, but he did, coming to such a sudden stop the car stalled.  He was hit from
behind as the other cars came barreling around the track.  The yellow was thrown and Brian went to pit road to get his tire
changed. Ready to go back out, an official approached him and said that he couldn't return to the race as he had intentionally
pulled the yellow to get his tire changed!!!!!!!! The crew and Brian were all in disbelief! Did they not see what had happened?
The only reason Brian stopped on the track was to avoid smashing into the stopped car on the track (that had been there the
previous lap as well!).  Except for the flat tire the car was fine, but that was beside the point as we had to return to our pit
having been ejected from the race. What a bitter disappointment after so much hard work.  

Blackbird Bend Speedway , Onawa , IA
(Racing every Friday night. Hotlaps 6:45, Racing begins at 7:30 )

*Season Opener April 9th* www.blackbirdbendspeedway.com

September 2- Started 10th, DNF.  A rough ending to the season as a car a few rows ahead of us got sideways on the
backstraight, hopping and eventually rolling. Brian got on the binders but had nowhere to go as the car landed directly in front
of him on his front end.  Took out the radiator ending our night.  Still had enough points to take home the 2005 Blackbird Bend
Speedway Championship title.  :)

August 26-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.   Finally an uneventful night for the most part.  Brian found the track to be somewhat
challenging and the car was a handful, but he still managed to move his way into 2nd about 1/2 way through. Unfortunately the
leader had checked out and with no yellows the 92B never had a shot at him.  Loaded the car in one piece thought! :)

August 19th-Started 10th, Finished 6th.    Two laps into the feature, running the high side when another car running the middle
got turned and shot directly into the path of the 92B.  Nowhere to go, Brian jacked on the brakes still hitting the car in the right
rear fender.  Unfortuately the hit did some damage to the 92B, with the steering box and a frame and other suspension parts
getting knocked out of whack.  Brian had his hands full the rest of the race with the car wanting to turn right instead of left.  
He was hanging in there though, when another car spun in three and four, shooting up then down the track right into Brian's
path.  They hit, causing damage to the front end of the car and popping the hood up making it difficult to see.  To the back of
the pack he went, gingerly picking his way thru traffic, passing a few cars before the checkers flew.  Post race inspection
showed that the frame got tweaked as well.  Not the best night out!

August 12th-Started 17th, Finished 3rd or 4th? Night got off to a rocky start as the 92B suffered a cut tire on the first lap of hte
heat.  Starting dead last he knew he'd have his work cut out for him. The track was heavy and rutty due to recent rains making
tinngs even tougher.  The feature was a test of patience and timing, with cars racing side by side made passing difficult.  Brian
took advantage of any openings that he could find, working his way up into the top 4 with 4 laps to go.  The final caution of the
night flew with 3 laps remaining.  Unfortunately the 2nd and 3rd place car battled high and low leaving the 92B with nowhere to
go once again.  He did pull up beside 3rd on the last lap and the two crossed the finish line side by side.  

August 5th-Started 13th, Finished 3rd.  The car was a little off in the heat and unfortunately the changes that the 92B weren't
possible due to some technical difficulties. Hoping for the best in the feature Blessington worked with what he had.  The
feature got off to a rocky start with a pile up early on. Fortunately the 92B avoided the incident and was ready to go again
when the race resumed.  However, his luck ran out as there was a pile up on the high side of the track, going low things
looked good but then another car spun plugging up the bottom side, causing a chain reaction.  The 92B rearended the car in
front of him and was hit from behind. The car suffered some front end damage, bending the bars and pushing the radiator in,
etc.  He was able to continue but had his hands full, somehow still managing to pull off a solid 3rd place finish.  

July 29th-Started 11th, Finished 2nd.   The  crew scrambled to get the back up car ready, arriving late and making last minute
adjustments Brian had his own adjustments to make to the car while out on the track.  In the heat he got stuck in traffic with
cars running two wide in front of him he had nowhere to go.   Finishing towards the back we hoped things would go better in
the nights feature.  The track had dried out considerably with the groove on the low side.  At the drop of the green Brian took
advantage of his inside row starting spot and hung low passing several cars. By the time the first caution flew with 9 laps to go
he was up to third.  Green flag racing again and he was able to pick off the second place car as they exited turn 2.  Setting his
sights on the leader he made up some ground and was within a few car lenghts before the next yellow came out.   On the
restart Brian was able to pull up beside the leader in one and two but didn't have enough to take over the top spot.  He spent
the rest of the race searching for the best line, gaining on one lap losing on the next.  A nice run for the debut of the back up

July 22, Started 10th, Finished 2nd.    Completely different track conditions this week as the track was super wet in the heat
but tacky and fast by feature time.  At the drop of the green Brian  didn't have a lot of choices as to where to go, stuck in traffic
waiting for an opening some cars running towards the front tangled causing the first and only yellow of the night.  On the
restart the 92B was lined up in 5th.  Working the bottom Brian maneuvered his way thru traffic, taking over the second place
spot with 9 to go.  The leader had checked out by then and Brian with no yellows it was going to be tough to catch him. As the
cars got strung out lap traffic became an issue but the 92B managed to pass without incident, slowing closing the gap
between himself and the leader.  One to go and he was a few car lengths behind.  Coming around 3 and 4 down the front
straight the two cars raced side by side with the 92B coming up short by inches at the finish line. A good run!

July 15th, Started 10th, Finished 6th.  The track was slick with the preferred groove down low.  Brian fell into line and patiently
waited for any openings. Sitting in fourth, an incident between the top two drivers advanced him to second.  Following the
lead car for several laps the front runner was sticking to the bottom leaving no room for the 92B to make a pass.  After several
laps of this the leader went into the turn too hot drifing up the track leaving an opening on the bottom which Brian took
advantage of. There was no contact between the two cars as Brian made the pass. Taking the lead coming off two, the former
leader door banged the 92B  all the way down the back stretch and then giving us a bump going into 3. Brian hung on up high
drag racing down the straight and retaking the lead, but only momentarily as the car punted him in the bumper taking us
around.  Restarting at the rear and with only a handful of laps remaining he managed to get back up to 6th.  

