Super Nationals- September 4th-9th.
September 9th- A Main Event and Race of Champions.    The weather looked threatening, but by some miracle the rains held
off until after the program was finished.  As a precautionary measure the program was changed and the Stock cars would be
running their feature last.  First up for the 92B was the Race of Champions.  Sandwiched between the last chance modified
heats, Brian had been dealt a poor hand and would be starting 8th in the field of 10 cars.  At the tip of the green he went low
and patiently waited for openings.  With only 10 laps to work with he slowly started to make some headway.  Up to 6th, he
worked to get around the 6th place car looking low, he'd have a good run only to have the door shut at the last minute. "
Finally he took over the 5th place position and set his sights on 4th.  One lap to go he was up to their door, side by side they
raced through turn four.  The cars were one as they crossed the finish line.  The announcers called it a tie, but someone had
to be scored ahead of the other and Brian was scored 4th.  A nice solid run.  
Finally it was time for the Main event.  Brian felt good about his car and hopes were high.  The three wide field of 33 cars took
the green and the 92B got a great start picking up several positions, only to have this negated by a caution.  Back to his start
spot (15th) Brian and the other racers took the green again, only this time disaster struck as the cars were completing their
first circuit.  A car running ahead of Brian got out of shape, hitting the wall and flipping.  Brian missed the tumbling car but was
hit by another racer trying to avoid the pile up.  The 92B was missing it's nose piece and fender and had a flat tire and some
front end suspension damage.  The crew did what they could and sent him back out. Green light out Brian was using the
bottom to make up some positions when he felt the motor drop a cylinder.  He shut her down and pulled in ending the night.  
September 5th- 2nd night of qualifying.  Race of Champions Qualifying.  Top two of each heat qualify for the race on Saturday
night.  Brian finally had a good draw and was starting on the pole.  He took advantage and was able to get out in front on the
first lap.  The second place car made some challenges but Brian was able to hang on til the checkers flew!! Drawing for the
feature's starting position will be on Saturday night.
Qualifying heat race- Brian would start 8th in the 9th heat of the evening.   Fortunately the track was pretty racy and Brian was
able to slowly and patiently pick his way up through the field.  Took the lead with a couple to go.  Finishing first he drew the
4th place chip to determine his start spot in the feature.  
Qualifying A Feature (For the middle row in Saturday Night's Main event)- The top 5 would be moving on.  They prepped he track
right before the race and instead of having the mods hot lap to roll it in they had the stocks do it.  The track was greasy and
Brian was having a hard time getting hooked up.  At the drop of the green he tentatively entered the first corner and then the
next.  Finally about 3 laps in he felt the track was a little more racy.  Having dropped back to fifth he started to work on the 4th
place ca. Patiently working the low side he finally managed to take over the position.  Reeling in third he finally caught up to
and after several laps he popped into third.  The second place car had quite a lead on him, and with no yellows Brian wasn't
able to make up the ground.  Finished a nice solid third.  Will draw Wednesday to see if he will start 5th or 6th row on Saturday
September 4th- 1st night of qualifying.  Qualifying heat race.  Brian would start 9th in his heat race.  He had to finish 3rd or
better to make the night's qualifying A.  Things looked promising as he was working the bottom groove, but then his luck
changed.  The car running outside of him turned a little early as they entered turn 3, running over the right side of the car.  
They tangled in the corner, but somehow Brian managed to keep going .  The lead pack of cars was about a straightaway a
head of him but he went to work, catching the 5th place car at the line he was scored 4th.  Not good enough to qualify for the A
he'd have to run a B feature for points later that night.  At 1:15 am he hit the track again, but with the car not handling he had
his hands full finishing 4th.  Do it all again tomorrow!
Shelby County Speedway
Hot laps 6:30

September 24th- Tiny Lund final.  Having rushed to Stuart and then back to Harlan Brian was ready to race and finished a solid
3rd in this the final race of the season.  
September 23rd- Started 1st, finished 3rd. This was it, finally the final race of the season was going to be run.  Brian and crew
spent the night as the race was to be first thing on the schedule at noon.  Hot laps were worrisome as the engine lost oil
pressure and to make matters worse something was of in the handling.  With only minutes the crew tried to determine what
the oil pressure problem was, but were unable to figure it out before the feature lined up.  Brian hit the track but had a bad
start and it went sour from there.  With no oil pressure and an ill handling car he had his hands full.  Hanging on til the
checkers flew he finished a disappointing 3rd and 1 point out of the track Championship and subsequent National
Championship title.  
September 22nd- Tiny Lund Qualifying.  Track was super heavy and super rough from recent rains.  Brian managed to hang on
and bounce his way to a win in his qualifying heat.  
September 21st-Rained out ! Rescheduled for Sept 23rd.
September 2nd -Rained out. Rescheduled for Thursday Sept 21st.
August 26th-Started 10th, Scored 6th.
August 19th- Started 16th, Finished 5th.
 Roller coaster ride tonight! Things got off to a bad start as Brian got a cut tire in the
first corner of the heat.  The left front tire flat he still managed to hang with the pack, but was black flagged for having a flat.  
