There's a lot of racing history in the Blessington family. This page will take you through
the generations and bring back memories of racing days' long gone. . .but not forgotten.
1948. This is Brian's Great Uncle, Arnie Blessington's stock car.
1949. Arnie and his brother Lloyd did well as regulars at early stock car
races at the Sac City Raceway in Sac City, IA .
1950. A lot of old timers still remember the exciting rivalry
between the two brothers. Lloyd was a Chevy man who was good
in the straights, but Arnie's Dodge would always get him in the
corners. The raceway was right along side the Racoon River, and
more than one driver found himself in the drink!
1970.  Here's Brian's Dad's (Gary Blessington) in
the first 92 car.
1989. Brian's first IMCA
Stock Car. Brian got this car
built in time for the season
championship night at BVR.

The only thing missing on
the car at this point was the
paint, which got done that
1991.  First professionally built car from Crimmins. Shown in Lake View, IA.
1997. Springtime at the Blessington farm.
1998. Victory Lane at Shelby Co. Speedway on July 11.
1998. Buzz Pattersen (Track Promoter), IMCA QUEEN, and Toby Kruse
(Flagman) at Alta on May 20.
We hope you enjoyed this stroll through the generations of Blessington's racing throughout Iowa!
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2004. Brian with Uncle Arnie.
1990. After the new paint job.
2006. After a win at Blackbird
Bend Speedway.
2004. Not every night goes as
planned. Here the 92B team
changes a motor at the IMCA
Super Nationals in Boone.
2004. Brian's dad, Gary helps
buckle Brian in, before racing at
Boone Speedway.