Buena Vista Raceway, Alta Iowa  (Wednesdays)
Season Opener April 23
Hot Laps 6:45 Racing to follow
August 27th- Started 7th, Finished 2nd. Season Championships.  
August 20th-Started 4th, Finished 4th.  The stats don't tell the tale. Early on not making any headway up high, Brian looked low.  
Next thing he knows he was shuffled back several spots as the cars went by on the outside! Finally able to move up he
worked his way back to the 4th place position, where he joined the top 4 cars jockeying for position. At one point he was right
behind the leader who was running in the middle of the track (with 2nd and third down low), Brian went high and was on the
outside about to make a move when the leader moved up.  Jamming on the brakes the 92B fell back some and didn't really
have time to do much after he caught up again. A good solid run!
August 13th-Started 5th, Finished 2nd.   Kyle Suter Memorial race brought out some additional cars tonight and also made the
race a draw redraw format.  Winning his heat from the front row, Brian drew 5th for the night's 25 lapper A Main event.  The car
looked strong early Brian hung onto third, patiently  waiting for his opportunity to move up.  In 2nd he dogged the leader,
looking high and then low, on restarts the cars were 3 wide, side by side but as the laps wound down it was the 92B and the
leader duking it out, with the white flag out Brian went high and coming off four he pulled up to leaders door but just didn't
have enough to take over the top spot! A real crowd pleaser!
August 6th- Started 14th, Finished 4th.   Found out in the heat that there was something seriously wrong with the car as it
wouldn't even drive straight down the front and back stretches! Only had the car out once since the wreck at BVR last week so
obviously were still some bugs to work out! Brian and crew went to work, grasping at straws hoping they would figure out what
the problem was before feature time.  They made some adjustments, but still were not sure they had corrected the problem so
Brian opted to give up his front row start spot to start in the back, just in case the car was still not right.  Well it didn't take
long to determine that they had fixed the problem as Brian started moving his way up through the pack.  Finished a strong 4th
before the checkers flew!
July 30th- Started 2nd, DNF.  Brian didn't like how the car handled in the heat race so he made some pretty drastic changes
before the feature hoping to see a difference.  Off to a good start he thought maybe he had made the right changes, but then
right after he passed for the lead the car pushed and he was back in second.  A couple turns later he wasn't even on the gas
when the car just spun around, hit by several cars his night was over. Unfortunately the 92B took on some pretty serious
damage and will probably be heading to the frame machine.
July 23rd- Rained out.
July 17th- Rained out before the heat races.  
July 9th- Started 6th, Finished ?
.  More bad luck for the 92B.  Hit from behind and spun out with only one or two laps in,
somehow the center link was bent pushing the front tire into the frame.  Brian could barely keep the car straight on the
straight aways! Stayed out there til the end but finished way in the back of the pack.  
July 2nd-Started 7th, Finished 2nd.  Overall not a  bad night at the races for the 92B.  A nice start and some patient passing
had the 92B out in front and out of reach until a string of yellows bunched things up again.  Brian held off the competition on
the first restart but couldn't do the same the next time around. The new leader did all he could to leave little to no openings so
despite being right on his back bumper Brian wasn't able to get the top spot back.  