July 8th, Started 10th, Finished 2nd.  The groove was on the bottom and the 92B found out early on what happened if tried to
pass up top! Shuffled backwards he found an opening on the low side and patiently waited for his chance to pass.   One
position at a time he was sitting in 4th when the last yellow came out with 4 to go. The third place car went high and the 92B
tucked in on the rear bumper of 2nd.  Two to go and the opening he needed finally appeared as he shot below second going
into one and two holdong on and taking over the spot as they exited  4. White flag waving he quickly gained on the leader but
it was too little too late as he finished second right on the tail of the leader.  A nice run!

July 1, Started 10th, Finished 1st!!!! Tonite's track had it all, dry spots, super tacky spots and wet greasy ones too.   Brian
struggled to find a good line, but somehow managed to make forward progress as he searched around.  Amazingly he took
over the lead with 9 to go.  A couple cautions found him holding off the pack . It wasn't the smoothest run he's ever had but it
was good enough to take home the top spot!!

June 24th-Started 10th, Finished 1st!!! An exciting race. Early on it didn't look like the 92B was going to make it into the top four
much less victory lane, but with a few good breaks and some nerve wracking near misses somehow Brian manuevered his car
to the front. In third the top two cars were battling it out and Brian was able to sneak through as the laps wound down .

June 17- Started 9th, Finished 1st!  Track was hard and smooth tonight. Dry in some areas but still some bite on the bottom
when the stock cars went out for their feature.  Starting on the inside was a definite plus allowing the 92B to settle into the
preferred groove right away.   When the first caution flew with only a handful of laps down Brian was already up to the 4th
position.  A few circuits later the caution flag flew again and due to a penalty to the top two runners we were lined up in 2nd.  
At the drop of the green the 92B looked at the high side coming out of 4 hoping to take over the leader but instead the 3rd
place car snuck in down low and we lost a spot.  Brian was pulling hard off the corners and would gain a little more each lap
until he finally had the advantage going in and popped into 2nd.  Setting his sights on the leader patience paid off again as he
was able to pull up beside going into 1 and 2 taking over the lead exiting the corner.   9 long laps to go til the double checkers
flew.  A nice uneventful run.   Congrats to Andy Boeckamn on his first win at Onawa as well. :)

June 10-Cancelled due to rain.

June 3- Cancelled due to rain.

May 27th- Started 10th, Finished 3rd.   Threatening rains late in the afternoon kept there from being a lot of water put down on  
the track making for some completely different track conditions than the past two outings at BBB.  Brian missed the set up in
the heat and had his hands full babying the car through the corners so as not to take off over the edge.  Come feature time
and many adjustments later the car  was much better., but traffic wasn't too kind.  Early on cars racing side by side kept him
from making any forward progress.  Fianlly finding some openings he found the bottom worked best for him, but he wasn't
always able to pass down low as there were other cars running the same line.  Moving into the middle for one pass the car he
was passing washed up the track letting the car behind Brian by and another one as well! Seemed we spent more time going
backwards than forward! Back to the bottom finally he made up those spots he lost but the laps were winding down. Final
yellow was thrown with 5 to go and Brian was in 6th.  Some well timed openings and he was in 4th and working on the third
place car with 2 laps to go. Coming around to take the white he made the pass stick.  Finished with a hard faught third.  Nice
patient run by the 92B.

May 20th- Started 10th, Finished 1st!     Tonight's A feature held few surprises for the 92B, with the biggest scare of the night
happening on the first lap when the outside pole sitter spun 'er out leading the field into turn 1.  Brian saw it all developing
and was able to go high and miss the 'big one'.  Back to a side by side restart, he was able to find an opening on the bottom
early on and with 4 laps in the books he took over the top spot.  He hung onto this lead despite several yellows and restarts. A
nice run for the 92B! :)

May 13th- Rained out.

May 6th-Started 9th, Finished 1st! An up and down race.  Coming around to take the green the lead cars didn't seem to realize
it was time to go, cars in the middle of  the pack stacked up, banging bumper to nosepiece. The 92B was no different , zigging
to avoid hitting the car in front of him, drilled from behind he caught the right front of the nose piece and the fender brace
broke.  Spent the rest of the race with it dangling, but only unitl later would this become an issue.  They restarted the cars
straightup and the race was underway.  Brian was stuck in traffic for a couple circuits and finally was able to move up high.  
Car in front of him got a little sideways so he dove low to miss him and ended up hitting a wet spot and getting all squirrly
himself! By the time the 92B was going straight again, the entire field has passed by! With his work cut out for him, Brian ran
the high and middle to pick up some positions.  Caution flew and he was back up to 8th.  Back to green flag racing and his
march to the front continued.  With about 5 to go he was in second. Another yellow.  Green flag racing once again, Brian made
the pass for the lead going into 1 and made it stick.   Car  was overheating because of the nosepiece being out of shape,
water kept dumping on the right front tire causing some handling problems but things held together long enough for Brian to
take the doubele checkers.  A nice run!

April 29- Started 8th, Finished 3rd.Track was hard and smooth kicking up dust  by feature time.  Traffic was tight early on and
Brian worked to keep out of trouble. Cars checking up, including the 92B and the risk of being run over from behind was high.  
The 92B finally found some running room and advanced a couple spots before the first yellow flew.  Green flag racing again
and he had his work cut out for him as the car seemed to be a little slow coming off the corners.  Settled into third before the
checked flag flew.  

April 22- Rained out.

April 15th- Started 9th, Finished 2nd.  Track had taken on some rain in the past couple days so it was decided to move the tires
out so that the racers wouldn't run on the lowest part of the track. Brian didn't realize this until the first  lap of the heat race,
setting his car in 3 and 4 lined up right on the tire and hopped it.  Still managed to come from the back and finish first in the
heat, but had some work to do before the feature as it had taken out the steering box.  Lots of scrambling, replaced the box
but found out the replacement one was leaking! Crossed our fingers hoping the fluid wouldn't all run out by the end of the
feature! Feature time, Brian ran the bottom (trying to avoid the tires) and made it up to second about 1/2 way through.  With the
leader checked out and no cautions Brian didn't have the chance to improve his position, finishing second.  