Starting at the tail of the feature, the cars took the green flag, coming out of four the two cars running in front of Brian hit
causing one to spin up the track. Somehow avoiding disaster Brian seemed to come out of it unscathed until he realized he
had a left rear flat! Pulling in to get it changed he was back out on the track before the green was thrown.  The rest of the race
was uneventful for the 92B and his biggest challenge was getting through the holes that resulted from recent rains.  Patiently
working his way forward he just about had the fourth place car at the line.  A nice recovery!
August 12th Started 12th, Finished 7th.  The results don't tell the tale, as Brian had a solid run, surviving one mishap early on
(barely and miraculously without getting a flat tire as the right front had a huge chunk of rubber missing!) The groove was on
the high side and passing was difficult.  Brian was able to somehow manage to make some passes using the middle and when
the first and only caution came out he was in 7th.  Pressure all around, back under green, the car in front of him finally bobbled
and Brian picked up another spot.  Still in line, laps winding down the car in front of him got a little bit out of shape and Brian
dropped down on the inside, unable to make the pass the car behind the 92B filled in the gap and Brian had no choice but to
get back in line on the high side.  The battle wasn't over as Brian gave it all he had but came up short at the line, finshing 7th.  
August 5th-Started 10th, Finished 6th.  Difficult passing tonight as the preferred groove seemed to be the high side.  Brian
had some good charges going on a couple occasions only to have them negated by cautions.  The last restart found him in 5th
with 4 laps to go, the two cars in front of him were battling it out while Brian felt the heat from the cars behind the 92B. Coming
out of 4 for the checkers you 3rd through 7th was a tangle of cars.  With nowhere to go Brian got nipped at the line finishing
July 29th-Started 11th, Finished 8th.  A discouraging night for the 92B.  Still working on getting the car dialed in, tried a few
more combinations tonight.  In the feature Brian got pinned in down low and went backwards as cars flew by on the high side.  
Finally able to move up he ran into walls of cars running 2 and 3 wide.  Patiently waiting for openings he finally resorted to
using the high, high side and was able to pick up some positions, a few other positions were gained as cars got a little out of
shape in front of him.  Looking strong at the end it was to no avail as he found himself walled in behind several cars.  A
frustrating night.  
July 22nd-Started 10th, Finished 4th.Brian went backwards early on in the feature, but was able to start making some forward
progress when things thinned out some.  The track was heavy and the preferred groove seemed to be on the bottom, but
Brian used both the low and high side to pass.  Catching up to the lead pack he passed for 5th, then 4th only to have the
yellow come out.  Back in 5th Brian had to take the long way around, using the high side to try to pick up another spot.  He put
up a good challenge but wasn't able to make the pass before the checkers flew.  
July 15th-Started 9th, Finished 4th.  The car wasn't where Brian would like it to be in the heat, so he made some changes
before the feature. Unfortunately, these changes will not be on the 'what not to do list'.  For once, traffic actually worked in
Brian's favor early on as he was able to make his way towards the front.  With a handful of laps in he was in third when the first
and second place cars tangled bringing out the red.  On the point, Brian had his hands full.  He had to baby the car through
the corners and every little bump in the track upset the car.  After hanging on to the lead for a few laps he hit a rut coming off
turn two and the car skated up the track.  Second place zoomed by nd then another car and a few laps later the same thing
happened and he was sitting in fourth.  Sometimes you have to experiment and tonight it didn't pay off. :)
July 8th-Started 9th, Finished 5th.   Patience played a big role tonight as Brian found himself boxed in most of the race.  Cars
running 2 wide in front of him he just couldn't find any racing room for most of the feature.  Finally, laps winding down, he was
able to start moving forward making it up to 5th before the checkers flew.  
July 1st-Started 8th, Finished 2nd.  After some major scrambling the car was back together after last night's run.  Brian had a
great start in the feature, getting into the lead a few laps in. Running the high side for 5 or so laps another car snuck by on the
inside and took over the top spot.  Able to hang with the leader. Brian was able to make a couple challenges but didn't have
enough to retake the lead.  A nice solid run.  
June 25th-Started 11th, Finished 5th.  Things were pretty congested early on in the race and Brian kept getting shuffled back.
Finally he was able to find his way to the bottom and start working his way up through. The going was slow, and some untimely
cautions negated several good passes. Was up to fifth before the checkered flag flew.  
June 17th-Started 8th, Finished 2nd.   Rain threatening, the races were started a little earlier than normal in the hopes that
they could get them in.  By feature time it was sprinkling off and on but nothing major enough to sop the races.  The beginning
laps of the stock car race were just insane, with cars funning 3 and 4 and even 5 wide Brian somehow managed to keep out of
trouble though he did get jostled around a bit.  Finally things calmed down and he was able to make some forward progress.  
Using both the high and low side he slowly started working his way forward.  A couple passes were negated by untimely
yellows but he kept on working and was up to 2nd with a few laps to go.  The leader had checked out, but Brian was slowly
reeling him in. The white flag thrown, one to go and the leader and Brian both went into one, just about sliding off the track!
The rain was falling, amazingly only in turns one and two! Thinking there might be a yellow, Brian slowed then got on the gas
again, tentatively coming around for the checkers he lifted at the flag stand but the car didn't slow down at all as he hit the
rain slickened surface.  Along for the ride he and the leader both shot off the track. Brian's right front dug into the dirt as he
landed over the embankment. Fortunately he didn't roll and was able to drive back onto the track.  Unfortunately, the car was
tore up pretty bad as all the front end suspension was damaged on the right side from the impact.  Lots of fixing to do!