June 24th- USMTS vs. Nascar Special. Started 4th, Finished 1st!  Not a open seat in the stands, as fans flocked to BVR to see
Nascar racers Kenny Shrader and Kenny Wallace come do some dirt racing with the USMTS Modifieds.  Brian debated going to
this non sanctioned special, but thought he'd use the night to try out some different set ups. Though the track had more bite
than he would prefer he still found that the new set up worked pretty well! Starting outside row 2 he found himself in third
racing behind the two lead cars.  Looking high and low he couldn't find an opening. Finally the 2nd place car cleared the
leader and Brian was able to go to work.  Running low he and the 2nd place car went lap for lap, finally Brian got an advantage
and set his sights on the lead car. A couple laps and he was looking on the inside again.  Finally, 6 to go he took the lead only
to have the yellow come out! 5 to go he took the green and never looked back! Was great to be back in victory lane at BVR
after such a long dry spell (last win was in 2006 believe it or not!) Whooooo Hoooooo! :-)
June 18th- Double Disasters! Two DNF's.  First A main Brian holding his own, up to 5th when he was hit from behind in the left
rear causing the tire to go flat. He stayed out on the track for as long as possible but finally had to pull in.  Looked good in his
heat race, and after some minor set up adjustments he headed back out for feature number 2.  Up to fourth he was running
the bottom when another car hit him from behind. The 92B spun collecting several other cars.  Unable to get out of the tangle
and get going, he was sent to the back.  Starting 19th, the green flag dropped entering turn one cars 3 and 4 wide, Brian hung
to the bottom only to have another car cut down into his front end causing his right front tire to blow and sending the car over
the edge.  He pulled in and the crew changed his tire. Back to the back of the field, Brian didn't realize that he had actually
been black flagged for being involved in two yellows.  He stayed out and actually picked off 10 cars before the yellow flew
again for another car and at that time they had Brian pull off the track.  Completely frustrating night to say the least! Ugh.
Congrats to Craig Brotherton and the 45B crew on their Hobby Stock Feature Win! Whooo hooo! :)
June 11th- Rained out!
June 4th- Rained out after heat races. Double Features Next week.
May 28th- Started 7th, Finished 7th.  
  Timing is everything and unfortunately for Brian, right as he caught up to the second
place car in the night's feature that car spun out. With nowhere to go Brian slid her in and spun out as well.  Caution came out
and with only a handful of laps remaining he had his work made out for him on the hard slick track.  More 'timing' issues when
he had a nice run off turn 4, setting up to pass a couple cars only to find another car slowed on the front straight. Brian
slammed on the brakes losing the opportunity to pick up the positions.  Finished 7th.  
May 20th-Started 6th, Finished 3rd.  A rather uneventful night and we aren't complaining! After winning his heat, Brian was set
to start 6th in the night's feature.  By the time the stocks hit the track it was dry and dusty, par for the course lately with all the
wind and lack of rain.  In any case, the stocks did a great job, going green to checkered without a single caution. Brian had a
slow start and had to pick his way patiently through traffic.  Up to third, the 92B was right on the bumper of the 2nd place car,
and later side by side with him but just wasn't finding enough on the bottom to make the pass.  The slick track made for some
cautious racing, but despite a couple scares when he pushed the car a little too hard, he managed to hang on to finish a solid
May 14th-Started 9th, DNF.  The track was fast tonight making for some good action for the fans.  Brian got hung up in traffic
early on in the feature, but patiently worked the high and low side, watching for openings. With 3 laps in he had moved up to
6th when the caution came out.  Back to green he passed for fifth and was gaining ground the lead cars when his motor blew
ending his night.  
May 7th-Cancelled due to wet conditions.
April 30th-Started 8th finished 5th.  
Looked like Brian finally had a shot at ending his dry streak at BVR but it just wasn't in the
cards tonight.  B stood for bad luck.  Running down the middle, 3 wide early on, Brian popped out in 4th.  Patiently working the
low side, he and the 3rd place car eventually made their way to the front.  In second place Brian started to take some looks
inside of the lead car.  Slowly but surely he gained a little bit more with each lap and eventually he was scored in the top spot,
but still not clear of the 2nd place car.  Running side by side, they entered turn 3 and the 92B hooked a rut.  The car hopped up
into the air and the right front planted in another rut, blowing the tire sending the car over the side of the track.  The yellow
was thrown and the crew went to work on the tire getting him back out on the track. With only 5 laps to go and the car not
quite handling as well, Brian had his hands full but still managed to finish a respectable 5th place (missed 4th by inches!).