April 9th- Started 2nd, Finished 1st.  Exciting race! Track was dry by the time the Stock feature rolled out.  A few ruts made for
an additional challenge.  Beat to the first corner, Brian fell in line behind the leader. He'd take a peek down low only to have
the door slammed shut.  This continued for several laps, Brian regrouped hanging back for a couple circuits and made
another run at it.  The car stuck and he pulled away on the back stretch taking over the lead. A few laps later the yellow flew.
On the restart Brian was dogged by the second and third place car but he managed to put a couple car lengths between them.
With two to go a car searching around on the high side found something and put on a great last lap run, but Brian held on to
take the double checkers.  Great way to start the season! (Regular points racing next week)

Buena Vista County Speedway , Alta , IA  
(Racing every Wednesday night. Hotlaps 6:45, Racing begins at 7:30 )

*Season Opener April 20th*   www.buenavistaraceway.com  

August 31st-Started 9th, Finished 5th.  Up to second in just a few laps Brian's chances at having a top 4 finish were dashed
when he was tapped from behind and spun out.  He went to the tail and was able to work his way back up to 5th before the
double checkers flew.  
August 23rd-Started 9th, Finished 3rd.   Deja vu of last week as far as the finishing order.  Brian survived a first lap pile up with
just a crunched in passenger side door and rear panel.  Back to green he worked and worked for each pass slowly moving his
way forward.   Laps winding down he  managed to take over the third spot, closing the distance somewhat on the second
place car he ran out of time before he could make a serious challenge.  
August 17th-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  Another rain delay had racers wondering if the show would be completed or not, but
the precip finally let up and the track was rolled in for the completion of the heats.  Brian expected the track to be heavy
during the feature, but amazingly it slicked up leaving us a little short on the set up.  Making his way to the front very slowly he
managed to get into third, but just didn't have enough to take over second.  
August 10th- Rained out before the completion of the heats. Full program next week.
July 31st- Started 8th, Finished 2nd.  Another exciting nite at BVR.  Still running the back up car, Brian had a solid 2nd place
finish in the heat race which was encouraging.  In the night's feature event, he was able to use the bottom to move his way to
the front, taking over the lead with 10 laps to go.  The second place car hung on his bumper for lap after lap.  Searching for
some more speed, Brian moved down a groove, but this proved to be a bad idea as the second place car motored to the
outside, the two racing side by side down the back stretch with Brian losing the top spot as they came out of turn 4.  With 3 to
go he didn't have much time, but was able to pull up beside the leader on several occasions including the last lap. Just didn't
have enough though as he settled for second.  A real crowd pleaser of a race.  
July 27th-Started 10th, DNF.   Tonight was a reminder of how quickly things can go from good to bad.  Brian had an awesome
run going in the feature.  Stuck in traffic for quite a few laps he found an opening down low and was able to pick off some
spots moving his way to the front.  Battling for second he see sawed back and forth with the other car til he finally got the
advantage and took over the position.  Gaining on the leader but running out of laps the yellow flew with 4 to go.  Sticking to
the leaders bumper he pulled up beside as they came around for the white flag. Still not having enough he had one more
chance, entering turn three on the last lap. The only obstacle was a lap car who had gone up high. Brian went low the leader
did the same but in the middle of the corner the lap car took a sharp turn and was sideways right in front of the 92B. Brian hit
him full throttle coming to a dead stop, back end in the air landing on two tires and just about rolling.   The car was mangled,
right side frame horn wrapped around the motor.  Tried to take it for repairs the next day but they said it was beyond fixing  so
will need to replace the front frame horns.  With racing on Friday nite the team went to work on the original Larson car which
hasn't been run since the first race in 2003....
July 18th-Started 12th, Finished 3rd.   Early on the 92B got pinned in up high with cars running side by side in front of him he
had to patiently wait for an opening.  Finally he saw his chance and went to the bottom. Working the inside he was able to go
to work at actually passing some cars.  He used the low side and middle to weave his way thru traffic.  Popping into 3rd he set
his sights on the three lead cars.  With only a handful of laps left in the caution free race he was able to reel them in, passing
third on the white flag lap , but too little too late as he pulled up beside second but didn't have enough to take over that
position before the checkered flag dropped. A nice run. :)
July 13th, Started 12th, Finished 1st!   Another heart stopper of a race.  Racing 3 and 4 wide in the opening laps, the 92B was
able to somehow survive and pick off some spots.  With a few laps the first caution flew in the nite's 20 lapper and the 92B was
sitting in 4th.  Green flag flying he went low and passed the 3rd and 2nd place cars only to have the yellow come out again.  
Another restart, same thing, passed 3rd and 2nd, only to have the yellow come out again! On the third restart the car in front of
Brian went low right away shutting the door.  Brian followed him to the front, settling in in second.  He was running just a tad
lower and was able to get inside of the leader. A couple laps of this and he finally had the advantage taking over the top spot
with 12 laps to go. As the laps wound down he stretched out his lead some only to have the yellow fly again with 3 to go.   
Keeping his head Brian stuck to his line for the remaining circuits. An exciting race!  
July 6th- Started 9th, Finished 1st!   A nerve wracking race. Early on the stocks were running 3 and even 4 wide and the 92B
was right in the middle of it all.  The drivers did a great job of holding it all together and Brian was up in the top 4 before the
first yellow came out .  10 to go he stuck to the bottom and was able to pick off the third setting his sights on the top two
positions.  He pulled up along side and out into the lead with 8 long laps to go.  Getting into a groove he was able to put some
track between himself and the other drivers but a few laps later 2nd place was coming on strong.  Two to go and the yellow
flew again setting up a nail biting finish.  On the restart the second place car was able to get inside of the 92B but Brian got a
good run and pulled him coming off the corner.  White flag waving the two cars passed the flag stand, entering one and two
the second place car looked low again, the two cars made contact, the second place car spun while Brian got his car
straightened out and went on to take the double checkers! :)
July 3rd- Unsanctioned Special Event.   This event ended up being for track points but not IMCA points . The 92B had no
choice but to go to Stuart.  This race was not recognized by IMCA but BVR will include the points from this race when they
crown their Track Champion for the season.  
June 30-Started 10th, Finished 3rd    The fans got their money's worth tonite as the stock cars put on a heck of a race for the
top spot.  Brian got a great start finding some openings early on making it up to the top 4 in a matter of laps.  The yellow flew
and he was lined up in 4th with 11 to go. His forward progress slowed considerably as he spent the rest of the race looking for
an opportunity to pass. Having cleared the 3rd place car he found himself behind the one and two spots with nowhere to go.
Hoping one of them would get the advantage he ran on their rear bumpers.  With a few laps left one of the front runners
bobbled, Brian jammed on the brakes and the car behind him got out of shape and hit our left rear fender. Brian just about lost
the handle but he recovered, not before the main pack caught up to him. He'd slipped to 7th and it looked like that would be
where he would stay when he saw the bottom open up. He managed to get back up to third and reeled in the top cars but ran
out of laps before he could advance any further.   