June 10th-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.   Trying out a new set up the car wasn't quite right in the heat so Brian and crew went to
work scrambling to get things changed over before the night's feature event.  The changes worked as the 92B looked to be
hooked up and with some luck Brian was able to slowly work his way to the front.  With no caution flags it wasn't an easy task
but Brian did manage to get into fourth with 8 laps to go and started to reel in the 2nd and 3rd place cars.  Laps winding down
he was closing the gap, finally catching up with about 3 to go he managed to pass for 3rd and get on the inside of the 2nd
place car, racing side by side, Brian nipped him at the line as the checkers flew. A nice solid run.
June 3rd, Started 10th, Finished 5th.    A bad beginning to the night's feature for the 92B as he had a tire get cut down with
only a few laps down.  Tire changed he was at the back of the pack when the race went green again.  After some close calls
and with the faster, bottom groove taken, Brian opted for the slower (but safer) high side. Finally with about 4 to go he saw an
opening on the low side and he dove down low, catching up to the 4th place car, racing side by side for the final two laps we
were scored 5th at the finish line.  A nice recovery.  
May 27th- Started 10th, Finished 4th.   Heavy track made for some difficult passing for the 92B.  Brian could run the bottom but
had to work and work to get around cars.  Was up to the door of the third place car when the checkers flew.  Nice non eventful
May 20th-Started 12th, Finished 12th.  Ugh.  Dust was flying during the heat race making it necessary for some adjustments
prior to the night's main event.  Brian debated what changes to make and the crew scrambled to get things done before the
feature.  Out on the track, the car looked fast and hooked up, Brian was moving up through the field, finding what openings he
could. The cars were 3 and even four wide at times.  A handful of laps in, coming out of 2, trouble hit as Brian blew the right
front putting him up and into the outside guard rail driving off the track.  The yellow was thrown and Brian drove to pit road.  
More bad luck as the jack malfunctioned. Finally going up, the tire changed it wouldn't go down. He drove the car off the jack
pulled out on the track but the cars had just taken the green and he was in front of the leaders and getting the move over flag
the next circuit.  Flustered and frustrated he stayed on the track not picking up any positions as the race went green the rest
of the way.  
May 13th-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.   Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Brian was up to 4th or so running the high side when the
night's  winner was able to sneak by on the bottom.  Picking his way through  Brian was able to get up to second but ran out of
laps before he could take a shot at the top spot.  A nice solid run.  
May 6th-Started 11th, Finished 1st!  Brian had the car working tonight, up to third with 5 laps in he had to deal he had a couple
opportunities to pass for the lead, but each time they were negated by a yellow! Finally going green he was able to make the
pass for the lead coming out of 2. With 6 laps to go he hung on til the checkers flew taking home his first feature win of the
season at SCS! :)
April 29th- RAIN!
April 22nd- Started 12th, Finished 4th.
 No risk of the fans getting dusted tonight. Track was tacky and hard, making for some
tough passing! It was all about momentum tonight with the groove on the outside.  A handful of laps in Brian found the high,
high side and passed two cars only to have the yellow fly.  Back to where he started it took several laps for him to get those
two spots back.   Up to 7th another caution.  With the tip of the green he ran into a roadblock as the cars in front of him battled
for position.  Sitting back a bit wondering what was going to happen he took advantage and was able to pass when a couple
cars got brave and looked down low.  Laps winding down, the leader had checked out and the battle was for 2nd.  Brian was in
the thick of it. White flag waving he dove down low hoping he could get the advantage.  Coming down the front straight you
could have thrown a blanket over 2nd, 3rd and 4th with Brian coming up a little short at the finish line.  An exciting race. :)
Congrats to Steve Curtis on his first win!!
April 15th-Cancelled due to weather.
April 8th-Started 12th, Finished 10th
.  Some nights you just wish you would have stayed home and tonight was one of those!
The A feature got off to a bad start with Brian taking the green, rounding turns 1 & 2 on the outside, making a pass on the back
stretch when the car next to him turned up flattening his left front tire.  The 92 B limped around the track and fortunately a
yellow was thrown for another incident a lap or so later giving the crew the chance to change the tire.  Lined up at the tail of
the 22 car field Brian went to work on the bottom.  Making up some ground he was up to the top 5 or so when a car a couple
cars ahead spun, Brian went low, but the car went low too, he was looking for away around when he was clipped from behind
flattening the left rear! Back to pit road and back to the pack again. With only a few laps left, time was against him as he
finished 10th.  
