Shelby County Speedway
Harlan, IA
Season Opener: April 25
Hotlaps 6:30 Racing 7:00

May 16th- Started 8th, Finished 8th.  Track was heavy from recent wet weather but Brian still had his hands full.  Finished a
very frustrating 8th after fighting the car all night!
May 9th-Started 6th, Finished 4th. Pretty uneventful evening as the stocks were the only class to go without a yellow during
their feature.  The track was a little choppy from recent rains, but Brian was able to slowly start making some forward progress,
eventually finding himself battling on the inside for the second spot.  After a few laps of side by side racing, the 92B hooked a
rut and lost some ground giving the car behind him just what he needed to make the pass.  Held onto the 4th place position til
the checkers flew.
May 2nd- Started 1st, Finished 4th.  Mad dash to get everything ready to go, the 92B still needed some fine tuning as Brian had
his hands full during the heat.  Luck was on his side and he drew the number 1 spot for the evenings A Feature.  At the drop of
the green the 92B took the lead but that was short lived as two cars passed him down low.  The changes made during
intermission helped some, but the car still wasn't 100% and it took Brian a few laps to figure out what line would work best. In
3rd he seemed to be making up some ground when he noticed he motor was making a strange noise.  With only a few laps left,
debating staying out or pulling in he lost another spot before the checkers flew.  
April 25th- Cancelled due to rain.

Buena Vista Raceway
Alta, IA
Season Opener: May 6
Hotlaps 6:45 Racing to Follow
May 20th- Started 6th, Finished 3rd.  Windy conditions made for an extremely dry racing surface, but the 92B seemed to be set
up to deal with it this week.  Taking over the lead in the first couple laps, Brian found himself on the point when the first
caution of the night hit.  Taking the green, he headed into turn one, but the car had no intentions of turning and he pushed
straight up the track! As Brian said, "It was as if the steering wheel came off the car!".  He managed to stay on the track but fell
to the back. Spent the rest of the race working his way but up to the front to finish a respectable 3rd.  The car never pushed
like that again so not quite sure what that was all about?!
May 13th- Started 12th, Finished 5th.  After recent heavy rains, Brian was a little surprised by the drier track conditions.  
Missed the set up for the heat and didn't qualify for the invert in the night's feature.  Starting at the tail he had to use the high
side to work his way slowly forward.   Nipped the 5th place position as the checkers came out.  
May 6th- Started 3rd, Finished 5th.  Not sure how the rain missed the track, but guess it didn't get it's nickname "The Bubble"
without reason! Brian finished 3rd in his heat and drew the # 3 chip for the feature.  Track was tacky and fast.  Brian found
himself watching the 2nd and 3rd place cars race side by side for about 7 or 8 laps.  The 92B was keeping up but found that the
only place he could make up ground was in the corners.  Trying a different groove he flew into 3 & 4 running up on the back
end of the 2nd place car! Jacking on his brakes, the 92B dug in and almost rolled! Spun out and had to go to the tail on the
restart. Back up to 5th by the time the checkers flew.  

Stuart Speedway
Stuart, IA
Season Opener: May 3rd
Hotlaps 5:30 Racing 6:00

May 17th- Started 11th, finished 8th. Ugh. Not a good night. Spun in the heat so had to start back further than normal, but didn't
make much of a difference as Brian had his hands full trying to keep the car under him! Glad to have this weekend over!
May 10th- Blew motor in the heat race.
May 3rd- Started 4th, Finished 1st!  An uneventful race, the 92B pulled out into the lead early and a late race yellow put the
competition right on his tail, but Brian was able to maintain the lead and take home the season opener victory! Whooo Hooo!