June 22-Started 3rd, Finished 1st!   Mid Season Championships.  Deery Brothers Late Model Series race tonite as well so they
decided that they would line the cars up by points and skip the heats.  Brian is currently in 3rd overall so that was where he
would start. The track was dry in spots, tacky in some and overall rather choppy.  Brian got shuffled back early on and spent
several laps making up the ground he had lost.  He worked the low side and popped into second. By then the leader had
checked out but a caution came out with 7 laps to go.  Brian had a good start, getting inside the leader in turns one and two
only to have the door slammed shut.  He didn't give up pulling up beside but not quite having enough. Finally things went our
way as he pulled past the leader going down the front chute.  Taking over the lead with 4 to go he hung on to take home the
checkers! Yay!! Long time coming on this one. :)
June 15th-Started 10th, Finished 4th.   The bottom was where it was at this Wed nite, unfortunately we were starting on the
outside so had to wait our turn before getting down in the preferred groove. Brian worked and worked for each pass but
finally made his way into the top 5. Found a little bite in the middle and  went around the outside of the 5th place car.  Laps
winding down he put up a challenge for 3rd, pulluing up beside on a couple occasions only to have the door slammed shut.  
Another top 4 finish in the record books.  
June 8-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  Had some problems with the car not running right in the heat, but was able to make some
changes before the feature which really seemed to help. Brian had a good start but his luck ran out as a car got out of shape
in turns 3 and 4 turning down into us flattening our right front tire.  The yellow was thrown and the pit crew went to work
changing the tire in record time.  The 92B was lined up at the tail in the 17th position.  He went to the bottom and worked his
way past one car after the other.  Up to 5th with a handful of laps left to go, but the 4th place car was on the bottom. Taking a
look on the outside Brian was able to make it stick moving into the 4th spot. He was making up some ground but was running
out of time when the lead car hooked a rut and got out of shape giving us one more position before the checkers flew. A good
run considering the front end suffered some damage when we were hit early on and the right front was packed with mud so
he had a heckuva vibration to deal with.  
June 1- Started 8th, Finished 3rd.  Super heavy, tacky track tonight.  The 92B survived a big crash early on and narrowly
avoided a stalled car on the back stretch.  Could have been very bad! Instead, just filled the right front rim with mud making
for a nasty vibration the rest of the race.   Brian was in 5th when the race resumed.  Car just wasn't pulling off the corners and
he went backwards on the start. He worked and worked to make each pass, having to get up behind the car then dive down
underneath, pulling up beside them in the middle of the corner but losing ground coming off. He did this for lap after lap til he
could gain the advantage and keep it.  Laps winding down he shook his way in 2nd. With 2 to go he had pulled up beside in
turn 4 when the car suddenly cut down clipping our front end. The 92B just about spun but somehow Brian hung on.
Fortunately the car behind him didn't run him over as he was gathering things up.  He was able to catch up to the 2nd place
car again but didn't have time to make the pass for the position.   
May 25th & 26th. Cancelled due to rain.
May 18th-  Started 8th, Finished 3rd.   Track conditions were the exact opposite from the last time out.  Heavy and super tacky.  
Put the pedal to the medal and turn the steering wheel! Brian got hung out high early on in the feature and it took a few laps
for him to make his way to the bottom where he was finally able to get to work on making up some positions.  He had to work
and work for each pass, just didn't seem to have enough uumph on the straightawys,  so he had to make up most of his
ground in the turns.   The cars were stretched out in the yellow free race, but fnally caught up to third and was able to take
over that spot on the last lap .  
May 11th-Rained out.
May 4th-Started 7th, Finished 4th.  Track was hard and dry and the field of cars made it to one and two before the 'big one'
happened! Driver Blessington weaved his way through the spinning cars and looked to come out clean and clear only to get
thwacked from the side, then hit again by the same car flattening his left front.  Taking advantage of the yellow the 92B pit
crew got the tire changed and the car back out on the track at the back of the pack.  Taking the green again, entering one and
two it was de ja vu as a car running the same line as tthe 92B spun, Brian jammed on the brakes killing the car. He got it
restartd now a 1/4 lap down.  Trying to make up time, it happened again, car spinning, slamming on the brakes, killing the
motor! Now almost 3/4 lap down waiting and hoping for a caution.  Finally came several laps later allowing the 92B to tag on the
end of the line again.  Working the low side Brian cautiously moved up through the pack stalling out around 7th with a car
runnning low and another running high. Patience paid off as he finally was able to get around. Final caution of the night and he
was in 5th.  Green flag racing Brian hung high and picked up another spot, white flag, still high the 3rd place car shut the door.
Diving low coming off 4 the 92B pulled up besed the 3rd place car a photo finish.   A nice come back after a shaky start.  
April 20th- Cancelled due to rain.
April 27th- Started 8th, Finished 4th.  Off and on spitting rain halted the program for over an hour, but it did finally clear up so
the program could get underway.  The 92B had a great draw in the heat, starting on the pole but wasn't able to beat the
outside pole sitter to the first turn and spent the entire race dogging him but unable to make the pass on the super heavy
track.  Redraw for the feature and we'd be starting 8th.   From the drop of the green flag the 92B struggled.  Avoiding trouble
for the most part  the car just wasn't up to speed with the rest of the field, a bad nite to have motor woes. Brian made the best
of it, driving the car in as deep as he could , gaining in the corners some but losing ground on the straights. He was able to
pass a few cars this way and finished a solid hard fought 4th.  Car in one piece, we'll be back next week to give it another try!