April 1st-Started 8th, Finished 2nd.  The weather was a little warmer, though recent heavy rains made for some sticky track
conditions. Brian took advantage of a good start in the heat race and took over the lead early on hanging on to the top spot til
the checkers flew.  One small adjustment and he was ready for the night's feature event.  Lined up 8th, he battled his way
through traffic as the lead cars got further and further away.  Popping into third he set his sites on the 2nd place car slowly
making up ground as the laps wound down.  With a handful of laps remaining he caught and passed for 2nd.  Open track in
front of him he set his sites on the lead car.  Not sure if there were enough laps left to catch the leader, but making up some
serious ground the first and only yellow of the race was thrown.  With three to go, the lead car knew that Brian was there to
battle for the top spot and despite all his efforts the 92B came up just short at the finish line taking home second place.  A nice
solid run.  Got the races done just in time as we ran into a heckuva storm on the way home. :)
March 25- Started 5th, Finished 5th.  Recent snows and cold temps had some doubting that this race would happen, but the
new promoter had a 'Hell or High water' attitude and we raced despite the nippy temps.  Brian and crew scrambled to get the
car ready to go and managed to slide into the pits on time.  A fair draw had Brian starting in the second row for his heat.  Stuck
behind the second and first place car he looked high and low hoping one would break free, but it wasn't until the last lap that
he managed to get the advantage finishing second.  His draw for the A main had him starting in 5th.  The temperature a chilly
26 degrees, the car looked fast when the green flag dropped, but once again he found himself stuck behind two cars that
couldn't clear each other. Bobbing first high then low he was patiently waiting when he got a tap from behind sending him up
high on the track and into the grease.  Losing several positions he battled back to 4th when the two cars in front of him
connected, causing the one to spin.  The spinning car smacked the side of the 92B but fortunately the hit only resulted in a big
dent in the drivers door and loss of several spots. The race was still green so he collected the car and settled in once again.  
Up to 8th when the caution flag flew.  Passing was tough, but Brian managed to get back up to the front and was just past the
fourth place car and set up for a pass on third when the yellow came out again. Back to fifth and only  few laps remaining, the
two cars in front of him battling side by side Brian wasn't able to make up any more ground.  All in all a good season opener.  

Buena Vista Raceway, Alta, IA
Hotlaps 6:45, racing at 7:30.
August 30th-Started 9th, Finished 5th.
August 23rd-Started 8th, Finished 2nd.
August 16th-Cancelled due to rain.
August 9th-Started 9th, Finished 4th.  
A real nail biter, but no major incidences.  Patience paid off for the 92B as he was able to
pull off a solid top 4 finish.  
August 2nd- Cancelled due to some much needed rain! (First rain out since the end of May!)
July 26th-Started 9th, Finished 9th.  
Night was ended early when Brian was caught up in a wreck with only a few laps in.  
Spinning he was hit by oncoming traffic. The crew got changed a flat tire but there was nothing they could do about the other
suspension parts that were damaged.  Brian limped his way through the rest of the feature, somehow managing to pick up a
couple spots before the checkers flew.  
July 17th. Started 9th, Finished 5th.   Monday night race due to the county fair this week.  Brian ran the heat and made some
adjustments for the Trophy Dash which was run during intermission.  Thinking the car was ok but not quite what he wanted, he
went a little bit further for the feature and made some additional changes.  Unfortunately early on he realized that the car was
off.  Boxed in down low and unable to make any forward progress, Brian moved up to the high side.  While cars battled down
low he stayed high hoping for an opening.  Finally with a couple to go he found some racing room on the bottom and passed a
couple cars.  Finished side by side with the 4th place car.  
July 12th, Started 14th, Finished 6th.  Rough start to the night when Brian rolled in the heat race.  Having just taken the lead
over he was running high in turns three and four when his right rear tire hopped the cushion.  The car took off and despite all
his efforts Brian wasn't able to get back on the track.  Heading for the opening to the track and some huge tractor tires he
gunned it at the last minute getting the car to turn.  This kept him from hitting the opening head on. Instead he slammed into
the barrier with the passenger side of the car, bounced off, the tires dug in as he landed and the car rolled over onto it's top.
Took awhile but Brian was able to get out of the car and they finally uprighted it.  In the pits, the crew and some others went to
work on the car.   The steering box and front end suspension took a beating and parts needed to be replaced. The body had
to  be shored up and the motor need a good looking over after having been upside down for so long.  By a miracle the car was
as ready as it could be by feature time.  Brian looked to be ok in the early going, but then problems struck.  As he was coming
off two the motor made a noise that had Brian thinking it was going to blow. He quickly shut the car down and had to coast
around the track. The yellow flew and he realized that despite the noise that he heard he hadn't noticed any other signs of a
blown motor (oil light, smoke,etc) and in the off chance that it was ok he refired the car.  It started but something wasn't right
so he pulled onto pit lane. The crew discovered a spark plug wire had blown off and realizing it wasn't terminal, they sent him
back out.  To the tail he was able to work his way up to 6th before the checkers flew.  Thanks to everyone that helped with the
car. Very much appreciated!
July 5th, Started 8th, Finished 1st!   From a fire to first! Hoping to regroup from last week, Brian found himself boxed in on the
high side for the first handful of laps in the feature. Racing 3 and sometimes, 4 wide things were tense early on.  Able to take
advantage when the cars running the low side got tangled up, he moved into 3rd and then second. The yellow flew and he
went to work on the low side taking over the lead coming out of two.  9 long laps to go, he hugged the bottom and held on til
the checkers flew!
June 28th, Started 19th,DNF.   Bad night all around.  Off to a rocky start when we had mechanical problems as we were pulling
out on the track for the heat race and instead of joining the field Brian pulled the car onto pit road right away.  Not having the
chance to qualify, we would be tail end charlie for the feature.  An incident on the first lap eliminated 3 cars and when they
were relined up Brian was in 17th.  Taking the green he went low and was making ups some ground only to have things turn
sour again.  Entering one and two full throttle, a car in front of Brian spun coming right down the track and colliding into out
car.  The valve cover on the motor was ripped open from the impact and the fuel filter was leaking, both causing the car to
burst into flames.  The fire crew was there immediately and finally able to put the fire out.  The motor leaking oil, bent A frames
and suspension parts, our night was done.  