April 23rd- Started 10th, finished 2nd.  Finally seems that Spring is here and racers and fans were treated to a pleasant
evening weather wise and  some good racing out on the track.  The stock field was a little thin but those that showed up did a
great job, going green to checkers without a single caution.  Brian had a bad draw tonight, lining up 10th.  A great start had
him up to 4th in no time, but pinned down n the bottom he started to lose positions.  Finding an opening in the middle he took
advantage and once again started working his way back to the front.  Side by side the cars raced, sometimes 3 wide.  Slowly
the 92B worked through the traffic and with a handful of laps to go he popped into second, but the leader had checked out by
this time and without a yellow there was no way that Brian could catch him.  A positive start to the season at BVR.  

Hancock County Speedway, Britt, IA (Fridays)
Season Opener April 18
Hot Laps 7 pm racing to follow
August 22nd- Started 3rd, Finished 4th. Season Championship.   The points were tight in the stock cars, with less than 10
points separating the top 5 cars! Brian was 3 behind the leader going into tonight. The advantage of starting up closer to the
front seemed to have been nullified by being on the inside row with the cars marched by on the outside in the first laps! Brian
finally was able to move to the outside and he as the laps wound down he was working on the 2nd place car, side by side
going down the front straight he knew the two would tangle when they got to the corner is someone didn't lift so he did, losing
considerable ground.  Catching up again, last lap the car on the outside wanted nothing to do with the 92B passing him as he
shut the door, Brian slammed on the brakes to avoid disaster and as a result was passed. Finished 4th in the race and 3rd in
the overall point standings.  
August 15th- Started 8th, Finished 7th. Just couldn't catch a break tonight.  The groove was on the high side and after getting
shuffled back some on the start as cars settled in, Brian found himself following the same car for much the race.  When he
would finally get  around the yellow would come out! They are doing two wide restarts and he'd find himself on the bottom
pinned in until things would get strung out again!  Struggled some in the corners so that didn't help matters.  (Next week is the
Final race of the year at the Hancock County Speedway- currently there are a handful of points between the top 5 cars so
Season Championship Night should be exciting!)
August 8th- Finished 9th.    Struggled with the set up tonight.  
August 1st- Finished 9th.   After scrambling to put the car back together following the wreck at Alta, Brian was still working on
making repairs, changing gears, etc after he arrived at the track. Despite all his hard work the car just wasn't right tonight.  
Struggled to just keep up.  (Did find out that there was a big problem with the steering at Alta the following week so perhaps
that explains part of it.)
July 25th-Started 8th, Finished 1st!  Basically got lucky tonight! Brian was up to 2nd but the first place car had checked out.
Took over the lead when the other guy's motor blew up.  Car wasn't the greatest, kept pushing in one and two but Brian
managed to keep it all together to take the double checkers! Whoo hooo! :)
July 19th-Started 6th, Finished 3rd. Late night at the races! Track was one groove and Brian basically spent the whole race
trying to pass the second place car.  Had enough to get up beside him but just short of making the pass.  
July 11th- Started 6th, Finished 6th.  Ugh! The track was mainly one groove on the outside tonight and after going backwards
on the start Brian thought he might just be stuck in the back.  However, patience paid off and he was able to move his way
forward, mainly through default as cars found the slick spots on the racing surface.  When he one and only caution of the night
came out the 92B was in 3rd.  Under green again the lead car got too high coming off 4 and the 2nd place car and Brian took
advantage dropping down on the inside.  Unfortunately, Brian wasn't able to make it by before he front end of the former
leader whipped back. The two cars connected and right when Brian thought the other car was gathered up they hit again and
then again and once more before they finally reached turn 1! By then the 92B had fallen back in the pack, and the damage
suffered to the front end suspension ended any hopes of a decent finish for the evening.  The car is a mess!
July 3rd-Started 3rd, Finished 1st!  Somewhat non eventful night at HCS. Recent bad luck paid off in a pretty good starting spot
and the 92B took advantage, taking the lead on the first lap and never looking back! Whooo Hoooo!