Shelby County Speedway , Harlan , IA
(Racing every Saturday night. Hotlaps 7:00, Racing begins at 7:30 )

**Season Opener April 23rd** www.shelbycountyspeedway.com

<>September 16th-17th, Tiny Lund Memorial.  A bad draw had Brian starting in the back of his qualifying heat but he made the
best of it finishing a strong second.  This would put him in the night's Pole Dash which would determine the starting positions
for Saturday's Feature.  Brian started 8th, but knew right away he'd have his work cut out for him as he realized he had lost his
front brakes when he pulled out on the track!  Hoping to just finish, he narrowly missed getting caught up in an accident in the
first corner, but instead just found himself dead last with a lot of ground to make up. He did reel in some of the cars in the
back of the pack and was able to take advantage of the final caution finishing a solid 6th.  Off to a strong start in Saturday's A,
Brian was moving to the front when the first caution was thrown.  Going green again he was already sitting in third.  
Unfortunately as the racing resumed he dropped a cylinder and was down on power the rest of the 25 lapper.  Still he
managed to hang onto second, but the final caution with 7 to go had the pack on his rear bumper. Hugging the bottom hoping
to maintain some sort of speed he was able to hang onto a top 4 finish, taking home 4th place for the night.  Would have been
great to see how well he could have done on all 8 cuz the car looked fast!
August 27th-Started 12th, Finished 5th.
August 20th-Started 7th, Finished 2nd.   More changes after the heat but came up a little short in the feature.  Brian managed
to pop into second with a couple laps to go but it was too little too late as the leader had checked out.  Another solid run.  
August 13th-Started 7th, Finished 1st!!  Still trying to get things dialed in, Brian made some changes to the car before the
night's main event.  He was dead on as the car was hooked up at the drop of the green flag.  Using the bottom line he patiently
worked his way through traffic, taking over the top spot with 12 long laps to go.  He had built up a fairly comfortable lead when
the first and only caution came out with 6 laps to go.  The field on his tail again, he stuck to bottom and hung on to the lead
until the checkered flag flew!  
August 6th-Started 7th, Finished 1st!!!  Still running the back up car,  the crew made some changes to the set up after the heat
race.  The track was hard and dry, with the groove on the high side for most of the night.  Starting on the inside the 92B stayed
there and was able to work his way forward slowly picking off positions.  Popping into 2nd, the leader had checked out.  Brian
continued to run the bottom with 3rd place right on his tail.  No cautions, but they were slowly gaining on the front runner.  
Laps winding down 3 to go and a lapped car running the low side looked like it would play a factor in the final results.  2 to go
the leader still up high a few car lengths ahead now, Brian hopped into the middle lane in one and two clearing the lap car and
getting a great run down the back straight.  Side by side with the lead car, white flag flying, he lost the advantage coming off 4
only to pull up beside the lead car again going into one and two.  Barreling down the back stretch he entered 3 low coming out
of 4 slightly behind the leader but the car hooked up as he hit the front straight, the two cars drag raced to the flag stand with
the 92B coming out on top and taking home our first feature win at SCS this season! A great run!!!! :)
July 30th-Started 10th, DNF.   Still trying to get the car dialed in, Brian made some adjustments after the heat and hoped for the
best in the night's feature.  Things looked good as he used the bottom to work his way to the front, taking over the lead, but
our good fortune would go sour as the right rear tire rolled off the bead lock with 4 laps to go.  A disappointing end to the
July 23, Started 7th, Finished 2nd.   Things didn't look too good in the heat, but the 92B Crew made some adjustments and
hoped that they'd be a little more competitive in the feature as a result. Their work seemed to pay off as the 92B was able to
stick the car to the bottom early on, moving into 2nd. Running on the lead cars bumper for several laps Brian was patiently
waiting for an opening.  In the meantime, there was a car coming up fast down the middle of the race track. By the time he
pulled up next to the 92B and the leader it was too late for Brian to adjust. He moved up, zipped past the car on the bottom
and went to work at trying to reel in the new leader.  With laps winding down he was making headway and by the time the
checkers flew he was one car length away but it wasn't enough to improve his position.  A nice solid run at a track we've been
struggling at. :)
July 16th-Started 11th, Finished 4th.  The track was drying up by feature time with the stocks running mainly on the bottom of
the track.  Short on power the 92B found this was  a real momentum killer so he had no choice but to move up high.  
Fortunately the high side seemed to come around as he and another car gained on the front runners.  As the laps ran down
Brian slowly picked up positions finishing a strong 4th.  
July 9th-Started 8th, Finished 3rd.  Things went a little better tonight for the 92B team but still came up short in the feature.  
Brian moved to the front on the low side but once into the top 4 his forward progress slowed.  The car wanted to wash up the
track in the turns making things even more difficult.  Brian did manage to make a couple challenges for the number 2 spot but
just didn't have enough to get the job done.  Thoughts and prayers going out to Gene, the backstretch worker who was hit by
a car during a caution.  We hope your injuries aren't serious and you'll be back soon.  
July 2-Started 10th, Finished 16th.    Another rough nite for the 92B at the Shelby County Speedway.  Brian found the low line
right  away and had moved his way up to 5th when a car got turned around in the middle of 1 and 2. Brian tried to miss him but
with nowhere to go the 92B was clipped in the right rear as he went by.  Thinking all was ok, Brian stayed out on the track, but
as he took the green flag on the restart his right rear went flat.  The race remained green as the crew went to work on the
tire.  He rejoined the race a couple laps down. With no yellows he wasn't able to improve his position any.  At this point the
majority of the damage seems to be cosmetic, with the trunk and right side fender mangled.  
June 25- DNF.    (Scored 18th) Blew up in the feature.  
June 18th-Started 21 finished 6th.   Things started off a little rough as we had no oil pressure when the car was backed off the
trailer.  It was decided the best option was to pull the motor and put the spare in.  The crew did an excellent job, having things
swapped around before the stocks finished their heats, but not in time for Brian to run in his heat race. So he had to start
dead last in the feature.  Things seemed to be working well as the 92B used the bottom to work his way to the front.  A last lap
melee allowed him to pass 2 final cars for a nice 6th place finish.   
June 11- Cancelled due to rain.
June 4-Postponed til next week due to rains that hit right after our heat race.
May 28th- Started 9th, Finished 3rd.  Back to 'normal' on Saturday night. The track conditions were completely different this
week with the dust flying in hot laps. Brian's heat had some problems getting going, and the sun shining on the backstretch
didn't help matters as some cars saw the yellow was thrown while others didn't. Brian was one that didn't and he came to an
abrupt stop when the car in front of him did! The car suffered some front end damage including bending the front frame horn.  
He managed to finish the heat and then it was back to work on the fender and nose piece. Nothing we could do about the
frame. Feature time and the stocks did a great job, going green to checker without one yellow flag.  Brian's car seemed to
work the best on the bottom but getting there and staying there wasn't always the easiest task! Early on he and two other cars
raced side by side for several laps before Brian finally popped free. He then set his sites on the cars in front of him,  but
catching up and passing were two different matters! Brian and three other cars got in behind two cars racing side by side,
neither being able to clear the other. Brian would look low then high, then low, all the while the other two cars were looking
for an opening. Definitely a nail biter! Laps winding down Brian found himself racing side by side with another car, the
postions at stake were 3rd and 4th. Brian would pull him coming off 2 then lose some ground coming out of four, finally he had
a good run coming off 4 right when it counted most as he crossed the finish line in 3rd.  Nice to be back and to see everyone
at SCS and to see strides being made to improve the program for both the racers and the fans. :)
May 21st- DNS.  After a long day of scrambling around trying to get our tow rig up and running, we arrived at the races with a
few things left on our 'to do list'.  Arriving at the track 5 minutes before hot laps were to begin and 35 minutes before the races
were to start the crew got to work.  In the meantime, cars were told to go out and pack the track.  It was announced that
'Numbers would be taken". Why? That was not said.  Our car was jacked up and the gears were lying on the ground.  Upon
finishing the gear change, Brian immediately hopped in the car and was backing it out when the race program director came
rushing over and told him it was too late, he would be starting in the back of his heat. Well, for the most part we always start in
the back of our heat, and though I haven't seen a points sheet it is my guess that we are up there in the points far enough that
we would have started in the back of the heat once again.  Brian pulled the car in and went to discuss the matter. Explained
the situation with the truck, that we didn't have the car ready to go and nobody had bothered to tell us what the consequences
were for not packing.  Apparently, this week it was that you would start in the back of your heat and next week if you didn't
pack (regardless of your situation) you would start in the back of the feature.  It was decided that we would rather not tow 120
miles and pay money to race at a track that shows such little regard and respect for the drvers.   Our 60 plus dollars may not
be missed nor may we be, but there just comes a time when you have to stand up and say that you don't deserve to be treated
as second class citizens.  It is NOT our job or responsiblity as racers to get the track race ready.  That is not to say that we
won't help out when we can, but ultimately the track is responsible for having a safe racing surface.  It is our responsibility to
show up pay, (yes PAY) to participate and put on the best show we possibly can for the fans.   As we were pulling out to leave
it was announced that they would run hot laps and then probably have to get all the cars out there again to repack the track. It
was after 7 at the time (advertised start time 7:05).    P.S. It certainly never hurts to say"Please" and "Thank You" either.  
May 14th- Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  Super heavy track.  After slip sliding around in hot laps and the heat the track was finally
packed down by feature time but was still deadly fast.  Brian got stuck in traffic early on, searching for an opening. He did
finally manage to find some running room and was up to 5th when the final caution flew.  5 laps to go.  Getting pulled on the
starts it took about a lap to catch up to the top 4 cars. Searching for some speed he found a nice groove in the middle and was
just diving low setting up to make a pass attempt on 3rd and 2nd when the lead car suddenly slowed coming out of 4, the cars
behind him had no where to go sending the leader down the track and right into the 92B.  This was as the white flag was being
thrown. Brian kept her going for the final lap and crossed the line in 4th.  We were scored 3rd as one of the cars in the lead
pack was docked for hitting the cone on the restart.  Lots of damage to the right front of the car, hopefully mainly cosmetic,
but won't know til we take a good look at it. Never a good sign when you have to use a hammer to get your hood off for post
race tech.
May 7th- Started 8th, Finished 3rd. An uneventful evening.  The track slickened up for the feature but the stock cars still
managed to go green to checkers without a caution.  Brian got hung up early but finally broke free and used the bottom to pick
off some spots. He stalled out in 4th, not able to gain anything on the 3rd place car.  Not being challenged from behind, he
spent the rest of the race searching for the best line.  With to go he finally made up some ground and reeled in the 3rd place
car.  With 2 to go he made the pass and was able to pull away some, but there was no time to work on the lead cars as they
were too far ahead.  A solid race.  (We did lose oil pressure with 3 to go . Not sure what that was all about. )
April 30th- Started 3rd, Finished 3rd.  First night out on the high banks of SCS in 2005.  Track was slippery wet in the heat but
slid into second and the chance to redraw.  A few changes to the car and it was time to hit track for the night's feature.  The
inside row got hung out to dry on the start and the 92B lost quite a few positions.  As things settled down some he still was
pinned in on the slower low side, working and working to make a pass he did finally get back up to the front.  A caution with 2
to go and he was sitting in the 2nd spot.  Green out the 3rd place car blew by the 92B . Brian hung tight but didn't have enough
to regain the spot, coming up about a foot short at the line.   
April 23rd- Cancelled due to wet conditions.