June 21st-Started 8th, FInished 1st!   Rains earlier in the day had the track pretty well saturated.  Brian made a slight
adjustment to the car and was ready to go.  Sometimes things just go your way, and tonight was one of those nights.  Brian was
able to work his way through traffic without any problems, getting an early lead.  No cautions so he had some running room
which really helped! A nice run!
June 14th-Started 2nd, Finished 2nd. Mid-season Championships.  No heat races were run tonight as the cars would be lined
up by points.  The bottom was where you wanted to be and this showed on the start as the pole sitter was able to take
advantage and pull away.  The two cars remained one and two for lap after lap, several cautions and restarts, but it wasn't until
the last 8 laps or so that Brian had the chance to make any serious challenges.  Closing the gap he could get under the lead
car but just didn't have enough on the straights to make the pass. A good solid run for the 92B but just came up a little short.  
June 7th, Started 9th, Finished 1st!   The team was hoping for an uneventful night after a bad week and that is what they got.
The car was ok in the heat but Brian still didn't think it was hooked up as good as it could be and after some thought it was
decided that some changes should be made.  Seemed to be a good decision as the car looked like it was on rails, hugging the
bottom in the feature, allowing Brian to move to the front and take over the top spot with about 9 laps to go.  The second place
car kept the heat on for a handful of laps but as the race wound down Brian slowly increased his lead, holding on to take the
double checkers!! Whooohoooo! No blown motor, no flat, no fire! :)
May 31st-Started 9th, Finished 14th.  From 9th to third in 3 laps before the first caution flew, the 92B was hooked up.  Taking
the green on the restart Brian went low and passed 2nd and was taking over the lead when the motor blew.  A very
disappointing end to the night.
May 24th-Started 10th, Finished 2nd.   Tight was the word for the night.  Things looked fairly promising early on in the feature
with Brian moving through the pack and into the lead with 10 laps to go.  Unfortunately the track was becoming slicker with
each lap and the 92B was way too tight, causing the car to push up the track.  With 6 to go and 2nd place bearing down the car
pushed really bad in 3 & 4, jumping the cushioning and once Brian was back on track he had relinquished the lead.   He had
his hands full for the rest of the race, but somehow managed to hang onto second place.  
May 17th-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  Roller coaster nite! Track was bone dry by feature time and the fast groove was definitely
on the bottom. Unfortunately Brian couldn't seem to find a way to get there so he had to try to get the middle to work.  After
getting shuffled back on the start he began to make his way forward, running 3 and even 4 wide at  times!  Brian finally worked
his way through the traffic and was up to fifth, battling side by side with the 4th place car he just couldn't quite get the
advantage running the middle groove.  Coming high out of 2 he was trying to get a run when he grazed the wall just slightly,
but it was enough to flatten his tire and with the air running out he couldn't make the car stick driving off the track.  The yellow
was thrown and the crew went to work (the tower timed the pit stop and it was a record 35 seconds! ) Back on the track lined
up at the tail with 7 laps to go on a one groove track, Brian went to work.  Looking high then low he made his way up to 10th by
the time the next yellow flew. Passing cars but then having the yellow fly again it seemed he was going two forward and then
back again. Finally with 5 to go he was up to 5th when the final caution was thrown.  Going green the 92B stuck to the middle,
then the bottom opened up and he shot his way into the 4th spot, passing for 3rd on the final lap.  A nice run after having gone
to the back mid way through the race! :)
May 10th-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.   Missed the set up by just a little bit but it showed on the hard dry slick track.  Brian just
couldn't get on the throttle soon enough to make a serious challenge for second once the cars were strung out.  Still
managed to pull out a nice solid finish.  
May 3rd-Started 10th, Finished 1st!   After a week off it was finally time to go racing again! The track was heavy and slippery
early on from the weekend's rain.  Racy but with the groove on the top, the car that got to the front first was going to have a
definite advantage.  The cars were bunched up tight in the first laps of the feature with Brian right in the thick of it.  A couple
laps in and a car at the front of the pack took a right turn in the middle of 3 and 4 cars jumping on the binders, Brian found an
opening down the middle and took advantage. No yellow and he found himself in 4th, reeling in 3rd, then 2nd and 1st taking
over the lead with 12 long laps to go.  As the other cars battled he found the fast groove and knocked off the laps, only to
have the yellow fly with 5 to go bunching the cars up again.  Brian survived one more caution and restart to take home the
win! Nice run! :)
April 26th-Started 6th, Finished 1st!   The track was smooth and fast and even a little bit dry this week.  During the heats the
groove was up high but as the night went on it moved down and by the stock car feature the bottom was where you wanted to
be.  Brian's start spot had him on the outside and at the drop the green he got shuffled back some as cars vied for position.  
Luck was on his side as he found some openings down low early on and after a side by side battle with the lead car he found
himself taking over the top spot.  With 11 long laps to go he focused on keeping the car underneath him, with second place
knocking he managed to maintain the lead. White flag flying it looked to be an exciting finish, the 92B and the second place car
heading down the back chute into turn 3 and YELLOW! Oh my! 3 laps would decide it, green and Brian still hung on to the lead,
white, still out in front, checkers! An exciting race!