June 27th-Started 8th, Finished 8th  Another cut tire! Track was more narrow than normal as recent rains had the bottom of the
track softened up so they pushed out the tractor tires to keep the drivers out of the mud.  Brian looked pretty fast but just
couldn't make much headway as cars in front of him battled for position.  With about 5 to go fighting for 4th the car in front of
him checked up for another car, Brian cranked the wheel hoping to avoid the other car, but ended up hitting him with his right
front tire, which went flat immediately.  Thanks to some help from some great guys got the tire changed and the 92B back out
on the track as the other cars were taking the green.  The car suffered some front end suspension damage but he was able to
reel in a couple cars and pass them before the checkers flew.  Another disappointing night.  
June 20th- Started 9th, Finished 8th.   Some more tight racing at HCS! Brian just couldn't find his way around the 4th place car
despite looking high and low.  With a few laps to go he dove low and just wasn't low enough as the other car came down the
track.  Right front tire was cut and with no yellow Brian pulled off the track and spent the finish of the race on pit road.  
June 13th- Started 8th, Finished 4th.
June 6th- Started 9th, Finished 7th.
 Track was rough from all the rain, but the 92B car seemed to be handling the conditions
fairly well.  After losing some spots initially, Brian started to patiently work his was through traffic, no small feat as he kept
finding himself behind cars that were racing side by side.  Up to fifth, with the third and fourth place car battling in front of him,
Brian was looking high then low hoping for an opening.  Thinking he could move up and maybe get an advantage, he got into
the marbles in 3 and 4 and just about skidded off the track.  Regaining control of the car he found himself back in the pack
again.  With only a handful of laps to go he managed to pass several cars again before the checkers flew.  
May 30th- Rained out.
May 23rd-Started 8th, Finished 1st!
  Some recent rains made for a smooth but tacky track tonight.  Brian had a great start and
was up to third in a matter of laps.  The first and second place cars were battling for position, but Brian was still taking some
looks inside when the one and only caution of the night came out.  On the restart the second place car dove down low and
Brian stayed high following the lead car and passing for the second spot.  Lap after lap he dove low trying to get an advantage
coming off the corner. Finally patience paid off and he took over the top spot.  Hung on for the final laps to take the double
checkers!!! Whooooo Hoooo!
May 16th-Started 8th, Finished 9th (?).  A dry and often dusty track greeted us this week.  Brian realized he'd need some
adjustments after the heat race but plans quickly changed when he pulled in and we realized that he had a hole in the radiator!
First feature already out on the track, the spare radiator was dug out and put in place.  Sport Mod feature on the track, we
realized the spare radiator had a leak in it as well!  Managed to pinch that off and fingers crossed headed to the line up chute.  
With the race underway Brian had a great start, but with only a couple laps in a car running the high side got sideways in turn
four, the car behind him turned it sideways and with no where to go Brian piled into that car.  A quick stop on pit road to
readjust the hood and nose piece so he could see and he was back out on the tail.  The rest of the race went green, and once
he got around a few cars at the tail of the pack he was able to reel in the lead group but there was nowhere to go as the cars
were running side by side, nose to tail . With a couple laps to go, the car behind him lost his brakes and pounded the 92B in
the rear bumper, Brian just about spun but was able to hang onto it, but lost enough ground on the lead pack that he wasn't
able to make any serious challenges after that.  Looks like we bent the front horns over some.  Lots of work to do before we
can go racing on Saturday!
May 9th- Started 7th, Finished 2nd.   Finally got a break from Mother Nature and were able to get the races in at HCS.  A good
draw had Brian staring front row in the heat race.  First to finish, he would pick the number 7 chip for the night's feature.
Green flag racing, the 92B was looking for an opening.  Checking out the high side then the low, he wasn't finding much
daylight and when the first caution was thrown he was only up to 6th.  Back to racing, he patiently worked the inside to pass
another car before the yellow came out again.  With about half the laps remaining, Brian finally caught some breaks and was
able to make some forward progress.  Popping into the 2nd place spot, he set his eye on the lead car.  Slowly gaining with
each lap, the 92B ran him down and started to work the inside.  The two cars battled neck to neck for several laps and it
looked like Brian might have been getting the advantage. Green flag raised high, two laps to go, they entered turn one and
two, when near disaster struck.  Brian somehow managed to hook a rut just right causing the car to twist into the air.  The
entire underside of his car was exposed and how it didn't go completely over is beyond me! He landed on all four and
tentatively entered the next corner hoping that things would hold together. They did and he hung on for one more lap to finish
second.  Whew. Heart stopper of a race!