Stuart International Speedway, Stuart Iowa  

( Racing every Sunday night, Hotlaps at 5:30 , Racing at 6:00 )

*Season Opener April 10th * www.jjjam.2y.net/stuart/html

August 28th-Started 11th, Finished 3rd.
August 21st-Started 11th, DNF.  Another disappointing DNF at the Stuart Speedway. The track was tacky and traffic was thick
early on. Pinned to the bottom Brian got caught off guard when the car in front of him jumped on the binders.  He slammed on
the brakes but it wasn't enough as the bumper went through the radiator. This time the crew knew what to do but didn't have
enough time, as the race went green and stayed that way til it's completion, not allowing the 92B to reenter the race.  Post race
inspection- a trip to the frame machine is necessary again. Points are tied up with 3rd place 3 points out.  
August 14th- Cancelled due to wet conditions. (See "Other Tracks" below.
August 7th-Started 12th, Finished 17th (DNF)  One of the craziest nights of racing this year. The track was dry and the cars
remained bunched up for lap after lap.  The 92B couldn't find any opening and was still in 12h when the first caution of the
night came out. Hopeful that he could make some headway after the restart, Brian went low. Seemed this was going to work for
him, but unfortunately we'd never find out as a car spun without warning right in front of him on the front straight.  No time to
even react the 92B piled in, steam rising from under the hood the crew knew they'd lost another radiator.  With nothing to
lose, the crew thought they'd see if they could get the radiator changed during the yellow.  The change over went as well as
could be expected, but in trying to return to the track the 92 B didn't want to start.  Finally getting it to refire, 4 laps down he
rejoined the race.  At the drop of the green he went low but the car in front of him must not have known he was there as he
went low too putting the 92B into the tractor tire on the inside of the track.  Not being able to refire his car, the 92B was retired
for the nite.  Damage assessment- Radiator, front hoops, bent frame and rearend.  Not a good nite!
July 31st-Started 11th Finished 2nd. The track was fast for the feature with cars running two and sometimes three wide, but
the place to be was the high side and unfortunately Brian spent a lot of time looking for an opening. He did use the bottom to
make several passes, including a late race past to take over both the third and second place spot.  A two lap duel between the
leader and the 92B made for an exciting finish but with not enough time or track Brian came up short at the end.  Another nice