April 19th-Started 3rd, Finished 1st.   Last weeks bad luck was a good thing this week as Brian's low point average had him
starting 3rd.  The track was fast, with most of the cars running on the high side. This didn't play out well on the start as the
inside row dropped back.  Waiting for some racing room Brian went low then high, hoping for an opening. Going high he
thread the needle between the two cars in front of him as they entered turn 3 coming out a couple spots ahead.  8 laps to go
and the caution flew. Brian was back up to  3rd. On the restart he hung with the leaders, one running low the other high,
diamonding the corner in turn three and four Brian was able to drive between the two cars taking over the lead.  With 7 long
laps to go he focused on being as smooth as he could be. The strategy worked as he was able to hang on and take home the
win.  A nice run. :)
April 12th-Started 3rd, Finished 11th.  The results say it all.  Full moon tonight and it showed on the track. Starting third, taking
the green, the car on the outside of the 92B wanted the bottom bad, tire smoke rolling from the contact, Brian had nowhere to
go. At the corner it was either lift or wreck and Brian lifted giving up the spot.  He spent the next handful of laps working on
the fourth place car, finally getting around only to have the yellow come out.  Green again, he went low and was back up to
fourth battling for the third spot, second and first well within reach.  Side by side, seesawing back and forth, when the car on
the outside made contact with the 92B on the backstretch, banging all the way down the straightaway entering the corner the
92B ran out of room and the left front tire was sliced and the car slid off the track.  The crew got the tire changed, but couldn't
fix a hole in the radiator.  The 92B was 3/4 lap behind hoping for another yellow, which never came. To add insult to injury the
right rear tire went flat with a few to go. Brian limped her home finishing a disappointing 11th.
March 31- Cancelled due to Rain.
Stuart International Speedway, Stuart, IA- 2006 Track Champion
Hotlaps 5:30 Racing at 6:00

9/24- Season Championship.  Started 1st finished 2nd.  Squeezed in between the make up races for the Tiny Lund, Brian had to
scramble to get down to Stuart for the Season Finale.  All he needed to do was show up to finish in the top spot in overall
points, and he just barely made the deadline as the stocks were lined up and ready to take to the track when he arrived.  No
time for final tuning the car wasn't 100% but Brian made the best of it and finished a strong 2nd.  Loaded up and headed to
Harlan for the final Tiny Lund race.  
9/17-Rained out! Rescheduled for 9/24 at 1 pm.  
9/3- Make up feature- Started 11th, Finished 2nd. Season Championship races are rescheduled for September 17th (rained out
8/27- Rained out after heats, Double features next week.
8/20-Started 8th, Finished 1st!
8/13- Cancelled due to weather.
8/6-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.
 Another one groover,  Brian stuck to the high side the most part, waiting patiently for any
openings.  Up to third he couldn't see a safe way around the 2nd place car.  Another solid top 4 finish.  
7/30-Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  Track conditions mirrored last week, with the groove on the high side.  The inside lane was
slick and made for difficult passing.  Brian took advantage of his outside row start spot and an early incident that had cars
bunched up.  Patience paid off as he worked his way up to a solid 3rd place finish.  
7/23- Started 10th, Finished 5th.   Moisture on the top, dry down low not a great combination for coming from the back.  Brian
had to work and work for each pass and just didn't have the laps to get any further than fifth before the checkers were thrown.
7/16- Started 10th, Finished 1st!
7/9- Started 9th, Finished 5th.  
 A frustrating night.  Started off bad as two cars running in front of Brian tangled on the first lap.
One car spun and with nowhere to go the 92B was spun out as well.  Getting going about 3/4 of a lap down, unfortunately the
yellow never came out so Brian spent the majority of the race playing catch up.  He had just caught and passed the last car in
the field when the first and only caution came out.   Only two laps left, Brian went to work making up for lost time, unfortunately
bad luck would strike again as the right rear rolled off the bead on the last lap.  Limping his way thru the last lap, he was
somehow able to finish fifth.  
7/2- Started 9th, Finished 2nd.  The track was pretty dried out by feature time and Brian had to carefully pick his way through
traffic. Up  to second, the leader had quite some distance on the field. Brian was able to reel him in though and got on the
inside of him coming out of four on the last lap, but just didn't have enough to get the job done.  A good run!
6/25-Started 11th, Finished 1st!  Car was hooked up tonight and Brian was able to take advantage of the wide open bottom,
working his way to the front and into the lead with only a few laps in.  Moving up a groove he got settled into a rhythm and
pulled away from the field.  A few cautions had them hot on his heels but he was able to hold off all challenges and take home
the win.  
6/18- Started 8th, Finished 6th.  After scrambling all day to repair the car, Brian seemed to have everything working when he
was able to win his heat.  Unfortunately things went downhill after that. The track was super dry for the feature and once a gain
this haunted Brian as he just wasn't able to find any grip.  About two laps into the feature his strategy went from 'get to the
front' to 'just don't wreck'.  He definitely had his hands full, but managed to stay out of trouble and finish in one piece.  A small
6/11- Started 2nd, Finished 1st!   Mid Season Championship night and they line you up according to your point standings. Good
night to be in second as the groove was on the high side.  Brian got the lead at the drop of the green and was able to put
some distance between him and second before the first caution was thrown.  Feeling some pressure he was able to hang on
and get a little breathing room, but had to make sure he was on or the lead might just slip away.  Was able to hold on til the
checkers flew.  A nice run.  