May 2nd- Cancelled. More rain!
April 25th-Cancelled. Weather conditions.
April 18th- Cancelled. Rain.

Shelby Co. Speedway, Harlan , IA  (Saturdays)
Season Opener April 26
August 30th-Season Championship.   Blew up the motor while running 3rd.  Not a great way to end the season!
August 23rd-Started 7th, Finished 1st!!
August 16th- Started 7th, Finished 2nd.  
Late in the race, the 92B low and inside the lead car Brian just couldn't find enough on
the inside to make the pass. An exciting race!
August 9th- Finished 6th.
August 2nd- Finished 5th.
  Brian decided that he needed to do a little more work to the main car so opted to make a very last
minute decision and took the car that he normally runs at Stuart to Harlan.  Finished a respectable 5th.
July 26th- Finished 7th in both features.
July 19th-Rained out after heat races. Double features next week.
July 12th- Started 7th, Finished 5th.  
Just had some problems with timing for the most part.  Stuck behind one car most of the
race, Brian second guessed himself on more than one occasion, going high when he should have looked low, untimely
cautions, etc.  Car was ok but not great, so back to the drawing board!
July 5th-Started 8th. Finished 6th.  Nothing major to report this week.  Brian checked out the low side early on and discovered
a little late that he should move up.  Finally finding a spot to move up just didn't have enough to improve his position on the
super duper heavy track.  
June 28th- Started 8th, Finished 4th.  After going backwards on the start, Brian had his work cut out for him.  The track was
super sticky from some rain showers early on so everyone was full out.  The 92B managed to work his way up to 4th, but the
lead cars had checked out by then so didn't have a chance to improve his position prior to the checker flag flying.  
June 21st- Started 10th, Finished 3rd.  All in all not a bad night at SCS. The 92B didn't seem to like the heavy track conditions
and despite getting up into the top four (up to second at one point) Brian just didn't have enough to make the pass on the low
June 14th- Finished 7th in the first feature, 9th in the second. Missed the set up in the first A main of the night. Bad luck in the
heat had Brian missing the invert so he had to start deep in the field.  Taking to the track at midnight, the track was dry and
one groove on the bottom.  Not our best night but survived in one piece.
June 7th- Rained out after heats, double features next week.
May 31st- Finished 1st!
May 24th-Cancelled. Wet conditions.
May 17th- Started 14th, Finished 7th.
Drier, windy, hot weather resulted in another dry slick, dusty racing surface.  Missing
qualifying for the invert by one position, Brian would start 14th in the night's feature.  Looked like he was going to have a
great start, when things stacked up in front of him, hit from behind he was spun and t boned in the passenger side door.  
Getting going again the yellow came out and they realigned the field for the restart.  The track was one groove on the bottom
and Brian got in line making his way to 7th before the checkers flew.  
May 10th- Cancelled. Rain!
May 3rd- Started 2nd, finished 1st!
 Finally some good luck for the 92B!  A super draw had Brian starting outside pole for the
night's feature event.  The track was a little choppy from recent rains so once they took the green Brian had to search for the
fastest way around the track.  Out in front he finally settled into the high groove and for the most part was able stay out of the
rough stuff. He was able to maintain a comfortable lead for the entire race and fortunately there weren't any yellows so Brian
didn't have to deal with any other cars.  A great way to start off the season! Whoooo Hoooo!  Also congrats to Cathy and Jason
who were married tonight.  Sorry we couldn't be there. Wishing you many years of happiness!
April 26th- Cancelled. Weather Conditions.

Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA (Sundays)
Season Opener April 27
Hot Laps 6:15 Races at 7 pm
August 24th-Started 7th, Finished 6th.  Early in the race another car got into the right front of the 92B flattening the A-frame
and making the car very hard to drive.  Brian managed to hang on for the rest of the race and salvage a fairly good finish.  