July 24th-Started 12th, Finished 4th.
July 17th-Started 12th, Finished 15th (DNF).  The track was heavier than normal and rutted up as a result.  After passing a few
cars on the bottom Brian tucked in up high. He passed a couple cars only to have the yellow come out. Having shown that
there was a line up high, the cars he passed weren't going to go for that again and adjusted their line when the green came
out again. Brian hung in up high til the next caution. Thinking maybe there might be something down low he checked it out
when the racing resumed, seemed to work as he passed the fourth place car in one and two only to have the third place car
spin down the track right into his path. With little to no time he slammed on the brakes but it was too late and he hit the car
taking out the radiator which ended our night.  
July 10th-Started 16th, Finished 1st!!  Barely making it to the track due to some truck problems the 92B could have just as well
skipped his heat as he suffered a cut right rear on the first lap, putting him back in the pits. Starting at the tail of the feature,
he knew he'd have his work cut out for him.  Somehow, some way he patiently worked his way through the field.  Seemed that
on this night the openings happened at just the right time.  With 6 or so to go he took over the lead and held on to it til the
checkers flew. Awesome run! :)
July 3rd-Started 18th, Finished 4th.   Still putting the car back together from last nite, the 92B arrived at the track late, just as
the stocks were pulling out on the track.  Having not run a heat he would have to start in the back of the field.  Traffic was
super heavy but he did manage to drive his way up to a solid top 4 finish.  
June 26th-Started 12th, Finished 1st!!!   Track was super slick with lots of cautions and spinning cars. The 92B somehow
managed to avoid getting caught up in all the mishaps as he made his way to the front.  Taking over the lead he held on thru
more cautions to take hom the win!!!
June 19th-Started 11th, Finished 4th.  The track was tricky, with turns 3 and 4 on the slick side and 1 and 2 dried out from the
hot sun.  Brian put his patience to the test, getting pinned down low for the first 1/2 of the race, he passed several cars before
getting blocked in behind several cars racing for position.  A couple restarts worked to his advantage as he was able to find
room on the high side and pick up another few spots.  With the lead two cars battling it out, Brian found himself  in 5th looking
for any opening with heavy pressure from behind. The high side was good to us as he was able to pick off 4th by a nose at the
finish line.  Sheetmetal intact, no damage, lots of tight racing. A nice run. :)
June 12th-Started 1st, Finished 1st!   Mid Season Championships. It started drizzling during hot laps so it was decided to skip
the heat races since it was Mid Season Championships and cars are lined up by points anyway. The last time we started on the
pole things didn't go too well so we were a little apprehensive. The track was tacky from the rain showers and super fast, but a
little rough in spots.   Brian and the outside polesitter had a good race going for a couple laps before the 92B took over the
top spot.  Brian took advantage of the open track and put some distance between himself and the other cars who were still
battling it out.  As the laps were wiriding down the cars were getting pretty stretched out and Brian got into some lap traffic.  
One of the cars hit some water that was laid down on the track spinning right in front of the 92B.  Fortunately Brian saw the
water and knew what was going to happen so he was on the binders and missed hitting the car.  The yellow came out
bunching them all up again.  On the restart there was a tense moment as Brian hit a rut knocking him out of shape, but he
regathered the car and was able to hold off the second place challenger to take home the feature win! :)
June 5th- Started 11th, Finished 5th. A night where patience played a huge role as the 92B was boxed in down low for most of
the race. Cars were running right in front of him , high and low jockeying for position, some seeming to barely hang on but
hang on they did! Brian spent most of the race in 10th hoping that something would open up and finally with about 5 laps left
he was able to find a hole up high. He took full advantage picking off a car a lap and was zeroing in on 4th when the checkers
flew.  A quick race, green the entire way.  Finished in one piece! :)
May 29th-Started 1sth, Finished 10th. Ron Little Memorial Race so the format was draw/redraw. A poor draw for the heat had
Brian starting at the tail. Brian was able to find some racing room and managed to move into a qualifying spot before the
checkers flew.  The draw for the feature went much better as the #1 chip was drawn!  Unfortunately by race time the high side
was where the 92B needed to be! At the drop of the green he and the outside pole sitter raced side by side for a couple laps,
Brian really wanting to get the advantage so he could slip into that high line but he just couldn't get it done.  A few laps in and
the car running on the outside of him got bumped from behind and turned right into us, meanwhile the car behind us on the
low side swiped us too.  Bumped around but still going he was a distant 2nd when he gathered things up, but there was still a
car running on the high side so he had to keep working the bottom.  A few more laps in and the yellow was being pulled when
Brian suffered severe damage to the right side of the 92B when a car running behind and outside hopped our right side tire.  
It went flat immediately. Tire changed and back on the track, Brian was flying in the 92B picking off a car or two a lap before
time ran out.  Finished a disappointing 10th.  
May 22nd- Started 12th, Finished 2nd.  Ouch sums up this week's races! The track was dry and the Moon was full... cars were
going every which way. Brian had a bad start going into  turn one and running up the backside of the  car in front of him as the
field checked up for the first incident of the evening. The 92B suffered front end damage but mainly cosmetic.  Continuing
under green a couple laps later a car got out of shape trying to pass low and ran into the left front tire.  Somehow it managed
to stay up.  Next restart car behind us got a nice jump on the inside of us only they couldn't get it to turn and consequently ran
square into our left rear wheel and quarter panel.  Again, dents mounting up, but the tires still were full of air.  Brian starting
making his way to the front and from about 1/2 way through the race he didn't have any more major incidents.  He was up to
third on the final restart of the evening, only by now the abuse the car took was evident...the right rear shock was broken off
completly and the rear wheels were just a hopping away as he went thru the turns.  Still he managed to pick up one more spot
and to even put up a fight for the lead .  Car has looked better, but all in all considreing what could have been, this was a good
night. :)
May 15th- Cancelled due to wet conditions.
May 8th- Started 11th, finished 2nd.  Another nailbiter at the Stuart Int'l Speedway!  Brian finished 3rd in his heat but sustained
some damage in the effort as cars were vying for position early one.  A rush to replace the bent suspension parts, he was
ready to go by feature time.  A dry, hard, slick surface greeted the cars as they pulled onto the track.  21 cars on this little track
is a lot and things were bunched up 4 wide going into turn one on the start.  The cars all managed to hang on and survive.  
Brian was pinned in for a few laps but finally found some racing roon on the bottom. He started to march his way forward
slowly.  With a few to go he was up to 2nd and had caught up to the lead car. The leader was running a fast line, in the middle
so Brian continued his attack down low. He could pull up beside in the corner but was getting pulled coming off.  Lap after lap
this continued, interrupted by a yellow.  Brian tried to go low on the restart, but still didn't have enough . Went on to finish
second in another crowd pleaser.  
May 1st-Cancelled due to weather.
April 24th-Started 9th, Finished 1st! Rains had pounded the area but the track was hard and dry with a few rough spots thrown
in the mix. After a mediocre showing in the heat Brian made a few minor adjustments to the car before the night's A feature.  
Out on the track taking the green the low side seemed to be a good place to be as Brian was able to make his way through the
pack, narrowly missing the tires on each circuit, sometimes 3 wide but a couple cars a lap and he was in the lead with 5 down.  
A lap later the caution flew setting up a restart , but the 92B was able to hang on, still scooting along on the low side, with
second place a few grooves up charging on the high line.  Two to go and the yellow came out again. Super dry track, Brian had
to baby the car knowing that there were some hungry cars right on his bumper. On the restart 2nd place pulled up on the
inside, but the 92B hung in pulling away as they exited the next corner. Taking the white flag it was matter of hanging on for
one more circuit to take the checkers and the win.  A nervewracking race with a good ending for the 92B Team. :)
April 17th- Started 9th, Finished 3rd. Track had taken on some moisture from recent rains and as a result was a little rougher
than last week and heavier too.  The stocks ran their feature caution free.  Brian got hung up on the bottom early on as traffic
whizzed by on the outside. He did finally manage to pop free and find some room to run passing cars on the low side he was
up to third before he was able to get up on the high side.  It took a few laps but once he found his rhythm he started to reel in  
first and second.  With one to go he was just up to their bumpers looking for an opening, only to have any holes plugged up by
a lap car on the final front.  Another exciting ending!
April 10th- Started 5th, Finished 2nd.  WOW what a nerve wracking, crowd pleaser of a race!! Brian  popped into second very
early on. The car was hooked up and fast on the bottom but  in order to take a  shot at the leader he was really having to pinch
her down tight on the super dry, super hard track.  Brian would take a couple laps and start making some headway, looking
like he was going to clear the leader when the yellow would fly! This happened several times.  Not giving up he kept working it
and finally did get around the leader, heading into 3 and 4 and he was rutted off the bottom, the two cars running side by side,
with the 92B hanging tough on the outside.  A couple laps of this and Brian dropped back down low.  One to go and he made
another attempt at the lead. Pulling ahead again on the back stretch he was leading as he was exiting turn 4 but a bump from
behind turned him into the tractor tire. The car launched into the air, flying down the front straight, never lifting , dust flying as
he landed the 92B came up a foot or two short at the finish line.   