6/4-Started 10th, Finished 11th (DNF)  Car was hooked up and Brian was up to third and looking like he might have the goods
for another top finish, when disaster struck.  The fuel line came loose and the car caught on fire. Brian quickly killed then
engine and parked the car by the fire truck but the fire burned long enough to do some damage under (and on top of) the
hood. Fortunately Brian escaped without injury.  
5/28-Started 6th, Finished 1st!   Draw re-draw special tonight for the Ron Little Memorial race.  Brian had a great draw in the
heat and started on the front row and was able to finish in the top spot.  For the feature he drew the number 6 chip and would
be starting 3rd row outside. The track was fast and he had to work for every pass.  Running in second, Brian and the leader
ran side by side for lap after lap with the 92B on the bottom. The green flag tipped high and Brian had the advantage when the
final yellow of the night was thrown.  Lined up first he was able to hang on for the green, white and finally the checkered flag.  
The night's celebrations were dampened when the 66JJ of Jeff Joldersma claimed us.  
5/21- Started 10th, Finished 1st!
5/14- Started 8th, Finished 7th.
  Just couldn't get the car hooked up tonight.  Brian fought it all night long and unfortunately
the only place he could run was the high side using and that was where everyone else was running.  Went forward a few spots
early on but lost positions as the race went on and finished a frustrating 7th.  
5/7- Started 9th, Finished 12th.  Sounded like the track was  a one groover for the most part and early on in the feature the
cars were really clumped up.  Brian was running the low side when a car ran over his right front tire.  The 92B spun out and
was sent to the back of the pack.  The front end suspension suffered some damage and Brian had his hands full for the rest of
the feature.  
4/30- RAIN!
4/23- Started 12th, Finished 3rd.
  Quite the opposite of last week as the stock car feature was riddled with cautions, spin outs
and wrecks.  Somehow, miraculously, Brian survived with only a small dent and one slightly twisted fender.  The race got off to
a rough start with cars stacking up on the front stretch.  Another try and they stacked up on the back stretch.  Brian narrowly
missed disaster on both occasions.  Finally going green he was staying to the high side for the most part as the bottom was
still slimy and definitely slower. Laps winding down he was in third when he dove to the bottom in 3 and 4 getting a nice run off
passing second and pulling up beside the leader. Looked like he might have enough, but we'll never know as the yellow came
out before they got to turn one.  Back to green he again tried the low side but just couldn't find enough to clear the cars in
front of him.  Finished a solid third.  Happy to load her on the trailer in one piece tonite!
4/16- Started 1st, Finished 1st!!!  An uneventful night for the 92B! Rains threatening, even drizzling throughout the heat races
we didn't know if we'd get the features in or not, but the weather held off and the track even got a little dusty by feature time.  
Hard and fast racing surface, Brian took advantage of his great draw popping out into the lead at the drop of the green. Few
laps in the yellow was thrown bunching the cars up again, but Brian hung on stretching out his lead as the cars battled for
position behind him.  One final yellow with a handful of laps to go, Brian got another good start and was able to hang on til the
end.  A nice way to start off the season.  :)
4/9- Races cancelled on 4/6 due to wet conditions.  Season opener moved to 4/16. Sunday 4/9 is a practice only from noon to

Blackbird Bend Speedway, Onawa, IA- 2006 Track Champion
Hotlaps 6:45 racing at 7:30
9/1-Season Championships-Started 9th, DNF.    Brian had the car hooked up, but had some trouble getting through the two
wide traffic early on.  Up to third he found himself on the back bumpers of the two lead cars, who were running side by side.  
Waiting for an opening, what he got instead was a bump from behind taking the car around.  The yellow was thrown and the
92B went to the back along with the car that introduced us to the infield. Taking the green again, Brian patiently worked his
way to the front.  Back up to third he was looking low to pass, but unfortunately a tractor tire was sticking out a little further
than it should have been.  Brian jumped the tire damaging the suspension of the car.  He pulled into the infield to wait for the
end of the race and the tow truck.  Not exactly how we wanted to finish the season but the good news is that all we had to do
was start the feature to clinch the track championship title! :)
8/25- Started 10th, Finished 1st!
8/18- Cancelled due to rain.
8/11-Started 10th, Finished 1st!
  Recent rains made for a super rough track tonight.  Brian somehow managed to bounce his
way to the front without major incident.  Taking the lead with a few to go he maneuvered the 92B through the bumps and held
on til the checkered flag!
8/4- Started 9th, Finished 10th.  Bad nite.   In the feature Brian had his hands full as the car was pushing horribly.  Unable to
get a good run on the inside for fear of pushing up the track and unable to run the high side for fear of pushing off the track,
he somehow managed to pick up a few spots.  Unfortunately he pushed it a little too hard and spun in 3 and 4.  Getting going
the yellow didn't come out so spent the rest of the caution free race 1/2 lap down.  
7/28- Double Feature. Finished 2nd and 2nd.  First feature was uneventful for the 92B as he patiently worked his way up
through the pack. With about 3 to go  Brian popped into second and set his sights on the leader.   He put up a great effort,but
came up a little short at the finish line.  2nd feature- Brian cut a tire with 5 laps to go.  Crew changed it and he was back out on
the track at the tail of the field.  Using the low side he worked his way back up to 2nd before the checkers flew.