August 17th- Started 7th, Finished 1st!!   Whoo hoooo!
August 10th- Finished 5th.   Working his way up through the pack, Brian hit a slick spot and got a little sideways, just about
losing it he managed to hang on but not before most of the field passed him by.  Working his way back up through the pack he
was up to 5th before the checkers flew.  
August 3rd- Finished 9th.
July 27th- Finished 2nd.
July 20th- Started 8th, Finished 1st!
  Finally some good luck for the 92B at Stuart! Brian was hooked up on the bottom and able
to just find enough down by the tires to pull off some nice passes early on.  Taking the lead about half way through he did
have some hairy moments when he hit some ruts wrong, but managed to hold everything together and to take home the
victory! Yay! :)
July 13th- DNF.   The bad luck that has plagued the 92b at Stuart continued as Brian rolled the right front tire while running in
5th. Only a couple laps left in the race when it happened....
July 6th- Cancelled Due to Rain.
June 29th-DNF.
 Early on, things stacked up, Brian was hit from behind and as a result hit the car in front of him.  Flattened the
right front tire and damaged the front end.  No yellow was thrown so sat the rest of the race out on pit road. :(
June 22nd- Started 8th, Finished 6th.  Spun out early on, so sent to the back.  Brian was able to get back up to 6th  before the
checkers flew.
June 8th- Cancelled due to rain. (Good thing as our shop is slightly flooded at this time!
June 1st- Started , Finished 4th.
May 25th- Started 20th, Finished 12th.
  With storms popping up all around the area, the 92B found the track  to be a little
stormy as well! Bad draw had him starting in the back of his heat and despite his efforts to be patient, Brian once again found
himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as the car running on the outside of him cut down in the middle of turn one,
jacking on the brakes Brian spun the car and didn't finish the heat.  Starting at the tail in the feature he patiently worked his
way up through traffic only to have the rut in turn one do a number on another car resulting in the 92B getting hit from behind
as he checked up.  Back to the tail again he worked his way up to 12th before the checkers flew.  Another frustrating night at
May 18th- Started 11th, Finished 5th.  The track was dry, dust flying but slimy on the start from the water truck.  Lost a couple
cars on the start as they found out exactly how slippery it really was.  A few more attempts and the race was finally underway.  
Brian and the others had their hands full as there were some sizeable holes in the track.  Making his way forward Brian was
working on trying to figure out a way around another race car, looking low in one and two, when the other car cut down mid
way through the corner, clipping his front end. Brian slammed on the brakes and looped it. Sitting on the track a couple cars
piled in.  To the back he went.  Working his way back through traffic, he had his hands full, trying to navigate the track and
thread his way through.  Racing was tight, cars bouncing through ruts and everyone trying to get or hold their positions.  Brian
finished 5th but was an extremely frustrating night.  :-(
May 11th- Started 10th, finished 1st!!!  Things didn't look too encouraging early on as Brian tried to go high on the start and
ended up in the grease on the outside of the track. By the time he got the car straightened around about 4 cars had passed
him! First caution had him sitting in about 14th place. The track was heavier last week and fast, making passing difficult, but
Brian patiently worked both the high and low side and by the time the next caution flew he was up to around 6th. Still with only
a handful of laps left he didn't think there was much hope.  When the green flew he hung low and was able to take advantage
of the rough track conditions, passing cars as they struggled through the ruts.  With one to go he was in second place, pulled
up on the inside of the leader who bounced out of line and the 92B went on to take the checkers! Whoooo Hooooo! :)
May 4th- Started 2nd, finished 2nd.  A rather uneventful night at the races.  A good draw had the 92B starting on the outside
pole, but unfortunately was just a little bit off on the set up and was unable to improve upon his starting position.  Car was
good going on in but the leader pulled him coming. However, despite a couple challenges from the third place car Brian was
able to hang on to finish a strong second. Good way to start off things at Stuart!
April 27th. Cancelled. Weather Conditions.