Other Tracks  

August 14th- Benton County Speedway, Vinton, IA.   With Stuart cancelled the 92B team decided to hit the road. Choices were
limited with Vinton being the only other Sunday track running IMCA Stock Cars.  Off to agood start with a win in his heat the
team was looking forward to the feature, but unfortunately the cars never even hit the track.  An incident in the Pro Stock
feature took out the front catch fence and caution light ending the nite's races.  Double features next week, but doubtful we'll
be able to take advantage of that since Stuart will probably be running.

June 29th- Marshalltown Speedway, Marshalltown, IA. Started 23rd, Finished 24th.  Tonight was the Annual Stock Car Shootout
with 3,000 on the line the drivers were going for broke! Brian drew poorly and found it difficult to pass in his qualifying heat
finishing 6th he would have to go to one of the nite's B's to see if he could make the big show.  Managing to get 4th he would
start in the back row of the nite's A Main event.  Some adjustments to the car and he hit the track again.  At the drop of the
green the 92B went low which is where he stayed for the first couple laps.  A couple cars up front spun going into turn 1. With
the pack scrambling to avoid the disabled cars, the car directly in front of the 92B jacked on the brakes. Brian tried to stop but
didn't have enough time, driving right under their bumper. Took out our radiator and front bars ending our night.  

May 30th- Boone Speedway, Memorial Special Started 12th, Finished 3rd.  An early race pile up found the 92B locking up his
brakes, killing his car and having to go to the back of the line up on the restart.  Sitting in 21st he had some ground to make
up! Brian went low and stayed there, moving his way up to the front.  A late race yellow found him in 3rd. Back to green the 1
and 2 spots were battling it out side by side leaving little room for passing. With only a couple laps left the 92B ran out of time.  
A nice run. :)
April 13-Greenbelt Speedway, Eldora, IA Started 5th, Finished 2nd .  After being closed for a few years the raceway in Eldora
was reopened and will be running Wednesdays this season.  Brian thought he'd go check it out since he had nothing else
scheduled (ie he's addicted to racing).  The track looked like it would be dry during hot laps and the 92B seemed to be liking
that, but a few passes with the water truck during the driver's meeting and we were trying to figure out a good set up!!
Winning his heat Brian drew 5th. In the feature the car was hooked up on the bottom but spent the majority of the caution free
race trying to pass one car.  The 92 B would pull up beside in the corners but couldn't find any passing room and  would be
over powered on the straights.  Working and working it Brian finally popped free, but with only a handfull of laps left he didn't
have time to reel in the leader.  Sure was nice to visit Eldoara and to see all the other racers, maybe we'll make it back again
sometime this year.