7/21- Races were called after the heats due to dust and unsafe conditions.  Double features next week.
7/14- Started 9th, Finished 2nd.
  Caught in traffic early on, the eventual winner of the night had checked out before Brian
popped into second.  Ran out of laps trying to chase him down.  
7/7-Startd 9th, Finished 6th.   Off to a bad start when we were spun on the first lap, spent the rest of the race trying to work his
way up through the field.  Car was fast in the corners but just couldn't win the drag race coming off.  Finished a frustrating 6th.
6/30-Started 9th, Finished 3rd.   Lucky to finish this one! Brian stuck to the low side early on and with about 2 or 3 laps in
entering turn 3 low a car behind him bonzaid into the corner going full tilt and door slammed us. Brian's car was smashed into
another car running on the high side.  Flattened the a frame (actually pulled it from it's bushings!) . Somehow he managed to
only lose one spot in the deal and when the yellow flew a lap or so later he was able to regroup and start working his way up
through traffic.  The car wasn't the best, as it would jerk left every time he hit the brakes, but he was still able to pull off a solid
6/23- 1st and 2nd!   Double features tonite.  The track was tacky in the first feature and Brian took advantage of a 2nd row
starting spot, getting out into the lead with a couple laps in.  The caution flew a couple times but he was able to hold off any
challenges and take home the win.  The second feature had him lined up 8th and the track was super slick.  Stuck on the high
side looking for some traction, the 92B spent the first handful of circuits looking for an opening. Finally able to move down to
the bottom Brian was able to start working his way forward .  The first and only caution had him sitting in fourth.  A handful of
laps left Brian realized that he wasn't going to be able to safely pass the third place car down low so he used the middle
instead. Second in his sights, laps winding down he made that pass with 3 to go.  The leader was within his sights but ran out
of laps before he could make a serious challenge.  2 features, everything in one piece. A good night!
6/16- Rained out after the heats. Double features next week.
6/9- Started 8th, Finished 5th.  
 A lot like last week, Brian was back to trying to figure out how to get the car to hook up.  He
made a few adjustments to the set up but still found that the car wasn't 100% in the feature.  Unable to get hooked up he had to
work for each pass and just couldn't find any grip to take advantage of any openings.  Back to the drawing board.
6/3-Started 10th, Finished 10th.   Brian worked his way up to 2nd in the heat using the low side, went high when he cleared the
second place car only to have that car dive in low and lose grip side swiping our car.   Brian's steering locked up from the jolt
and he had to be towed in.  Went to work replacing the steering box .  Done in time for the feature, we had been trying out a
new set up and a new set of tires, and didn't really know what we would have for the main event and it turned out we didn't
have much of anything at all! The track was super dry and Brian just couldn't find any grip coming off.  Being careful he just
couldn't make any passes stick. He looked high and low hoping he'd find something but nothing was there.
5/25- Started 10th, Finished 1st!   Another dry slick track tonight, but the racing was 2 and sometimes 3 cars wide! Brian spent
most of the feature looking for openings and  searching for the best groove.  The laps winding down, the 92B was up to
second place when a yellow was thrown.  With 4 laps to go the cars took the green, and by some miracle Brian found the only
bit of moisture on the track it seemed and with the 92B hooked up on the bottom he was able to move past the leader to take
the double checkers.  An exciting race for sure!  
5/19- Started 11th, Finished 1st!  High winds made for a super slick and dry track.  After the heat race some major adjustments
to the set up had to be made.  The car seemed better during the feature and Brian was able to use the low side to pass and
make his way to the front.  10 laps to go and he took over the top spot.  Hung on til the checkered flag flew!
5/12- Started 11th, Finished 1st!  A rough start to the night as the 92B got tore up in the heat when a car spun at the front of
the pack.  The crew went to work and replaced a ball joint and some other suspension parts before the night's feature.  The
car wasn't 100% but Brian still managed to pull off the win! :)
5/05-Started 7th, Finished 1st!   Evening got off to a rough start as Brian realized as he was changing gears that the rearend
housing was bent! Really bent! At the time we should have been hitting the road we were swapping out rearends! Longest
gear change in our racing career I do believe?!  On the road an hour or so behind schedule, fortunately the track was running
a little bit behind as well.  The track had plenty of moisture and was a little rough by feature time.  Going into the feature
Brian's strategy was to get to the high side as quickly as possible, but seemed that was everyone else's plan too! First lap and
he saw the only place to go was the bottom, hoping the car would stick, he barreled into turn one and two and passed 2 cars!
Then one more in the next corner, he had the leader in hi sights.  Pulling up on the inside they raced side by side down the
back chute with Brian still hugging the bottom. Coming out of turn four it was a race to the next corner and Brian came out in
front.  In the lead the 92B only had to keep everything together til the checkers flew.  A nice run! :)
4/28- RAIN!
4/21- Started 3rd, Finished 1st!!
The stock car class was disappointingly small tonite, but the track was in pretty good shape
and Brian was able to take advantage of his starting position getting out in the front with two laps in.  The race went green to
checker so things got a little strung out.  The car handled well as Brian went on to take home the top spot. :)